Jun 10, 2012

I see,
when I look at her that
everything is so smooth and
without hindrance
taut, I suppose
whereas when I try
like that
I am crooked and unappealing
there is no equivalent in
my world that can compare
to her
i could never be
appropriately pretty
for you

(c) Brooke Otto
Steep slope

Steep slope

Praise hope

Take a toke

Cut a rope

Drink your toast

And fly



You can imagine!

Daniel Magner
Daniel Magner
May 6, 2014

Well, I finally stated the truth. "idk I'm just tired of it, this drunkness is false happiness." glares up at me as I look about my room. Broke my painting, my sunglasses, wrecked my arm, my liver. Shaking and quivering from too much to drink to the kitchen sink. I think it's time to stop.

Daniel Magner 2014
Am I adjusting to the slope

Am I adjusting to the slope
that time brings along
Am I all out of hope
what am I doing wrong?

Each thought I think
gets stupider each time
my brain is starting to stink
from my rotten tired rhymes?

Have I reached my peak
has my slide begun?
should I end it now?
stop abusing ink?

Kelly Landis
Kelly Landis
Jul 27, 2013

I didn't realize that the moments I shared with you, would have to be tucked neat and pretty into the crevices of my heart. I didn't realize that I would be left to remember for the both of us, or that the friend that I should have been was nowhere to be found. I'm sorry. I know in comparison to others you knew, it doesn't matter. My memories are slim, and fleeting glimpses. But I wanted to know you better, more, I wanted to be a sounding board and instead I let your secrets fall from my mouth like stolen gems. There's no one else here to blame. God, you are so brave, I can barely stand it.

Kimberly C Brown
Kimberly C Brown
Sep 16, 2010

Light headed, wandering  unknown
through a world that has grown
molded around new hearts
and intuitions.

Floating above an era towards something more
spirits soar, becoming lost in a

In a world so perverse, becoming crystallized forever
Within its own coffin of abstract love these machines
march synchronized. Following a manual preset
to live out tired lives.

Each detail, each texture lit upon a soft petal
is ignored. The eyes of children are no longer innocent.

Who knows more of the world than anyone will know?

Yet determined of self-destruction we kill our pathos
We dissolve into a world unbeknown to its fate.

Then let us perish together at once

And feed upon the greed and hatred of those once noble men.
Let us suckle at the breast of ignorance and fan the flames of madness.

In that must we find solace
And within our own fortress seek our own version of purity.

Submit to the will of what we cannot control
And in the end smile because we are finally


Never play the
“Why would anyone ever want me?” game

When you’re unkind to yourself
You will know no worse
and deserve no better

Like Bukowski says,
Bet on the muse
in those moments of fleeting abandonment

We exterminate the love
we really deserve
and we keeping going back
expecting more

Always at a lack
Like hungry ghosts
in the stair case

Do we dare to dream for something to say?

Or do we keep it inside?
Until we wither

A rant of anti-self-depreciation.
Of this vicious slope
Dec 15, 2014      Dec 16, 2014

Why am I not Happy?
I live a good life.
Good Friends,
Good family,

Good everything.

I'm not hungry
I'm not worrying about my medicine
I have a roof over my head.

But why am I not happy then?

Is it because of that whispering thought
Your friends think your annoying
Your parents are tired of you
You're ugly.

And you feel even sadder.

But then that other voice pipes in.
What are you doing!?
Why are you feeling so sorry for yourself?!

And you become guilty

What are you doing?!
You have a house and clothes
Food and medicine
Stop moping around!

And you feel even worse

You start aching
When you walk
And when you breath

And you become tired.

And soon, crying is every day
You can't tell anyone
And soon you feel the worst part
Of this vicious slope

Now you're alone.

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