Jul 17, 2014

Shells burst exposing the soul within

What once was bud holds the key

Buzz all you might

Such delicate skin shan't fall for your poison

Only one bee can access the honey in my deepest being.

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Mar 29, 2014

If you be the flower
I am the bee
Drawn to your delightful mystery

Amy H A
Amy H A
Mar 17, 2015

A butterfly is beautiful until you feel you're sly,
moving close to touch her wings,
and then she may not fly.
But on her feet is magic that makes one flower,
Disturbing the dainty butterfly
Means fewer blooms for you.
Wonder, gently.

I wrote this poem inspired by experience.  At the time I was reminded that my pop always used to say, "You can wonder and wonder, and you'll still never know."  I realized how much we hurt others when we make assumptions.
Paul Sands
Paul Sands
Jun 5, 2015

the air seized it’s chance today screaming
“fuck me!”
and every seed burst
obligingly in a torrent of stars and silken hope
yet a mere quarter hence
the deciduous mantle will slip, dowager dry and lentigo browned,
to dance tiny pirouettes with devils of dust & grit
amongst a litter of sepia confetti as summer’s rusted brides fall
their contract fulfilled

In honour of all the cotton fluff filling the air today here’s a older reflection of a previous years event
#summer   #sex   #pollination   #seeds   #burst   #fluff  

She is a flower
And I am a honeybee
Nuzzling her petals

Francisco DH
Francisco DH
Sep 30, 2014

A field of flowers
   will never remain absolute in purity

is the flower
and I
the bumbling

Amanda In Scarlet
Amanda In Scarlet
Jun 23, 2014

We the hidden, now exposed
I cannot find my home.

My dance is despair,
All is salt-sweet, where is she
Who calls the us, the we?

Why do I fly
And where do I go?

The here is a tangle of
Too much bright delight
I fall, I fly, it is un-right

Lost, alone, I spin
Imploding from within
I have what we need
But the others are not here

Wet comes
In bitter spurts
And I know fear
I am afraid.

I had no need to know of this
Going, I, alone
Wings rip each drip
Oh, I go

We the hidden, now exposed
I cannot find my home.

Third Eye Candy
Third Eye Candy
Oct 15, 2011

when the quiet is the whisper
gingerly wring the neck of ravens, to sleep deeper.

split the infinity.

give heartache a farthing of your coin, realm-less

spinning in the dithers of your lingering agenda


loom oodles of shear joy, dis-attached from farms of promise

a reckless keening in the dreary gloom

of a perfect day.

and caramel apple car-bombs for Halloween.

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