She is a flower
And I am a honeybee
Nuzzling her petals

Mar 29

If you be the flower
I am the bee
Drawn to your delightful mystery

Colleen S Galofaro
Colleen S Galofaro
Oct 29, 2011

The bad seed  ::  takes root  ::  roots extend ::  in the head  ::  A constant branching  ::  budding bursting ::  away  ::  and away  ::  and away  ::  roots branch and extend  ::  The Holy Schism  ::  Mother's breast  ::  bisected  ::  salt and milk  ::  curdle  ::  then settle  ::  into the nine creamy layers of Hell  ::  roots extend  ::  bury into Her pith  ::  bisected  ::  a honeysuckle rut  ::  Mother screams  ::  a poisonous  ::  foam  ::  spraying Her wither around  ::  killing  ::  the sacred cow  ::  ::  ::  there  ::  there She is  ::  the pretty blight  ::  the slit  ::  in the stem pursed tight  ::  down lower  ::  over two hills  ::  to a black and blue lagoon  ::  Mother in bloom  ::  Her putrid flower  ::  slaps open sloppy  ::  wide ::  open ::  for osmosis  ::  for curdled spore spew  ::  sucking flaccid  ::  with lips and teeth

Matthew P Hill
Matthew P Hill
Mar 20, 2012

Stolen in tact the passion, that field now lacks
No boundaries, this weight is lifted off my back
Running fast on the tracks

In the cracks of my skin crawls the experimental
Paranormal treasures for your plunder
Nose in the pheromones  

Will your molecules react?
Love is chemical.

The spirit of life hides in the flowers
That I jacked, just to give to you, pretty girl...

So maybe you'll be defenseless
To my emotions I wish to unpack

Oh there you are..
This is yours.

Science + Love = Sexy
their irritating pollination,
Christine Kelley
Christine Kelley
Mar 11, 2013      Mar 12, 2013

Sex is in the air
from horny trees and grass,
spreading too early,
their irritating pollination,
which is unfair,
since we don't make
willows or daffodils
when we get it on.

wanting pollination, hoping summer's
C B Heath
C B Heath
Apr 27, 2013

On the river's bank - discarded waders
dropped there, cast aside the day before. A
little yellow orchid drooping, damsel-
head in danger, wanting fellow flowers,
wanting pollination, hoping summer's
kindly fingers touch upon the shadows.

NaPoWriMo #16
Excellent at pollination

Somewhere there is a bee
Excellent at pollination
If a little aggressive.
Someday this bee will sting
And will find out the irony
That he is allergic to me.

invitation for pollination
K Balachandran
K Balachandran
Oct 24, 2011

No different she is,
from a tender creeper,
eyes, bloomed flowers
As if swayed by  a wayward wind,
she  turns, gazes at me with a desire
the intensity of which is
palpable in more ways than one.
Wafting scent of woman;
invitation for pollination

Vigorous pollination morphing the nectarean sheath
Connor Smith
Connor Smith
Nov 21, 2012

Erect of echoes, the virile resonance quaking lust -
Throbbing caverns shudder to climax inciting vestal musk
Entranced of nocturnal bedevilment - barefaced in galactic greens,
Spores ethereal yet concealed to the Queen

Sumptuous omphalos; her ecstatic womb engulfing the bloom,
Carnal reckonings devoid of Mosaic release as panting creatures swoon
Vigorous pollination morphing the nectarean sheath
Roused stamen shrivel in an animus induced retreat

Again we'll rise to salute our idol
In burning continuance:
Fertility extolled
With pleasure recompensed.

of pollination.
Apr 12, 2010

and so life makes life.
the strange beauty
of pollination.
flowers allowing insects
to mediate, relegate, perpetrate
and consummate their ancient ritual,
their sacred act of reproduction.
A third party multispecies orgy of sorts.
But the bees never get off.
truly takes the task a touch further
than the innumerable sea animals
who mate in mass,
whole schools of fish
releasing egg and sperm
in a surging swarm of sex,
generating the next generation.
and so life makes life.

© Amir 2008
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