Like that skateboarding boy.
Fiona Guest
Fiona Guest
Jun 5, 2011

And sometimes when
My heart has sung
It's tune of unleashed joy,
I know that free
Is on the move
Like that skateboarding boy.

or skateboarding
Kitty Parson
Kitty Parson
Mar 31, 2012

It could be

little things

like climbing a tree

in a business suit

or skateboarding

in a wedding


considering how bad i am at skateboarding
Oct 26, 2013

there it lies
in space between the wall and our old dresser
my birthday present
perhaps I'll begin using it

i could use a little bit more exercize anyways
considering how bad i am at skateboarding
maybe it'll inspire a few more poems
and maybe I'll have another reason to leave
at least for a while longer

maybe i will start skateboarding

at skateboarding
corn bread johnson
corn bread johnson
Dec 30, 2013

the first day i spent in

Venice, CA

i bought the 2 most

ster e o typical


Number 1

was my medical marijuana license

Number 2 was my skateboard

I’m not very good

at skateboarding

but when you shred

on the boardwalk

people get out of your way faster

and thats really all i wanted

I hate skateboarding.
Sep 26, 2012

Banged and bruised
                          Open wounds
                                            broken bones

I hate skateboarding.

Shows me skateboarding
Amanda Mary Rose
Mar 6, 2010

Would like this poem
Its short and clean and simple
Nothing frilly or bright or extravagant

Is the reason for so many smiles

Protects me like a taco on a cold hard floor

Encourages me and eats pasta with me

Judges tattoos, analyzes photographs, listens to my qualms

Shows me skateboarding

Is wonderful

Is taken

Have no idea what to do.

I'm over

still like the poem though.
Skateboarding? Not one of them.
Kate Bethanie

Breathing fast, like I've fallen hard on my back,
Can't catch up. Don't look behind you,
It's just one of the girls.

There are some things you learn pretty fast.
Some stuff you get the hang of quickly.
Skateboarding? Not one of them.
Chasing you? From the moment we met.

I like to think we were both just confused.
I was a girl to everyone but you.

#poem   #life   #crushes   #growing   #childhood  
and so we carried on skateboarding the snow.
John Edward Smallshaw

..and talking of snow which you know I adore
I went out snowboarding
with the old lady next door.
She came out all dressed in a parka and trews
and wore green spangled stockings with six inch heel shoes.

We raced along alleyways which we made into trackways,
then she turns and says,
'where are the brakes?'
I said,I don't know
and so we carried on skateboarding the snow.

if you fall skateboarding
Cass Rose
Cass Rose
May 26, 2013

i am a mess
my words come out backwards
my hair is out of control
around 97% of the time
and i am caught in all the books
i've ever read
and can't seem to leave
out of touch with reality
but i will try my best
if you'll let me
i will kiss your scarred hands
if you fall skateboarding
and make you tea when
you're angry and worked up
i'll follow every cliche that's ever been written
and all i want in return
is for you to gently reach and pull me back
when i start to drift
and not just run away

urse I wouldn't forget the time we went skateboarding
Kelly Lutz
Kelly Lutz
Aug 22, 2010

Remember those nights
When we would eat gummy bears in the dark
And guess their flavors?
Of course, we never knew if we were right or not
But the silly little things like that
Are the things I am most fond of
Or that one time
I slipped on soda in the McDonald's bathroom
And we laughed for what seemed like hours
Or the day we went down to the creek
And the neighbor's dog barked at us the whole time
And of course I wouldn't forget the time we went skateboarding
In our bikinis
Nights gossiping on the phone over a boy who probably will never remember us
Laughing over stupid things that nobody else would find funny
Those were the days
I wish we never had to grow up as quickly as it feels we did

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