Lady of Ravenhill
Lady of Ravenhill
Nov 13, 2016

Vines can reach up to the sky
Supported by the sturdy pine
Given the chance to grow and thrive
Curl and twist up rough skinned oaks
To see the world through eyes up high
Unreachable but for those deep, strong roots
Now finally able to flower and fruit
Climbing up by the bark
Of the pines and the oaks

@LadyofRavenhill 11/13/16
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He slid his picture next to hers.
To dust the spaces beneath it.
Let the corners of the frames touch.
Left them together, to see if she would smile.

Pointless spring cleaning.
Her picture was collecting dust.
He held her name so tight behind his teeth-
He forgot he needed to breathe.

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You and I were the tree and the vine,
Alissa Rogers
Alissa Rogers
Apr 8, 2013

You and I were the tree and the vine,
I was yours and you were mine.
I often felt that I was the tree,
for all the roots that came under me.
You were the vine, beautiful and light;
I loved you best for never clinging too tight.
You said that all along it was I who clung,
and then and there something died where I hung.
This tree of mine had changed its leaves,
and grown contempt within its eaves.
And I, the vine and parasite
was bid a prompt and cold goodnight.
By the time I fell to the forest floor,
life as I knew it was no more.

I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser.
Zach Abler
Zach Abler
May 10, 2014

I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser.
In Him is pure peace and pure life and none lesser.
In Him is everlasting and nothing's even better.
His Word is not a chore list, it's an eternal Love letter.

He prunes every branch that abides and Him and bears fruit
He seeks the ones that chose the path of endless pursuit
Of His face, His will, a branch who chooses to go all out
A life greatly lived, a life who can't live while Him without.

Every branch in me that does not bear fruit He takes away
A happy illusion, a path of the gold-plated astray.
But to a dismay, without the roots a branch goes dry
Thrown to the ground, iuyet picked up but thrown to the fire.

The branch whog stay true to the Vine pleases the Vinedresser
Who calls out to Him amidst the thorns, despite the world's pleasure
With so much fruit a branch has no better sign
When trampled by life would produce the finest wine.

Written for 'Or Are We?' with Ullrich Lariosa as the guitarist.
the spiritual fruit. Only from the true vine of Christ will the grapes of righteousn
James M Vines
James M Vines
Jan 19, 2016

From many wild vines come many bitter grapes. Only from a vineyard that is well tended and nurtured will you find sweet fruit. As it is with earthly fruit, so it is with the spiritual fruit. Only from the true vine of Christ will the grapes of righteousness come with the sweet savor that only redemption can bring to the soul.

in life to touch others like a running vine . If I bare good fruit, then many can b
James M Vines
James M Vines
Jun 19, 2016

I am a plant that has many branches. I stretch out in life to touch others like a running vine . If I bare good fruit, then many can benefit from my efforts. If I bare bad fruit, then no one can partake of my success. So it is better to bring forth good things that others may prosper and plant seeds of success themselves, thus becoming a vine of humanity stretching out and covering the earth with kindness and mercy.

James M Vines
James M Vines
Nov 17, 2016

Oh creeping snake that wanders through tree branches and wraps around other plants. How you dangle and hang from the reaches of the heights. Your roots are deep in the dark dank soil of the forest as mist rises from the floor to engulf the canopy. You put forth delicate shoots and fragrant flowers that entice a host of your neighbors to delight on your foliage. Despite your favorable nature, you still make my skin crawl. Like a green serpent you wind your way in many directions, not knowing where you begin or end. I will respect you from a far distance and hope that are paths do not cross again.

Put a flower in my hair
for everytime you show you care,
and watch the beauty grow
as the vines intwine
and wind down my spine...

Climb the ladder of my ribcage,
and kiss your way back down,
and see how the gold falls
as the seasons pull me into light;
galaxy brown in my eyes, as warm,
as skin to skin the gardens forms;
I am the bed.

Pull me into the dark with ease
and I shall be my own light,
and I shall fight my fright;
so long as the touch of your flowers do stay
I'll live
and I will grow, hence forth,
each and everyday.

Jun 3, 2015

Cheers to vines climbing up the wall getting cozy with chimney

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