Malcolm McGill
Malcolm McGill
May 15, 2013

Four uneven walls make their own doorway to heaven
because the gates are resolute in steadfastness and I'm becoming impatient.

I’m trying to shed the memory of you
Not like a light jacket that you can just put on and take off as you please
As the weather changes,
But with all the effort of removing an exoskeleton;
It only comes with time.

I’m trying to shed the very skin that allowed me to love you and to
Question everything.

The scales on my spine reminding me that I have one,
And that I don’t have to be pushed into things

Who am I kidding.

I wasn’t pushed into anything.

I just believed the things I shouldn’t have
And distrusted the things I should.

I'd love to flirt/charm/be proactive,
Meghan Marie
Aug 31, 2010

I'd love to flirt/charm/be proactive,
I find you sweet/funny/attractive,
You're far too absent/distant/out of sight,
I wish you'd come over/call me/write...

proactive part.
Apr 18

Day rolled out
I rolled over
many times
Then the strength
of day remembered
gently coaxing
Me to rise
filled muscles
and mind
To take more
proactive part.

Then you aren't proactive
Robert Purvis
Robert Purvis
Aug 8, 2011

If you ain't got perspective
And you ain't reactive
Then you aren't proactive

These words only have meaning
If you make them meaningful

should be a vice
Get your daily dosage
So in your old age
You can be part of the new age
The thoughts of many
Has wisdom uncanny
If you ain't ready
And you aren't steady
Then you lose yourself
To the crowd

Be focused and sharp, proactive and smart
Mar 3, 2012

It's my new job today
But I'm not here I'm away
Lost in thoughts
Where I am always distraught

Off I go to start my day
I need to make a good impression, I say
Be focused and sharp, proactive and smart 
You can make a go of this, just play the part!

Life could be worse, people would say
No money, no job or a place to stay
Those are the most important things to some
But to me those things are immaterial 

Peace of mind and happiness is key
Nothing or noone is more important than these!

Be proactive and take care
John F McCullagh
John F McCullagh
Dec 8, 2011

When it comes to matters of the heart
it pays to be both wise and smart.
Be proactive and take care
of vulnerable hearts who take Love’s dare.
Perhaps a stress test would be smart
before old Cupid slings his dart.
Be sure your pulse is strong and steady
Not weak and racing and unready
Take Flax seed oil as a precaution,
before you dip into that Ocean
besides the undertow of emotion.
The mermaids that beset your dinghy
may tend to be a little clingy
The sea of love is cold, I’ve found
Tho oft I’ve floundered, I’ve never drowned

A Piffle about love ( A Piffle is a poetic triffle)
to your proactive
Barton D Smock

a mother’s motivational silence
speaks to a jesus
who at this point
has been alive
longer than he lived


I am of two beasts
when put in the mind
of my brain’s mirror


while doing the same thing
day in and day out
my father suffered
various indignities
commonly associated
with babies
and naked women


it is childish
how much time
she thinks I have
to touch everything
in the store


no offense
to your proactive

but this

this, is dying

Damage done. Once the victim; now the proactive perpetrator.
Robert H Rook III

Hell-bent cycle...
Worthy of the devil's doing himself.
He is the shit of shit. Devastation & destruction.
Words can not calm, but razors edge.
No rewind for this train-wreck.
Damage done. Once the victim; now the proactive perpetrator.
Size smaller than small for what purpose.
Tears on her face proof of the callused tongue.
Without pushing, he is terror.
Heart in shambles, not to be pieced nor peaced.
Sitting back in silence is not enough. All is too far gone.
Forgiveness is only the option of a stronger man.
He is hate. Hate is he. Hate the hate, this fate was fate.
Walking away; is never to erase.
Damaged shell, damaged core, damaged spirit.
Her love; too good & pure for; & that of his own.
Though she was careless. He is a bastard.
Surgeon needed.

and yet being proactive, a positive person
Rosa Saba
Rosa Saba
Nov 24, 2013

explain to me the difference
between open and closed
negative and positive, for i am told
that it is negative to be closed
and yet being proactive, a positive person
i am shut down, and fine with it
i give in, and i open
some small window
every once in a while
somewhat drunk, under some influence
and i give in to the theory
the convention
that it will make me feel better to do so
so i do
and instead, i feel
that’s all i can say, as the breeze drifts through
the rift i have made
and the air is cold as it touches my veins
and i want to close the window again
but the glass is broken
and i will never be the same

weird feelings, but then again I'm a weird person
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