Aleesa Dahl
Aleesa Dahl
Apr 14, 2015

I am up on top
am I going to die today?
Will this hurt more that I think?
Do I have to do this?

That was not hard!
HEY I did it!

help I think its broken
crash, smash, boom
uh my head

did I just do that
That was awesome

does it look bad?
is it broken?
that was very painful
am I going to be okay?

that was so fun
dude you should try that
Okay i’m done
i’m not doing it again

at skateboarding
rusty shacks
rusty shacks
Dec 30, 2013

the first day i spent in

Venice, CA

i bought the 2 most

ster e o typical


Number 1

was my medical marijuana license

Number 2 was my skateboard

I’m not very good

at skateboarding

but when you shred

on the boardwalk

people get out of your way faster

and thats really all i wanted

Kimberly Seibert
Kimberly Seibert
Aug 19, 2014

Reassured by your passion forget all the strife.
Pick up your board and skate away life.

Jul 26, 2014

My favorite moments
aren't significant at all.
It's rolling over in the morning
to see you lying there,
trips to the grocery store,
you lying on the floor
with your head in my lap
while we listen to music.
I read my books and you play
video games or surf the Internet
and we don't speak.
It's skateboard dates and
car rides where your hand rests on my leg
just to grab an impromptu snack.
No, my most treasured moments
don't seem like very much,
but they're my most precious
possessions, and I'd give it all up
to keep having these little nothing
moments for the rest of my life.

Jenna Ring
Jenna Ring
Apr 7, 2013

On the coldest mornings,
I miss you,

I'd be lying if I said that
didn't envy the pillow you wrap your arms around when you fall asleep at

M  White
M White
Jul 12, 2014

two feet, gliding,
the friction of the board,
sandpaper highways,
take me farther
than air.

Cath Williams
Cath Williams
May 24, 2015

Ten tall trees
Surrounding the stony path.
Nine familiar faces
Onlooking the happenings.
Eight rough rocks
Lining the rugged road.
Seven small points of nature's creation,
Frogs and dogs and birds and logs.
Six strong scents
That nature breathes.
Five fingers
Fumbling to find safety.
Four stable wheels
Lying under the board.
Three friendly hands for confident comfort
Deceitful yet calm.
Two arms for balance
A lonely truth of real care.
One blue bruise
From the lies of onlookers and the deceit of a skateboard.

I wrote this for a friend. Based on a true story.
#love   #friends   #poem   #broken   #pain   #betrayal   #nature   #family   #sport  
John Ryles
John Ryles
Mar 30, 2012

With one old roller skate
I'd be out to play
The local boys
Would stay all day

Remove the straps
You’re left with a chassis
Then an old Beano book
It looked real classy

Now to the longest bank
Only one car a day
Place the book on top
We’re on our way

Sitting low legs outstretched
Leaning back the race begins
Round the corner leaning to the side
Riding our skateboards with pride

No designer logo
Or high speed wheels
To come to a stop
We used our heels

Those summer days we were young
Happy children having fun
It cost not a penny to improvise
One old skate with a book the right size

It's quite sad to see
All the waste today
Expensive toys
Just thrown away

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