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So I know I wasn't just dreaming

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Nov 19

there's a certain elegant aesthetic in the discoloration
of a bruise on pale skin
of knowing that yes, higher up means you are in big trouble
but higher up also means
the world can see
that she is

short and not what i wanted to say and not true at all

You're boring.
You're  obscene,
You're tiring...
And you're fucking mean.

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Brianna Hickey
Brianna Hickey
Nov 28, 2013

My old account apparently is "deleted" if you used to follow me hopefully you find me!
<3  I guess time to write new stuff

Brianna Hickey
Brianna Hickey
Dec 3, 2013

70% of earths surface is water
And yet...
This ocean isn't big enough for
The two of us.

I like your lips pressed against mine.
Hard and desiring.

I like  the taste of your skin on my tongue.
There's to much I want to do.

I'm fucked up from the inside out.
Vulgar and rude.

I like you.
Do you like me too?

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You really fucked me up this time.
Memory is
Shot to hell and
You're nowhere to be found again.

You're really gone this time around.
Heart is
Broken in tiny pieces
And I can't find where you hid them.

You really fucked me up this time.
But you're gunna see me when you're asleep.
You're gunna dream of me at night.
You're gunna wish you never met me and that's alright.

Emotional week for me.

There wasn't much left to do but drink the night away; just me and this bottle of rum.

I seemed to have blurred the lines from being 18 and happy to 22 and ready to drink myself to death.

I am not sure how I got here, maybe years of hiding sadness, who knows really?

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If i could just tell you how much I hate you.
If I could tell you how much you make my life miserable.
If i could tell you what i really thought about you and your "rich" husband or you blonde hair blue eyes skinny girl looks.
If i could tell you how much i hate how you talk so fondly of yourself without realizing everyone fucking hates you.

I would be fired.

over this bitch at work.
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