Mar 12, 2014

I shed you
                              Tore you off
                                   Against a rock
                            Winding and
                            ­Until every
                                Every glistening
                                  Was free

                              And I ate you

                  ­         I couldn't breath

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As a charmer's flute is to a snake.
Jan 17, 2013

Your goofy grin is to me
As a charmer's flute is to a snake.
Serenade and seduce me,
Oh mystical one.
Wherever you smile,
Wherever you play,
I will follow.

My snake charmer
Chris Fracc

Snake bit serenade
In cadence
Comes from me
A curse of sorts
Innocently aimed
Armed of course
Tongue tales
Hiss my charms
Before long,
You'll spin back to my waiting arms
Remember private dances
Sweat beading
Lips to neck
Necklace to breast
Come closer advancing
Warmed up romance
Chest to chest
Caught in my trances
Small of your back cupped
Big eyes brandished
Held close and dipped
Hair fell waterfall
Lifted up limp, romantic
You can't stand it
Have I always been this underhanded?
Shhhh........ Silence my love
This is our song
Let the walls be gone
Fall to shed skin
My bite is strong
Sinking in
Who could move you the way I've done
Wear proud your sins
In the snakes pit
Upon dancing days
My fangs drip with your boiled blood
Bring your shadow along
Let her join
One beauty is never enough
Can't you share?
I'm here
Excuse my stare
Careless in my vulgar vitality
Gentleman wearing scales
You ask of me
Simply softly stand next to me
Tighten my coil
Rattler rising it's plain to see
It's hot in here
I need to breath
I'm on my knees
Your laughing
This is what's become of me
Unnerving I've turned
For your love
I'm hissing
you pull the string
I'm dancing
Out there for spare change
On display
I notice you don't look away
It might be
Just the way to replicate
The timing
The way you fell for me
Young lust evolving
I ask you
Reptilian rhapsody
Do you remember the steps
You answer with a few moves of glacial hips
Yes my woman wears well the samba,
My magnificent mamba
Good gracious your flavor
I savor
Heart raising
I waver
Hard to believe you've bested my most potent venom charm
I'm going home to the back water
In a basket woven of tight fiber
Delivered my karma
Held in your hands
My snake charmer

I wrote this thinking about how when my woman's upset I take her dancing....sometimes it works:)
Jan 26

How quick the coiled snake does turn
To the Lily of the Valley for aid
Crumbling in Pharaoh's tomb
Snake betrays Isis
It loses its tongue
The snake be forever doomed

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Jan 21, 2013

Feel free to constrict me
Steal my last breath,
Strike at me and
Wrap around me
When I least expect it.
Warm scales on my trembling skin
I promise it won't hurt.
I want it so bad.

Danielle Rose
Danielle Rose
Sep 30, 2012

Soundwaves Break
Vibrating through as
his heart swells
Building up sensations
an unignorable spell
Releasing an excitment
so divine he slides
out of his hiding
and begins to rise

He is a charmer deft in his art!
Pradip Chattopadhyay

He has the acumen to charm
His words don’t reveal his mind
With your emotions he plays with skill
He is a charmer deft in his art!

He preaches what he doesn’t practice
His craft hides from you his real face
In his life he has never given peace
Never brought one soul happiness!

His art keeps the audience enthralled
His songs make the listeners sway wild
But in him is a devil installed
He is farthest from innocence of a child!

What he shows to you is the husk
You never get to see the real face
A charmer his art is a mask
In life he damn cares goodness!

See, see the tiny sky
Marvel at its big puce depths.
Tell me, Tony do you
Wonder why the armadillo ignores you?
Why its foobly stare
makes you feel churned.
I can tell you, it is
Worried by your giffengididdle facial growth
That looks like
A mold.
What's more, it knows
Your pantsy potting shed
Smells of booger.
Everything under the big tiny sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?
You only charm garlics.

The charmer,

I am not.
A royal,
The prophet,
Professor of thought.
Once held up-high,
but ill-esteemed of self-taught.

I am not.
A beauty,
The charmer,
Prince of elegant creed.
Erected mirrors be praised,
but failed to see my greed.

I am not.
A giver,
The artist,
Piper of the snake.
Never more do my words fail me,
Never more I'll bleed fake.

I reach to you but catch only mist.
Only now do I understand what I've missed.
You love was pure and gave me life.
I failed to see it and ruined a wife.

Regret stings hard,
Stings pure and true.
I've given my body to many,
my heart...
only to you.

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