Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole
Nov 4, 2014

Leave a mark
So I know I wasn't just dreaming

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Sep 3, 2014

When i look in the mirror I see art.
I remember,
your lips beating to the rhythm of my heart.
Against my neck,
you left your mark.

I like looking in the mirror and thinking of you, I just wish no one else could see them.
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Aug 15, 2014

Purple polka dots,
exchanged to my breasts.
With love from your lips.

#love   #summer   #bruises   #virginity   #bites   #hickeys  
Ky Blackstar
Ky Blackstar
Apr 20, 2015

There are galaxies beneath my skin that only your touch can unearth, you expose the universe to me using only your lips, leaving proof that your love is not a dream

#love   #dream   #kiss   #stars   #galaxy   #lips   #beneath   #expose   #hickeys   #lovebites  
When the boy you like shows up with a hickey on his neck,
Jul 10, 2014

When the boy you like shows up with a hickey on his neck,
do not linger.
I know what it is like to be in that state of limbo
Between hope and surrender
When every time he puts his arms around you it feels like the stars have aligned and all is right with the world.
But also when his eyes brush over the cute waitress' body for just a second too long
It feels like your chest just opened up to reveal a shriveled heart.

And let me tell you that it is not worth it.
Because while you sit at home imagining his hands on the back of your neck,
He's in the back of a car with his lips on someone else's throat.
You will spend hours,
remembering every little thing he's ever said to you,
And he will almost forget your name the next time he sees you.

Darling let me tell you
that you deserve better.
You deserve someone who will repeat your name in their sleep.
His hands will feel different
but they will be warm unlike the ice cold ones of your imagination.
And if you're lucky,
you will have plenty of hickeys of your own.

a little reminder for me and probably many others out there.
#love   #you   #appreciation   #hickeys  
Layla Thurman
Layla Thurman
Nov 10, 2014

I'm struggling with guilt
After leaving lipstick on your collar
And hickeys on your shoulder

#love   #pain   #cheating   #angst   #guilt   #hickeys   #sstains  
Is a hickey
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole
Jan 13, 2015

The only bruise he should ever leave on you
Is a hickey

#love   #abuse   #sex   #bruise   #hickey  
You're a hickey on my neck,
Jun 30, 2015

You're a hickey on my neck,
bruised and red,
marking your territory,
refusing to fade.

#love   #yours   #mark   #hickey  
Like the word hickey would burn in your mouth
Isobel Leslie
Apr 18, 2014

You called it a love bite
Like the word hickey would burn in your mouth
and strip away the taste of her still on your lips

You called it a love bite
Because hickey sounded like troubled teens
and stained sheets

You called it a love bite
Because her perfume still stuck to your shirt
and you didn't want to take it off

You called it a love bite
because you loved her
But you knew she called it a hickey
and nothing more.

Let him go. Just because he loves you doesn't mean you own him. Let him go.
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Nov 25, 2013

A reminder
you are
and I'm
is yours

A successful
breach in the

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