Hannah Breedlove
Hannah Breedlove
May 9, 2016

She was a cigarette
And I was the ashtray

She'd let unworthy lips experience
Her cancerous and addictive flavor
Allowing herself to burn down
Into nothing,
Leaving me to collect her ashes
Leaving me to watch
Yet another sad girl
Take her place the next night
And to wonder if the cycle
Could ever end

A common thing in a common place
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Brandon Burtis
Apr 28, 2015

I've been experiencing life
through 1 oz. of meltage,
and a smile that's fading with the moment.
I pick up my drink in lieu of
making trivial conversation
about the weather, sports, life in Los Angeles --
searching for clues of anything you like,
so that for a mere moment
I can be the one that makes you smile.
Not that cookie-cutter, customer-pleasing smile
that cracks around the ears,
but the type that makes the restaurant roof split open
a bit more every minute your heart beats;
the type that makes you feel
like you're not working,
and that a smile is never necessary
if only for the sake of another.

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