brain is lonely
Apr 10

brain is lonely
wanting to just burst out of its shell
and show the world its potential  

brain is scared
what if world denies brains offer
because brain is so confidential

brain wants peace
inside its world wars never end
and words are as powerful as bombs

brain is now numb
all the explosions dull the physical pain
yet brain has forgotten how to feel calm

brain is a convincing actor
always knowing how to play its part
in every passing situation

brain does not like acting
instead brain wants to be fluffy cotton ball
not moist squishy thought deformation

brain wants sleep
to be able to shut off at appropriate times
and have enough energy to even try

brain is sad
never getting enough of anything
and sometimes brain considers to die

I'm sick of my brain
May 14, 2014

I'm sick of my brain
Holding me back
From the things
My heart wants

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my brain shrinks
Dec 30, 2014

my brain shrinks
at the superiority of yours
it struggles to keep up
but yours has already finished the run

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I think that my brain
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Sep 15, 2014

I think that my brain
Decided it was too used
And took the day off.

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I don't know how to deal with you Brain,
Mar 23, 2014

I don't know how to deal with you Brain,
You always get the thinks in wrong way,
Please stop for a second, and let me take the wheel
To show you what I have to do
Then you can take the control back;
All what you'll do...
I don't want you to drive me insane.

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Jun 30, 2014

when i'm alone i want company.
when i'm not i want solitude
unless under the influence of
the punch of society
to guzzle away certain
states of the mind i prefer
not to have as my only companion

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A brain is a marvelous thing
Meg Howell

A brain is a marvelous thing
Thoughts and communication
Stuck in little files
Waiting to be opened and remembered

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Yours in your mind, mine in my brain
Sep 30, 2014      Oct 1, 2014

Hypothetical lust
Generated electrical impulses,
The very same that stirred your heart.

Pulse – stifled, still,
Cochlear arousal (still)
The same that heard "I love you"

Physically imprisoned,
We tremble from the pain
Yours in your mind, mine in my brain

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destroy the brain
Deborah Brooks Langford

Loneliness can ravage our lives
destroy the brain
hug our forms
knock us off our feet
when will the day come
for me to totally be free...

One stubborn poet,
one note orchestra.
let the New Design
be your guide ...

The times require no less.
The longing impossible
falling in one direction
towards the emptiness
of a long emotion
that ravages the brain....

Rank opinion
from poets
must subside
or else the rabble's
babble will defile
this poet's whim.
All spoken streams,
that ravaged the brain ...

Debbie Brooks 2014

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