She's a snake charmer
Nameless Wonder
Nameless Wonder
Jun 16, 2016

That girl,
She's a snake charmer
Because in her presence
The slithering demons--
Inside of me--
Are beguiled
By her flawless physique
And hypnotic voice.

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You are the snake charmer
Mar 16, 2015

You are the snake charmer
      mesmerizing poisonous slithery creatures
      spellbinding them with your undulating hips
      gyrating breasts
      nimble graceful hands
      lulling lulling
      the predator
      into a limp drowsy posture
      until its rapid oscillations dull
      until its spitting hisses silence
      and glowing yellow eyes milk over
      you drape it over with your red garment
      it coils into infinity
      as darkness spreads.

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He was a charmer
Jan 24, 2016

He was a man
with a happy face
people always trying
to be him
He was a charmer
for the world
a perfect husband
for his wife
a hero and a teddy
for his daughter
he knew the trick
to make them smile
but little did they all know
He was a man with Masks
and he knew to use them well
It was only Him,
his demons
and his diary
who knew
the Real Him !!

#man   #dark   #real   #demons   #mask   #him   #charmer  
A friend, a brother, a charmer
Kayla R Vaitkunas
Kayla R Vaitkunas
Jan 27, 2015

There was this fellow, who seemed very mellow,
Yet when one asked me to write a poem about one self;
He spoke very highly of himself;
Cockiness; not at all he was a charming fellow,
Who was always there when ones friend would fail;
Showing her she could prevail
Laughter filled his heart and thoughts filled his mind
Most people would say he’s undefined
I’d like to say he’s one of a kind
A friend, a brother, a charmer
Yet does he ever look deep within
Or does one just pretend?
Always there for someone in need
But what about one’s self needs
Shall I assume since you’re consider a charmer
That you have plastic armor
Pretend to be strong and bold
When there’s a deep secret you hold?
The charmer in one’s soul
Blocks the secret he holds
Never look too deep
Might cause you to lose sleep
Remember a charmer has a spell
And never yells
Goes on in life
Yet can cut you like a knife
Leaving a scar on your soul
One may be blind and flatter you

As a charmer's flute is to a snake.
Jan 17, 2013

Your goofy grin is to me
As a charmer's flute is to a snake.
Serenade and seduce me,
Oh mystical one.
Wherever you smile,
Wherever you play,
I will follow.

You are a Snake Charmer
Avi Nathenson
Avi Nathenson
Apr 2, 2015

You are a Snake Charmer
You are Power
You can see It
You become It
It is All
I am All
I am Now
I am Source
We become It
We are All
We are Light
We are Love

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