Brian C
Brian C
Sep 13

“That’s so high school,” they say.
“What are you, fifteen?” they ask.
But why?
I call them battle wounds,
And you’ve always hated that.
But why?
What we do in bed is who we are
Let me carve valleys into your back
With my sharpened fingers.
Puncture my legs with your jagged nails
Until I stain the ocean dark, dark black.
Claw, bite, rip, tear, gnaw
Your way to my heart.
Take it in your mouth and crunch down,
Until we mix into one. Until we are.
What were we?
Friends, acquaintances, lovers, enemies, strangers,
It doesn’t matter anymore. Now we’re one.
I will leave whatever marks on you I can,
Be they out of love and passion.
I will colonize your skin, make my home in
Every pore and crevice.
I will mark what is mine in that moment,
Out of fear that you will be gone tomorrow.
Do the same to me. Make me yours.
Strip my identity from my bones,
Replace my flesh with you, with us, with this.
Your friends’ lovers don’t leave marks like that?
Your friends don’t know how to love like I do.
We are what we do in bed,
and I leave marks.

#love   #confusion   #hickey   #marks  
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole
Nov 4, 2014

Leave a mark
So I know I wasn't just dreaming

#love   #dream   #10w   #you   #sex   #hickey  
Nov 19, 2014

there's a certain elegant aesthetic in the discoloration
of a bruise on pale skin
of knowing that yes, higher up means you are in big trouble
but higher up also means
the world can see
that she is

short and not what i wanted to say and not true at all
You're a hickey on my neck,
Alexis June

You're a hickey on my neck,
bruised and red,
marking your territory,
refusing to fade.

#love   #yours   #mark   #hickey  
Is a hickey
Ashley Nicole

The only bruise he should ever leave on you
Is a hickey

#love   #abuse   #sex   #bruise   #hickey  
Brianna Hickey
Brianna Hickey
Jun 5, 2014

You're boring.
You're  obscene,
You're tiring...
And you're fucking mean.

#love   #hate   #pain   #shame   #fuck   #you   #tired   #mean   #boring   #obscene  
Brianna Hickey
Brianna Hickey
Dec 3, 2013

70% of earths surface is water
And yet...
This ocean isn't big enough for
The two of us.

Brianna Hickey
Brianna Hickey
Nov 28, 2013

My old account apparently is "deleted" if you used to follow me hopefully you find me!
<3  I guess time to write new stuff

Murder is an art.
Liked red paint on a canvas-
I will be famous.

starting something new lets see how this goes.
#paint   #haiku   #curious   #art   #red   #new   #murder   #different   #disturbing   #series  
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