I will wait on each slope and shore,
Samara Kae Gibbs
Samara Kae Gibbs
Sep 3, 2014

I will cross each mountain and sea,
As long as you too try to get to me.

I will wait on each slope and shore,
As long as you too wait even more.

I will laugh while in the wind and tempest,
As long as you at least try and attempt it.

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Lambert Mark Mj
Lambert Mark Mj
Apr 16, 2015

Step by step I take on damper paths
Compelling and slippery
In tact is with the dread and misery.

#love   #sorrow   #water   #choice   #calm   #mistakes   #slope  
Steep slope
Salmane Driouch
Jan 15, 2015

Steep slope

Praise hope

Take a toke

Cut a rope

Drink your toast

And fly



You can imagine!

Mar 17

If only I could move beyond
This page of bad ideas
And wade through this propaganda
To dismiss the way I feel

But the future is looking grim
For the consumers of the free
For all our slippery slopes
Shall bring us to our knees...

the slope of those days
Jun 3

I hold out my hands
trying to warm them
on campfires long gone,
flames might as well have
been snow, I looked down
the slope of those days
when the hay needed cutting,
I had some things to say
but now they are forgotten.

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