my fingers
Twisted Sweetness
Twisted Sweetness
Aug 16, 2014

I wish
my fingers
were his.
I don't think
about him,
my fingers do -
Touching me in places
I wish
only he did.

Dec 13, 2014

I jammed finger and my nail broke
i cant even play the game because of my dam
finger why does it have to hurt
my dam finger
it turning black and blue what am i
supposed to do
My jammed finger
I Hope  it gets better because
its My Jammed finger

My Jammed finger Hurts
#finger   #jammed  
too many fingers in too many pies
Mar 8

too many fingers in too many pies
so far apart my body is torn trying to reach them all
and now I am dead

#dead   #fingers   #too   #many   #pies  
Julia Aubrey
Julia Aubrey
Apr 23, 2015

finger prints to remember the lost, and hands to hold to remember the loved...

#love   #words   #life   #death   #lost   #hands   #fingers   #hold   #touch  
Oct 14, 2015

if you go to this link you can hear me read the poem..
#poem   #poetry   #life   #fingers   #write   #read   #aloud  

this is a gentle reminder
that even in the midst of pain and suffering
there are good things too.

needed this a long time ago
#reminder   #bow   #knot   #string   #finger  
*My fingers itch in so many ways—
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
May 8, 2014

My fingers itch in so many ways—
They wish to touch the stars;
They long to play my soul's heartsong,
And strive to sketch my scars.

Sometimes they urge to clutch a knife
And hold it to my chest;
But most of all they long to hold my love—
The one who knows me best.
#strive   #stars   #fingers   #wish   #song   #long   #edit   #knife   #itch   #sketch  
May 16, 2015

Typing furiously
The websites you administrated
The cool stuff you created

Dancing graciously
The pictures you enhanced
The movies you edited

Plucking gentle
The guitar strings
The songs you sing

Moving delicately
The way you put your chopstick
The way you stroke your joystick

Approach hungrily
Touching the sacred spots
Knead, caress, massage, pinch, rub, enter.

Without fingers,
Iris Rebry
Iris Rebry
Oct 1, 2014

Long and thin,
Claw like,
Like spider's legs
They run
Faster and faster,
The talon-like nails tapping
The table,
Mimicking Beethoven's fifth symphony
We grasp
We clench
With white knuckles
a cold white
A hard white
An icy white
Holding onto the last life we have.
Without fingers,
We cannot hold each other's hands,
We cannot play music,
We cannot write our thoughts.
We are not human,
Without our

#life   #fingers   #human  
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