There is an ecosystem of conflict thriving in my brain.
Nov 13, 2015

There is an ecosystem of conflict thriving in my brain.
A world with questions for residents and doubts for landscapes.
I’m not sure if I’m actually reaching for answers right now,
although something in my soul aches.
Those landscapes are parched
and turning to deserts under the sun the residents have named:

Time passed as time would,
Years turned into centuries.
Human lifetimes faded into darkness.
Long past is the times of understanding the value of nature.
Ecosystems now sit smoldering, dead and attempting to recover.
Smoke rises from the shed and destroyed cities.
Humans destroyed by nuclear power.
Somewhere along the way we lost what made us human.

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As well the body sure is a varied ecosystem
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Mar 20, 2014

Dry deserts in parts & dripping water holes
As well the body sure is a varied ecosystem
Having its own hairy forests having blooms
A body is like that as it's both moist and dry
Dusky at places where light seldom reaches

My HP Poem #584
©Atul Kaushal
May 27, 2014

It plummets and wave takes way,
But carries imprint of love and life,
Develop its niche through air, water and soil....
Refurbish to energy
Energies and connect web
Continue the cycle!

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And that is the ecosystem
Feb 15, 2014

There is a certain protocol
That this earth needs
And that is the ecosystem
All the rivers and streams
The stars and planets
The trees and flowers
That grow
Each one important
Each has it's own role
That they have to play
Because if this system fails
Things won't be the same
Each animal that walks the earth
And each insect that is there
Has such an important part
In our lives
They complete the chain
Of keeping this earth alive
So whenever one of these
And suddenly goes extinct
It has a huge impact
On the very air we breathe

I never like to kill a thing a plant or animal or flower
bug. Because they keep this world spinning
And the sunshine and the rain.
Oct 27, 2013

To explain in which extent I love you we would first have to explain how the tears of the clouds can fulfill the thirst of a plant how can the loss of something be the completion of another you empty yourself upon me and I grow from within the confinements of an un nourished soul you tell me your stories and fill up the voids within me with the sadness you've endured nourishing with life the pieces of me that I thought with sadness had already died in turn I recycle your energy and turn it into thriving life that from the ground you helped pick up like a perfect Eco system in which we rain upon each other to help each other flourish to everyone that watches it doesn't make sense but every time a bud grows within me i finally find beauty  in a world full of weeds

Kyle Sarjeant
Kyle Sarjeant
Aug 28, 2012

Come for a walk with me.
We’re ants marching on the forest floor
Hear the twitter of the birds
And the whistling of the breeze through the leaves
These things have a way of working their way out.

Come for a walk with me.
Over the stream and into the meadow
We are a ship on its maiden voyage
Just trying to stay afloat
But these things have a way of working their way out.

Come climb a tree with me
We’ll be on top of the world
We sing our childish ‘above-it-all’ song
But won’t fear falling to the ground
For these things have a way of working their way out.

Come run away with me.
From the business of the world
Let’s escape into this sanctuary of green
And kiss until our roots find the ground and we become the trees
Like all the others did.
Because these things have a way of working their way out.

Deana Luna
Deana Luna
Mar 23, 2015

little lamb doing wolf damage
you watch me like prey
mouth open. drooling.
eyes filled to the brim with hunger.
i am filled to the brim and you can see it.
i’m blushing. bleeding.
you peel me like a plum.
plump and juicy in your palm. ripened you roll me
between your thumb and your forefinger.
squeeze out every last drop of sweetness.
still drooling over me. i am drooling over you.
i want to be eaten alive. anticipating it. dripping.

i am a forest and snails make their sticky paths down my thighs.
i am a forest and leaves bloom and swish as my fingernails grow.
i am a forest and branches grow in every place you touch. i am so big so tall so wise.
i grow and grow with each caress. birds fly out of my hair and sing love songs. my feet heady soil i am grounded. finally grounded.
i am a forest and you’re a seasoned explorer.
i am a forest and you’re the tiger stalking within my lushness for something to devour.
devour me.

i am tropical. i am palm trees and rare fruit. i am sap in your palms sticky and staying.
i am sitting open. staying open. i feel you crouch behind my reeds. you dig your claws deeper into wet soil.

you watch me like prey.
i watch myself dribble down your chin.
i am tropical. plum sweetness juice juice sticky sweet staying on fingertips staining your mouth.
i am coconuts cracked open on rocks ready ready to be consumed.
i am licked clean from dirty fingertips.

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