That song told me that I was not magnificent
Oct 22, 2012

That song told me that I was not magnificent
This wasn't news to me as I'd said it to myself countless times before
And I'm not
Or they'd stick around
Know that they couldn't give this opportunity up
Lay back and think for hours on end
About their luck
About my magnificence
I'm practically royalty
Something special
But they leave
And I grieve
As I've attached myself too strongly
I grieve a death
And I suffer
And the thought of you builds in me like a thick black smoke
Starting at my base and filling my body until I
And I breathe you out
Those toxic fumes
The ones that eat away at me
And all at once I begin to fill
I beg it to stay at bay
And it wouldn't so now I
Welcome it
Come in, I say
Fill me, choke me, poison me
I've felt all the pain I could possibly feel
Grab at my organs and my arteries and my precious
Aortic pump
Squeeze hard and take my life in your greasy fistful
I'll breathe you out
Take  a part of me with you
Until I'm nothing
Just a body
And all at once I knew I was not magnificent

your still magnificent.
sidney Lynn
Apr 6, 2012

your silence is just enough for me,
somewhere you will find the words you couldnt seem,
to find within you mind in perfect time,
your just practicing,
your still magnificent.
I can count all the stars and they couldnt outnumber the times ive thought of you,
and i give you my blanket and tell you this to see what you do,
your silence is all your soul can at the moment prove,
your still magnificent.
Everything seemed to look perfect from far away,
this came to me then you looked an started to say,
your not looking at perfection till your reflections lay,
infront of you,
in magificents,
your still magnificent.

How magnificent that is.
More Aina
More Aina
Dec 18, 2013

I'm scared
My past will always be there
It became a part of me now
For a moment, I could see the light
It was so bright I tried to reach it
I took few step forward and my hands were grasping to get it
But its too far and I can see it for miles
So I stood and stop trying
I looked at it and thought how beautiful that is
I was stunned by...
How magnificent that is.

Magnificent you
Lilly Emery
Lilly Emery
Mar 6, 2013

Magnificent you
Hold our love true
I'm glad I'm with you.

Lilly Emery

bids its magnificent goodbye
Feb 27

The curve on my face grows
right after we met
And it fades away in my eyes
the second you left
just like how the sunset
bids its magnificent goodbye

Magnificent birds with wings of gold
Neva Flores Smith

I awoke this morning from my little bed
In a world unknown to me
A magical world full of mystical creatures
Resounding with mystery

Magnificent birds with wings of gold
Hailed me with their song
The strangest happening ever to see
As I was able to sing along

No simple trills issued forth from their beaks
But words I heard with my heart
An angelic melody so sweet they did sing
From this world I wished never to part

Forever in this magical world I will stay
To my home I shall never return
As now I have become a magnificent bird
Because, their song I have learned

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
My magnificent mundane.
Jonathan Sawyer
Mar 12      Mar 12

My magnificent mundane.
Tedious tasking and chores galore!
And disregarded as un-glamorous duty.
But there is something to be learned in folding loads of laundry.
Satisfaction through servitude.
Attention to detail.
And most importantly... attention to Love.

11 March 2014 - by my wife.
May 16, 2012

there's a quiet sense of knowing
in this fire, slow-burning as we
reach a state indistinguishable from
its freedom

my open heart, sure-footed as a rabbit on
pine needles in the summer, dreams
you here with me, two melting as
candle smiles climb our faces and
birds shriek their approval like
so many arbiters of the forest

You weren't absolutely magnificent?
Amanda Goodness
Amanda Goodness
Oct 4, 2013

Do you remember the time
Where you discovered that
You weren't absolutely magnificent?
I do.
I remember the exact moment.
I was six.
And when I was six I had this way
Of opening the car door from the inside.
I would pull the handle,
And kick it as hard as I could.
It was not very hard,
Barely enough to open the door.
I was only six,
If you recall.
And my mother saw me doing it one day on vacation.
And she told me
"If you kick that door one more time
I'm going to hit you so hard
You won't be able to breath for a week."
I wanted to be good.
I didn't want to be a child of Satan.
But two days later,
On the way home from the beach,
Eating a little bag of popcorn,
I kicked the car door open.
And I stared at my outstretched foot
In total disbelief.
And I realized I had failed.
And my heart flew out of my chest
And went into hiding in the tips of my toes.
And my eyes didn't well up with tears,
The welled up with the entire Atlantic Ocean.
And I just realized.
I had failed.
I did something very wrong.
I am not good.
I am a child of Satan.
I am not
I am not
I am not
Absolutely magnificent.

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