Bartender will you listen to my whines?
Papers Orchestra

Pour me another drink.
Im tired of this life.
Everything has gone to a pile of shit.
Bartender will you listen to my whines?
Bartender what time will you be closing?
I already see the sun shining through the dirty glass windows.
I dont want to leave.
Life for me is misery right now.
Ive felt like ive been driving on a dirt road for too long.
Its time for me to go
I repeat in my head as I stumbled out into the world to
face another blurry day.

Lystra Barraquias

Wipe, swipe
Clean the dirt away
When there's none anyway
Wipe, swipe
Please, give me a cold beer
To drown all my sorrows and all my tears
Wipe, swipe
Spare me a few tips
To go home and pick up my broken bits
Wipe, swipe
Pick up a happy mask
All I need to do is ask
Wipe, swipe
That's all you ever do
Do me a favor and wipe my broken heart too
Wipe, swipe
Ask me why I'm sad
Man like me shouldn't look too bad
Wipe, swipe
When push comes to shove
I say, "Please find me a girl...a girl to love."

by Ethan Bennett

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Jack Piatt
Jack Piatt
Jun 18      Jun 18

This wooden bar
Beats up my knees
The Whiskey - my liver
But her smile
Wrecks that train

"No pain, no gain"

(c) 2014
Be my bartender
Hailey A Carlson
Hailey A Carlson
Dec 30, 2013

Your lips touching mine
Brings my surrender
A love like fine wine
Be my bartender

Oli D Nejad
Oli D Nejad
Jan 15, 2013

The night strays
Into a dream,

A retreat:
A wall,
On which I lean
When under throws
Of volleyed wants and drowned woe,

To stolen escapes,
Beneath the wet.
To smoke,
To dwell.
To taste regret.

The Doppelgänger of the bartender walks into a bar.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ

The Doppelgänger of the bartender walks into a bar.
The bartender turn to him and says,
'What will I have?'

Dear bartender
Michael DeVoe
Michael DeVoe
Feb 24, 2013      Feb 25, 2013

I need one more
I need to forget a little more
I need to remember a little less
I need to remember a lot more
I just need to remember it differently
The way I wrote it
The way it ends when I'm sleeping

Dear bartender
Make it a White Russian
As white as her dress would've been
One Pina Colada
Tan as the sand would've been
One more Gin and Tonic
Sparkling as her eyes
Vodka Cranberry
Red as her lips
A triple shot of silver tequila
As clear as my intentions

Marry me

Bartender I want to drink until I forget she said no
Bartender I want to drink until I forget I ever asked

Dear Bartender I want to drink until I remember she said yes
Vodka til my head rings wedding bells
Gin til my body ticks raw rice
Rum til my cheeks flush honeymoon
Tequila til my ring finger itches
Whiskey until she loves me too
Whiskey until she come back

Hey bartender pour me another
Robert Guerrero
Robert Guerrero
Aug 17, 2013

Sit me down at the bar
I'll take a Jacks on the Rocks
I need it strong
Stronger than you've ever made it
So make it a tall glass
I'll be here for a while

Hey bartender pour me another
Let me tell you why I'm here
I walked out of a church
I was suppose to get married today
She's a beautiful women
Smart, Sexy, Sensitive
Couldn't ask for a better woman
I walked out because I'm not marriage material
I wasn't meant to be a husband
Not to someone as incredible as her
She deserves a man
Aiming, truly willing to be by her side
Through the thick and sick days
I'm leaving to go to war
For a country that turns their back
On the men and women sacrificing
The things and people they love

Hey bartender
I'm going to need another
This buzz isn't strong enough
Screw it put a little Jose Cuervo
He'll spice this buzz up

See bartender I may be a stupid man
But I know what's worth fighting for
She is worth every bomb exploding
Every soul my AR15 takes
I'll be the grim reaper in any country
As long as I know she is truly safe
I guess I should attend my wedding
The same way I'll attend my brothers funeral
Filled with sorrow and love
Another son is going to war
With a bottle and for a woman
A son that might never come home
The way she wants me too


Another shot of sorrow please.

Another pint of regret.

The foggy mist’s descended.

It’s time to pay my debt.

Pour another tall one.

Fill it up with sad.

I’m here to drown my heartache.

I’m hurting just a tad.


Written June 27, 2014
m the  master, the chief, the Bartender.
Oct 23, 2011

There are some who drink together because of friendship,
they are companions,

There are some who get drunk because of problems
Can I call them morons?

There are some who raise their glass because of triumph,
they are victorious,

And there are some who get drunk because they want to explore,
they are curious.

Some get drowned in alcohol because of their past recedes
they are in sorrow,

Some do spend a lot of time in the bar drinking and flirting
because their partners have been borrowed.

But some drink wine and beer just to chill out and relax,
can you feel the spirit that make our bonds and friendship last?

Can you feel the knot that tied us together, stronger?
I know all the stories behind those beverages, I am the  master, the chief, the Bartender.

(c) The bartender - jcjuatco - 10.22.2011
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