I'm sick of my brain
May 14

I'm sick of my brain
Holding me back
From the things
My heart wants

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I think that my brain
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
7 days ago

I think that my brain
Decided it was too used
And took the day off.

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I don't know how to deal with you Brain,
Mar 23

I don't know how to deal with you Brain,
You always get the thinks in wrong way,
Please stop for a second, and let me take the wheel
To show you what I have to do
Then you can take the control back;
All what you'll do...
I don't want you to drive me insane.

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Jun 30

when i'm alone i want company.
when i'm not i want solitude
unless under the influence of
the punch of society
to guzzle away certain
states of the mind i prefer
not to have as my only companion

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Dear brain; you need to use me instead of your eye
Aug 26

If my heart could write a letter to my mind,
It would have plenty to say about it's feelings.
Dear brain; you need to use me instead of your eyes,
after all I am the reason that you are breathing.

Dear brain why are you putting me through so much grief,
Making bad choices and decisions that will last.
Why are you so hasty on deciding when to leave,
why don't you take risks and give things another chance?

Dear brain don't my opinions matter in this life,
Everything you do makes me want to stab myself with a knife.
Dear brain are you always going to be thinking,
Instead of hearing my feelings; stop staring and start blinking.

Dear brain we are meant to be partners in this soul,
You aren't the only one who is going to grow old.
I will live the sixty to seventy years alongside with you,
Give my opinions value the deserve it, its the truth.

You may have to think of all these decisions, but I have to feel them!
You tell our body don't chase after her, but I'm the one that feels the separation, you n make decisions but don't deal with the occasions!
You leave me alone in pain to handle the situation..

Dear brain have you ever experience falling in love,
Or feeling it's magic; do you think about what is above?
Dear brain do you acknowledge my existence,
and hear my screams when you hurt me; do you listen?

You are the brain, & I am the heart, I need you and you need me... So let's be a team, we can work together, you see? I can help u think, and u can help me Beat...

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ntil it freezes in the polar caps of my brain. May I lay in a pool of blood to repres
Kobe Wright

Strip me from my name so I can bleed upon it in vain. I'll wear my heart on my sleeve until it freezes in the polar caps of my brain. May I lay in a pool of blood to represent all that I've sacrificed for. But in all of the end, was it worth it?

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That we are all a brain
Aug 30

This poem is written by Majd Al Deen and I ...
I wish you consider it as well as enjoy it


Every time I look around
And ponder the things we obtain
listening to the winds sound
coming from beyond the terrain

Filling my soul from inside
Brushing all the stress and pain
Opening my eyes on a side
That we are all a brain

Not only does an organ feed on blood supplies
But It's how you stay sane
It's where your personality lies
It's where the great thoughts ingrain

We search for miracles
And we have one; our heads maintain
Nerve cells with the shape of verticals
Are that only what brains contain ?

Our souls lie within
We try not to let them drain
Our dreams, our memories are all in
They are like an unlimited chain

We love, we live, we write our story with a pen
On a marvelous paper called a brain
Our blood is our ink
And it keeps circultaing all over again

You receive,  it responds
That is why we feel pain
But emotions are like ponds
Happiness, passion and the excitement we gain

In the most difficult predicaments
You tend to use your brain
With it you overcome impediments
Which makes your way plain !

10% is all what we use
But don't you ever complain
It's a gift that we shouldn't abuse
However, a gem you must retain

This poem is written by Majd Al Deen and I ...
I wish you consider it as well as enjoy it
nichole r
nichole r
Jun 13

They think I am normal
if they even think of me at all.
But oh, if only they know
my mind is
black and frying
grey and booming
white and blinding
brown and dying
purple and bruising
blue and flashing
green and living
yellow and shining
orange and glowing
red and bleeding
pink and kissing
too much
for me

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