Jun 10, 2012

I see,
when I look at her that
everything is so smooth and
without hindrance
taut, I suppose
whereas when I try
like that
I am crooked and unappealing
there is no equivalent in
my world that can compare
to her
i could never be
appropriately pretty
for you

(c) Brooke Otto

Well, I finally stated the truth. "idk I'm just tired of it, this drunkness is false happiness." glares up at me as I look about my room. Broke my painting, my sunglasses, wrecked my arm, my liver. Shaking and quivering from too much to drink to the kitchen sink. I think it's time to stop.

Daniel Magner 2014
Kelly Landis
Kelly Landis
Jul 27, 2013

I didn't realize that the moments I shared with you, would have to be tucked neat and pretty into the crevices of my heart. I didn't realize that I would be left to remember for the both of us, or that the friend that I should have been was nowhere to be found. I'm sorry. I know in comparison to others you knew, it doesn't matter. My memories are slim, and fleeting glimpses. But I wanted to know you better, more, I wanted to be a sounding board and instead I let your secrets fall from my mouth like stolen gems. There's no one else here to blame. God, you are so brave, I can barely stand it.

Kimberly C Brown
Kimberly C Brown
Sep 16, 2010

Light headed, wandering  unknown
through a world that has grown
molded around new hearts
and intuitions.

Floating above an era towards something more
spirits soar, becoming lost in a

In a world so perverse, becoming crystallized forever
Within its own coffin of abstract love these machines
march synchronized. Following a manual preset
to live out tired lives.

Each detail, each texture lit upon a soft petal
is ignored. The eyes of children are no longer innocent.

Who knows more of the world than anyone will know?

Yet determined of self-destruction we kill our pathos
We dissolve into a world unbeknown to its fate.

Then let us perish together at once

And feed upon the greed and hatred of those once noble men.
Let us suckle at the breast of ignorance and fan the flames of madness.

In that must we find solace
And within our own fortress seek our own version of purity.

Submit to the will of what we cannot control
And in the end smile because we are finally


Wuji Shiu
Wuji Shiu
Oct 16

There is a stillness that catches me
In middle of the last hours of Summer
Catching me from the inside

Adrift, in the memory of haunted
Centuries that are no more
I hear low voices in the horizon
Chanting syllables of dust
Nothing moves but Autumn’s approach

Time is lethargic and artificial
I can feel the low sky vibrate
Inside my heart, each hour feeling

Larger, more spacious and more fleeting
In an acceleration where memory
Is lost in a whirlwind of sensations
And I promiscuously must harden myself
To survive these faceless moments

I have unlived today’s suffering
Until I escaped memory itself
And the idea that I was conquered by
Mortal hours that had no light to return.

#freedom   #time   #summer   #humanity   #fate   #language   #culture   #history  
Mandy Berry
Mandy Berry
May 10, 2012

I despair for the future of this country
It's been run far too long by such fools
Who have taken away adults power
And given the children no rules
We really need discipline back in schools.
I shudder to think where we're all going to be
If grown ups respect can not gain
The behaviour of children so insane
This country's heading straight down the drain.

Kris J
Kris J
Dec 2, 2009

Can be
So slippery -
Always ready to start
Little avalanches
Lead to

his eye out going down a Black Diamond slope stoned
Zulu Samperfas
Zulu Samperfas
Dec 3, 2012

The corporate sports shop has erased the swim section with snow sports
and I can't find those jagged ear plugs I like there
must go back local to where I got half a wet suit
made by O'Niel, the inventor from my home town
and I remember a friend who was a great skier and even
better ski bum, and he hung out with Tommy Moe in Wyoming and
he almost put his eye out going down a Black Diamond slope stoned
and maybe that's brave, but I don't think so really because true bravery in
my mind is rarely physical, and most commonly, but perhaps rarely mental
as I see the Christmas shoppers like every year doing the same things and dysfunctional
families everywhere pretending to get along when they'd rather kill each other
understanding why, like Freud first tried to show us, in his strange 19th century way
has led to a situation where everyone could understand why, what really drives them
and so few do, because it is scary and expensive and long term and frustrating and you have to go back
over and over and realize you are doing the same damn thing over and over and it's worse than
school when you were a kid, when it was just over and over and a teacher blaring at you until
you finally got it and moved on, because that can really happen.  You can get it and move
on and you won't need the salve of the alcohol or the forty big screen TVs or endless ballgames
watched as if they held some kind of key to a special universe and if just one more game, like one more quarter in that slot machine, and what you are really running away from is yourself and your pain.
And I am different, it is true, because that inner journey to understanding is essential to me and
psychology is amazing, how the mind tries to protect us from ourselves by creating more distraction
when we all have that Black Diamond Slope to go down and it is scary and frustrating
and we may fall but in the end we will understand.  And that is the most important thing.

Derek Yohn
Derek Yohn
Nov 22, 2013

Our republic died today;
i wonder who noticed?

Very few, i am certain,
since most were busy trying
to survive in this economy,
or feed their children,
or worried about healthcare (still),
or trying to escape this reality,
but something fundamental is
different now.

The Senate took away the
teeth of the filibuster today.
Simple majority rules now,
no more consensus building.

       So?  I don't care about politics or politicians.

That is a shame, because they
care about you.  In fact,
they are counting on you.

To stay distracted.
To think tyranny is only for distant lands.
To think that today's reform won't be
       tomorrow's crushing defeat.

Black America:
       What if tomorrow the House of Representatives
       passes a law to make you all slaves again?

LGBT Americans:
       What if tomorrow the House makes it a law that
       all of you be imprisoned for being who you are?

Women Americans:
       What if tomorrow the House takes away the
       abortion option, or worse?

All of you are outnumbered.

Remember...majority rules now.  The Senate won't slow it down.
Be careful who you piss off.

Because debate and careful consideration
are no longer valued in this Democratic
It interferes with their agenda.

Petty tyrants don't just rule in
Third World countries.
Not anymore.

They work on Capitol Hill and live in the White House.

Our nation whimpered as it died.  Democrats officially killed it.

Enjoy the bliss of Obama's promised transformation of America.  The Senate was intended by the founders of this nation to be the chamber of the legislature where tempers cooled down, debate slowed down, and the minority party or parties had a fighting chance to withstand annihilation.  But over 200 years of precedent was getting in the way of Obama and the Democrats getting their way, regardless of the rule of law.  They broke the law, to change the law, so that they can ignore/bypass the law.

Seriously, be careful who you piss off now.  If you saw this on the news happening somewhere else in the world, you would say to yourself that that country was now being ruled by a dictator.

But it just happened here, and that is exactly what they are trying to do to us.

So enjoy your hope and change.  I will almost certainly end up in a political re-education camp for posting shit like this, but I don't give a fuck.  Somebody has to say it.

Good luck.
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