our love was magnificent
Sofia M
Sep 14, 2014

oh the way your lips felt on mine
it felt right
it reminded me of why
our love was magnificent
it made me feel real and alive
so thank you

#love   #alive   #real   #lips   #you   #right   #magnificent  
Magnificent bird!
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

Magnificent bird!
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
Life is so fragile.

and magnificent
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
May 24, 2014

It is impossible
for me
to look at
the Beauty of a Rose
and not
be able to see
the intricate
and most detailed
and magnificent
such artistic beauty
such purity of grace
and poise--

much like the awesomeness
of the beauty
that I see
whenever I think of
the love that lives
between you and me--
such beauty
and grace
and magnificent design
unfolds each time
that you are near,
and that is when
I realize how very much
you are an integral  part
of this heart
of mine.

#love   #heart   #beauty   #grace   #rose   #near   #design   #mine   #artistic   #magnificent   #unfolds  
How magnificent that is.
More Aina
More Aina
Dec 18, 2013

I'm scared
My past will always be there
It became a part of me now
For a moment, I could see the light
It was so bright I tried to reach it
I took few step forward and my hands were grasping to get it
But its too far and I can see it for miles
So I stood and stop trying
I looked at it and thought how beautiful that is
I was stunned by...
How magnificent that is.

I was not magnificent
Anna Ruby Sun
Anna Ruby Sun
May 31, 2014

I messed it up
I broke it once again
Can’t take it mainly
I rely heavily on tattered memories
And shattered friendships

The loss bears on the rip
With though shouldn't have lost
I was not magnificent

The highway never ends
And the constants never change
But I can see for miles
Like battered tiles
I am losing my colors

With broken bones
It appears
I was not magnificent

I avoid the rear view mirror
For it brings too many tears
My thoughts have grown skinny
And it must have shown

The rust it is building
As the trust is dying
All the while my hands are shaking

Worried about breaking
It appears
I was not magnificent

I have discovered
In the end
It doesn't matter our destination
But our route
For that is what is truly magnificent

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"I'm not as magnificent
Jason Cirkovic
Jason Cirkovic
2 days ago      1 day ago

I force myself
To endoure the treck to my past,
The source of why
I don't leave my vacant cave at night.
Every now and then,
I scavenge this place
We called our playground
Looking, searching
For last batch of complements
To motivate my ego
To treck these tragic events
That partook in this place.

Every streetlight that pierces the night
Reminds me of the new fashion trend
I picked up called loneliness.
I wish I could take this coat
Of depression off of me.
No how many times
I shake the feeling
It sticks on me like the Elmers glue
That I stuck to my hands in preschool.

I wish this conflict would subside
Through the silence.
All I can do now
Is climb this familiar path,
Draped over the clouds
Where I can't see my future for
Miles, miles,miles.
Just being stuck in the crevice
That wispers in the wind,
"I'm not as magnificent
As you thought I was"

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