You were perfect.
Jun 11, 2014

Perfection seems so eye catching
something we all strive for.
You were perfect.
Perfect in all the ways that society defines it.
Perfect in all the ways that I once defined it
And you're also the one that unintentionally taught me that I never
want to be " perfect".
Perfection holds the soul back
It closes our minds
and widens our expectations.
Strengthens our insecurities,
and accepts the unaccepted.
It tells us to follow only what is expected
Maybe perfect, isn't so perfect.

Purple Rain
Purple Rain
May 19, 2015

Perfect perfections
One woman once made a connection,
Not to me, but the world
You see,
She found the key within her complexion  
For her whole life she faced rejection,
She wasn't "YOUR" definition of perfection
Your definition of perfection,
kept her from discovering her own

You kept her captive by your desperation,
to hurt her with your words of stone
For a short period of time you destroyed her throne
But now she has a voice of her own
The words that are made of stone
You get trapped by the sound of the drone

"Perfect perfections"
She stares into her reflection,
At her complexion
And says
" I have Perfect perfections"

Poetry is anarchy in a perfect rhyme of freedom and madness, realized
Nov 17, 2014

Poetry is anarchy in a perfect rhyme of freedom and madness, realized in reality.

©2014 copyright Michael Cross
Aug 2, 2014

We want it,
but don't need it.
Strive for it,
yet never achieve it.
So what is it?

You're perfect,
Ryan Hoysan

You're perfect,
        She said.

And I felt myself crumble
        Because I knew I was not so

You are perfect,
        She repeated.

Perfect for me,
        You are everything I could ever want.

And I felt myself
        Become whole again.

This was written at 1 am, while I was missing your 2 o'clock snores and your 3 am sleepy smile floating across your face.
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is society is plagued by the search for perfect things.
Jan 2, 2015

This society is plagued by the search for perfect things.
But as I sat there doodling with my finger on your spine,
I realized one of the most perfect things in the world
Is often the imperfect boy, with messy hair, asleep in your lap.
When you are afraid to move him
and to love him too much.

Absolutely perfect
Jun 4, 2014

You're perfection

In a way that
A toaster
Will always and without fail
Toast your bread.

In that way
You have one job,
To simply be mine
And you did it perfectly.

But you see
Sometimes toasters break
What they did so perfectly
They can not do at all

But you see
Even though you are broken
Even though you aren't mine
You still seem to be

Absolutely perfect

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