I've been experiencing life
through 1 oz. of meltage,
and a smile that's fading with the moment.
I pick up my drink in lieu of
making trivial conversation
about the weather, sports, life in Los Angeles --
searching for clues of anything you like,
so that for a mere moment
I can be the one that makes you smile.
Not that cookie-cutter, customer-pleasing smile
that cracks around the ears,
but the type that makes the restaurant roof split open
a bit more every minute your heart beats;
the type that makes you feel
like you're not working,
and that a smile is never necessary
if only for the sake of another.

Bartender, pour me another
Dec 9, 2014

Love & Illusion, do you know in magic?
Do you think that we could be more than tragic?
Bartender, pour me another
I see you, seeing me
Buy me another shot
And lets try this another time, Ill be here waiting for this to start
The past is all over and over
My heart still beats the same
But not for you
Bartender give me another number

Someone is calling for me
When i close my eyes it sounds like you
Across the room, I see you
Seeing me too

Pour me another glass
I am stuck on this stool, until you tell me to go
But i am stuck staring at you

Don't leave me alone, in this bar
It doesn't seem that wrong
If you could take me home

Bartender will you listen to my whines?
Daisy Franssen
Daisy Franssen
Mar 13, 2014

Pour me another drink.
Im tired of this life.
Everything has gone to a pile of shit.
Bartender will you listen to my whines?
Bartender what time will you be closing?
I already see the sun shining through the dirty glass windows.
I dont want to leave.
Life for me is misery right now.
Ive felt like ive been driving on a dirt road for too long.
Its time for me to go
I repeat in my head as I stumbled out into the world to
face another blurry day.

Jack Piatt
Jack Piatt
Jun 18, 2014      Jun 18, 2014

This wooden bar
Beats up my knees
The Whiskey - my liver
But her smile
Wrecks that train

"No pain, no gain"

(c) 2014
Be my bartender
Hailey A Carlson
Hailey A Carlson
Dec 30, 2013

Your lips touching mine
Brings my surrender
A love like fine wine
Be my bartender

Oli D Nejad
Oli D Nejad
Jan 15, 2013

The night strays
Into a dream,

A retreat:
A wall,
On which I lean
When under throws
Of volleyed wants and drowned woe,

To stolen escapes,
Beneath the wet.
To smoke,
To dwell.
To taste regret.

The Doppelgänger of the bartender walks into a bar.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

The Doppelgänger of the bartender walks into a bar.
The bartender turn to him and says,
'What will I have?'

Dear bartender
Michael DeVoe
Michael DeVoe
Feb 24, 2013      Feb 25, 2013

I need one more
I need to forget a little more
I need to remember a little less
I need to remember a lot more
I just need to remember it differently
The way I wrote it
The way it ends when I'm sleeping

Dear bartender
Make it a White Russian
As white as her dress would've been
One Pina Colada
Tan as the sand would've been
One more Gin and Tonic
Sparkling as her eyes
Vodka Cranberry
Red as her lips
A triple shot of silver tequila
As clear as my intentions

Marry me

Bartender I want to drink until I forget she said no
Bartender I want to drink until I forget I ever asked

Dear Bartender I want to drink until I remember she said yes
Vodka til my head rings wedding bells
Gin til my body ticks raw rice
Rum til my cheeks flush honeymoon
Tequila til my ring finger itches
Whiskey until she loves me too
Whiskey until she come back

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