May 25, 2014

not sure if I am cold
like they believe
or simply numb,
from being treated coldly
for so damn long.

a pretty girl whose smile
is always in rare form
spectators judge
others intriqued
with the quiet storm.

"knock knock,
is anybody home?"
but my emotions
are long gone.

#feelings   #emotions   #face   #cold  
Itchy face;
Nebek Wormer
Nebek Wormer
Oct 9, 2014

Itchy face;

Cold embrace,
Troubled by fate

Itchy face;

The taste longed for is
The glory of success.

Itchy face;

If only he could put in the best.
O how he yearns for that taste

Itchy face;

12:54am 9 29 2014
#face   #itchy  
Face to face.
Carmen Thompson
Carmen Thompson
Apr 29, 2015

I'm so tired...
To just...
I try to love, what if I find it on a computer?
"It's childish?" "Dangerous?"
You know more than I do... I don't care.
I love that person on the other side of that screen.
They can hug me, kiss me, love me from miles or kilometers away. More love than I can get from my own family?

"It's wrong" "unnatural?"
Fuck you. I'm in love. I'll do whatever it takes.
I'll meet them again and again. And soon.

Face to face.

#love   #hate   #screen   #face   #endless   #computer  
Ninad Kulkarni
Apr 14, 2014

Lost in dreams
You see them think
With strands of hair
That seldom link
Eyebrows with
A puckered kink
Eyes that cry
Will also wink
Pointy noses
For fragrant stink
In dismay will they
Often crink
Cheeks that glow
With hues of pink
Have dimples in
Their beauty sink
Lips that frown
And lips that drink
A tooth that aches
And teeth that clink
Even jaws and chins
All move in sync
Formed expressions
All lost in blink
Faces like faces
Can’t be inked

Crinkle is a wrinkle or crease on the surface of something. (esp a face.) Crink is the verb form of the word crinkle. (I created it. Sue me.)
Aug 17, 2014

Reality masters many faces
Which mask do you wear ??

#reality   #mask   #faces  
Your face is what I think of
Feb 18, 2015

Your face is what I think of
Only every day

I think I like these whole 10 word pieces...
#love   #heart   #thoughts   #10w   #face  
Sometimes your face is
Aula Tullius Sulla
Aula Tullius Sulla
May 26, 2015

Sometimes your face is
a little blurred, but then you
have a little fun

#fun   #face   #blurred  
I see it in her sweet face
Haiku Hank
Haiku Hank
Jun 17, 2016

Beauty at sunrise
I see it in her sweet face
Spring is made for her

#love   #haiku   #beauty   #spring   #face   #mygirl  
Hannah Holliday
Hannah Holliday
Jun 7, 2014

The world is full of people who have beautiful faces with bodies that hold ugly hearts and heads that incase scary minds.

#beautiful   #ugly   #hearts   #minds   #scary   #faces  
her *lambent* face
Apr 30, 2014

Humming gumming
rimming drinking;
her lambent face
which blink in melody.

I try to forget her but lost in her memory when she is not with me.
#love   #sad   #heart   #sadness   #her   #drink   #light   #face   #memory  
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