I'm sick of my brain
May 14

I'm sick of my brain
Holding me back
From the things
My heart wants

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I don't know how to deal with you Brain,
Mountain Mist

I don't know how to deal with you Brain,
You always get the thinks in wrong way,
Please stop for a second, and let me take the wheel
To show you what I have to do
Then you can take the control back;
All what you'll do
I don't want to drives me insane.

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Jun 30

when i'm alone i want company.
when i'm not i want solitude
unless under the influence of
the punch of society
to guzzle away certain
states of the mind i prefer
not to have as my only companion

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nichole r
nichole r
Jun 13

They think I am normal
if they even think of me at all.
But oh, if only they know
my mind is
black and frying
grey and booming
white and blinding
brown and dying
purple and bruising
blue and flashing
green and living
yellow and shining
orange and glowing
red and bleeding
pink and kissing
too much
for me

Joseph Wayne Yost
Joseph Wayne Yost
3 days ago      2 days ago

My thoughts drip down my spinal chord.
Throughout my body
To the tips, of my fingers and toes.
Then emerge out my pores.

It’s a sight.
But still they abhor me.

What must I say or do
To be adored.

Desires ignored so I walk
These Dreary Streets.
As I wander through the darkness
I ponder when I’ll meet relief.

the other day that small talk keeps the brain sharp,
Feb 17

I read somewhere the other day that small talk keeps the brain sharp,
So that's probably why I'm stupid  
But I don't understand the fascination in needing a vacation and the weather, or where you bought your brand new fucking sweater.
I'm sorry I can't participate in your name brand conversation, but talking about your Michael khors watch just seems like such a bore.

What I really want to ask you is:
Have you ever screamed your lungs out on the top of a mountain?
Or have you ever tried to drown yourself in the shallow waters of a fountain,
Have you ever watched the sun spit out pieces of gold on a quiet little creek?
Tell me all the things that used to make you feel unique.
When was the last time you felt whole inside?
When was the last time you blatantly lied?
Who do you want to fall asleep next to every night?
Tell me what you think about our nation's lack of human rights.
How many weekends can you go not being sober?
Tell me what you really think about the boy who screwed you over.
Why are you so afraid?
Do you fear you'll explode like a grenade?
I feel like that sometimes.
But I know I'll never get anywhere if I hold it all inside

But your mother told you always be polite,
And never bother anyone with their personal insight
Religion, and politics, don't ask too much
For everyone may get into a fuss
So everyone walks around talking about things that don't matter,
With worlds as shattered as a broken wedding platter
Everyone wants to talk about what's on the outside, but some fear holds back the depths of our soul.
And finally when you're six feet under, you'll realize you've just been digging your own hole

And maybe I'm not sad, I'm just overly enthusiastic about things that no one else is. And all these things everyone gets so excited about make me angry, and then the people even make me angry. They always talk about unimportant things and it makes me feel so distant and far away.
I know I'm not much different from you, we're made out of all the same types of cells making up such different brains with different opinions and priorities. But we have the same feelings. Deep deep down you know what it's like to be lonely. I wish we could talk about life and the universe together but you act like you're a monogram on a fancy ass t-shirt. You're not a name shared with 2 million other people. You are a soul. We're all just people and that's the greatest thing we've come across as a species, and although we're pretty awful, we're also pretty wonderful. We need to get to know EACH OTHER, not these material things that can be lost and stolen and broken. YOU can be lost and broken and stolen too but let's prevent that by saying a little more than "small talk".
Olivia N Wells
Olivia N Wells
Dec 20, 2013

Chemicals endlessly working
working to end me
working to make me
make me shoot myself in the face
with a semi-automatic weapon

The brain is an interesting thing
Ahmad Cox
Ahmad Cox
May 8, 2012

The brain is an interesting thing
It seems like it carries all of our thoughts
And yet scientists know so little about it
We tend to think of our brains
And our minds
As somehow being
These separate entities
Somehow connected
Yet disconnected
From our bodies
And from each other
But I believe that our minds
Are more interconnected
Then we might think

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