I love, and when I do I love to no ends.
Mar 2

I'm the bitch,
the quiet girl in the front of the class,
according to the handicap stall in the upstairs boys bathroom, a slut.
I love, and when I do I love to no ends.
But you'd never know how much this bitch loves, because there is no love shown.

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A person only truly falls in love
Aug 19, 2014      Aug 20, 2014

You see
A person only truly falls in love
Once in their life time
And once that time is used up
There is no more.
You can lie to yourself
And to others
But if you were truly in love with them
That love cannot be undone.
I am in love.
A love that won't go away
With my best friend.
I fell off
The bridge of love
And into the waters
Where he followed
But his love came with strings attached
A bungee
And he jumped back up
And left me sitting there in the waters
While he's up on the bridge
Calling me up there
While I'm wishing him down here
And I have no bungee.

It's a mess.
DC raw love

What would you do
If no one loved you

Would you cry
Would you sigh


Do you care
Do you swear

Do you look for love
Do you hide from love

Do you want it
Do you need it

Do you know what love means
Real love
Never ending love

are you a hopeless romantic
romantically wanting love

What are the feeling of no love

are they silent
are they loud

are they sharing thoughts
are they lonely thoughts

do you have thoughts of joy
do you have thoughts of nothing

do you smile
do you cringe

do you want it

It's actually not that hard to find


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Lunar Love
Lunar Love
Mar 23, 2014      Mar 24, 2014

sometimes you're like homework
so confusing
and i just stare at you
hating you
yet you're important to me
it's so hard to finish you
and i lose inspiration every now and then
but when i get high as my grades
i come running back to you

i can't wait to graduate from school
get rid of this infatuation
we would be adults by then
and hopefully this mess will be sorted out

Lunar Love
Lunar Love
Mar 27, 2014      Mar 28, 2014

summer nights
fairy lights
women rights
skinny tights
we ended up with
lovers' fights

plain as day
you took away
a sunshine ray
left me with
no words to say

feelings fade
a girl's parade
to hold her head high
and hide the mess you made

#love   #heartbreak   #girl   #sadness   #summer   #on   #moving  
Why is love so stupid
My love
Aug 23, 2014      Aug 24, 2014

Why is love so stupid
I feel like don't want to love anymore
I wish if  can not saw ur face before and met u and love u
But know u kill me back and I most die I feel that I don't want to talking anyone
Pleas  leave me forget about you 

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Lunar Love
Lunar Love
Feb 13, 2014

two fragile hearts made up of glass
everyone could see right through them both
only they themselves couldn't see the reality

both fell for each other
and whatever falls
will end up breaking

now those two once-glass hearts
shattered into a million emotional pieces

now those two once-glass hearts
will never find their missing parts

now those two once-glass hearts
have turned into nothing
but back into crushed sand

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because I love you
Lunar Love
Lunar Love
Mar 26, 2014      Mar 27, 2014

I just want you
to be happy
but sometimes
and selfishly
I want to be
your happiness

'happiness is a choice'
you say
and you didn't choose me

I clung onto the idea
since you made me happy
it would be the same for you

What is happiness now?
where has it gone to?
In time, society has robbed us
the real meaning of happiness

Go on your own way
and pursue your happiness
for your smile, is my smile
your laugh, is my laugh

and I'll be happy
when you find your happiness
because I love you
always have, always will

you love it when it rains.
Lunar Love
Lunar Love
Apr 3, 2014      Apr 3, 2014

you said that
you love it when it rains.
little did you know that
it rains
whenever i shed a tear.
maybe that's why
you seem happy
even if i'm hurt;
you enjoy
whenever i cry.
and i'll always end up
exchanging your sorrow
for my euphoria,
in hopes of you
loving the rain --- me, my tears, and my pain.

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would you love me more?
Lunar Love
Lunar Love
Apr 6, 2014      Apr 8, 2014

from rain,
should i turn into a storm?
howling like the wind,
making noise,
to get you to hear me?
more raindrops; more tears,
to make you feel
drenched in remorse?
harsher and faster,
much like a hurricane,
to get you to see
how messed up i am?
when i'm stronger
like the storm,
would you love me more?

The second part of 'love the rain --- love me'.
#love   #sadness   #tears   #rain   #hurt   #storm   #wind   #remorse   #hurricane  
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