Oh green pepper
Chris Neilson

Oh green pepper
You are inedible
You're in every multi-pack
This is incredible

Oh green pepper
You're a crime against food
You even put clowns
In a bad mood

Oh green pepper
Your taste sickens me
You're not worth
A measly 1p

Oh green pepper
Why do you exist?
You never appear
On any shopping list

Oh green pepper
You infringe my human rights
Eating one of you
Would give me sleepless nights

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" I'll have some garlic, pepper and coke. "
Aug 16, 2014

What will it be today?"  
" I'll have some garlic, pepper and coke. "
" will that be all?"

Log:  Ship Orinas last:

I made a short stop on planet earth.  I am back in route toward home.  Of course it's not every day one gets to stop and have the best spices and drink in the galaxy.

Must taste good else where.
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Her diet, just pepper, not her fault,
K Balachandran

Once I chased a girl in Calicut,
Her diet, just pepper, not her fault,
Wooing her I'd plead,
"You are hot, I am glad,
But burn just my mouth, understood?"

Calicut in the original spice country, Kerala, South India is the sea port Portuguese explorer and seafarer, Vasco da Gama the first European to discover sea route to India , landed in A.D.1498 .Pepper was the main reason for this adventure, that led to Portuguese colonization of Kerala and nearby  region.Malayalam , the language of Kerala and Portuguese share quite a number of words, as a result of this interlude(eg;Calico-a fabric originally from Calicut).Later the Dutch, the next wave of colonizers (who were Protestants) ousted the Catholic Portuguese from their head quarters in Cochin and occupied their place, till the British came along and pushed them out..Europian powers of yore fought their proxy religio, socio, economic wars in a far away land.Oh!yes,! the French also had in between their share of  colonial success in Kerala, where still the Francophone culture remains..
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Sam Pepper posted a video
Tear Drop
Tear Drop
Dec 1, 2015

Sam Pepper posted a video
on YouTube. It showed one
friend pretending to be
kidnapped, and shot and
killed in front of his best
friend. His best friend,
believing that he'd watched
the other die, said,
"Please, no, he's all
that I have."

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A peach is a pepper a pepper a peach, a peach is a fruit,

I knew an old man who swallowed a peach,
A peach is a pepper a pepper a peach, a peach is a fruit,
My what a toot to have eaten such fruit, he swallowed the
Pepper to follow the peach but I don't
Know why he swallowed the peach,
Let's make some pie!

I knew an old man who swallowed a plum,
A plum is a cherry a cherry a plum, a plum is a fruit,
My what a toot to have eaten such fruit, he swallowed the
Cherry to follow the plum but I don't
Know why he swallowed the plum,
Let's make some pie!

He swallowed 'em whole...! Gasp...

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Sally A Bayan
Sally A Bayan
Oct 19, 2013

next to my cup of hot bitter coffee
my bowl has a cone
an avalanche of heartache cereals
that is about to fall...
a plate of
peppered uncertainties omelet
beckons to be gulped and wiped out....
but, alas, i feel already stuffed
i can no longer swallow...
i decided to skip breakfast....


Copyright 2013
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

The Peppered Pickle Clown
(Peppered Pickle Day)

This is a story you may not know
And it's banned in pickle town
It's about a peppered pickle
That became a circus clown

He started out his short life
Looking through a stained glass jar
Watching his sweet pickled brother
Become a kosher star

Although his peppered pickled life was sweet
This peppered pickle wanted more
He would join the circus as a clown
And be a smash that fans adored

At first it started slowly
No fans would call his name
But a peppered pickle as a clown
Well thats funny just the same

As time went on he made them laugh
They started yelling for him more
Then a show was given just to him
And a peppered pickle day was born

All the fans they ordered pickles
On peppered pickles they would gorge
Then one day there came a time
When peppered pickles they ran short

The peppered pickle clown knew right then
That it was time to make his mark
So he made a deal with Vlasic corp.
To put peppered pickles in their jars

Well Vlasic corp. invited him
To come take a private tour
They said that he would relish it
And be a cut up in the stores

They put the peppered pickle clown
In a clown chair and tied him down
They said it was for safety
As the belt showed him all around

The belt went slow when starting out
Picked up speed as it went along
The peppered pickle clown was sliced and diced
Vlasic didn't clown around

So remember the peppered pickle clown
When you shop at your home store
He gave his life for stardom
And thats why you now pay more

Today is peppered pickle day
And should be known the world around
Made famous by a sweet delight
The peppered pickle clown

Carl J. Roberts

I know, I Know this is no where near my normal. No life lesson, memory from the past or make you cry poem. These past several weeks I have written those touching heart felt poems and well I just needed a break. So if you were looking for a life lesson today just shake your head and say, Joe, Joe, Joe..Really, Really. ..lol
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