Aug 3, 2014

i was a flower to you;
you kept around as
long as i brightened
your life.
as soon as i started
showing signs of
exhaustion and depression,
you threw me out
and replaced me with
a more beautiful and
longer lasting blossom;
one that made you smile
every time you walked by.
one that made your world
a better place.

i was forgotten.

Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
Jun 12, 2014

When one sees a rose
which lies wilted,
tattered and torn
upon the ground
having fallen
from the still supple green stem
and no longer wearing
its vibrant bloom--
not much is said
in judgment
as so many pass it by--
but let our eyes
befall upon
a homeless man
or old woman dressed in rags
and suddenly
so many of us
simply avert our eyes
try not to stare
or imagine just when or where
the circumstances
caused their bloom
to wither and die
and we just keep walking past
with an inaudible sigh...

#die   #rose   #torn   #wither   #sigh   #wilted   #tattered  
May 28, 2014

The guy picked a flower in the garden
He took it carefully into his nose
Inhaled, it deeply and smiled
I wish I was the flower

The photographer kneeled before the flower bed
Take a snap and another after another
He looks at the photos admirably
Adoring its colors, glorifying its beauty
I wish I was the flower

A lover bought a dozen of flowers
He caresses the bouquet carefully
Caring like it was a delicate glass
I wish I was the flower

Flowers in the vase
Day after day after days
The flowers turned old and ugly
The next thing I knew
Flowers were in the bin along with other waste

That's when I knew... I am the flower

#truth   #sad   #life   #beauty   #story   #flower   #ugly   #wasted   #wilted  
Noand Hegask
Noand Hegask
Mar 3, 2015

Would you like to talk about
The winding water
And its sprouting light?


The one you can see at night
From the soup parlor by the river
That serves memories, carved inside
A polished mirrored platter
Which made the boys all bright
And washed them saner
Along its tide of deluded truth

Would you like to talk about
The winding water?

The home for a thousand soul
All wrapped up, though foul
In a confounded streaming wire
And there, strayed the traveler
For a good four-hundred-year old
With his face down, and stories untold

Would you like to talk about
The sprouting light?
From the lanterns hung
To adorn the tide long
From the flowers of the head
Wilted and and still drowned
By the name of the lil moon’s
All dead hopes

Talking about the winding water
And its sprouting light
The old traveller
And the years has passed,
our little moon killed itself
Just to know that light
Eventually looked beautiful
Shrouded in darkness

Say now,
All my darling—

Why would you talk about
The winding water
And its sprouting light?
Why romanticize a world
Dull and weary?

Because beauty is made up,
and we live for beauty?
Or because we live in beauty,
and life is made up?

#moon   #nature   #flower   #water   #question   #lake   #light   #wilt   #skeptic   #misantrophy  
Wilting and scattered
Dec 30, 2014

Rose Petals
     Pretty and red
          Wilting and scattered
         Rose Petals
      Pretty and bleeding
Rose Petals
  See the Rose Petals
         Falling and silky
      Rose petals
   Both Dead
And Dying

#dying   #dead   #fall   #falling   #rose   #petal   #petals   #wilt   #wilting   #silky  
Apr 28, 2014

Your eyes never wilted,
i could hear
the flowers
in your voice

#eyes   #flowers   #sorrow   #wilt  
ro verma
ro verma
May 28, 2014

I feel like a flower.
other times,
I wilt.

#first   #poem   #feelings   #flower   #me   #wilting  
I'm like a wilting daisy, too tragically beautiful for any
Crystal June
Crystal June
May 24, 2015

I'm like a wilting daisy, too tragically beautiful for anyone to pick.

#sadness   #beauty   #flower   #tragic   #daisy   #wilting  
May 31, 2015

My brain is a flower,
and right now,
among the multitude
of anxiety attacks,
and copious amounts of stress,
I feel as if


#sad   #depression   #idk   #wilting  

there is an orchid on my windowsill.
it has begun to wilt.
it was once an abundance of delicacy and
what seemed to be everlasting beauty.
but now it has lost its color.
i think we're just like this flower.
once filled with luminous light.
but the lack of sunlight has turned us into something else.
something we thought we'd never become.

i wrote this 2 weeks ago and now my orchid has died
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