Madalyn Beck
Madalyn Beck
Oct 17, 2014

Dear God, please,
   Set me free from this hell,
      from these demons after me,
      but if it is your will I suffer,
         then I will suffer happily.

#hell   #life   #dark   #demons   #suffer  

O' suffering,
How joyous!
The Gods shall make ye cry!
O' suffering,
How grand!
The Gods shall make ye die!

A poem written in "oldspeak" about suffering.
#pain   #death   #dark   #old   #suffering   #gods   #grand   #timejoy  
May 20

If women have to suffer to be beautiful
Then why aren't I a goddess?

Jun 11

That the intensity of our society
That shattered and splattered our history
With the blood and sorrow of our humanity
Our family
Makes me weep
Makes me speak grievously
For the evils of hiding our grief
We need to see the suffering
To begin to heal our reality

is the landscape
of life.

Hope is
the sustenance
of life.

To avoid suffering
is to avoid life.

Love yourself.

Love other's
even though
they don't
deserve it.

Be gentle
with yourself,
even when utterly
fatigued and

Make you life
a poem that
you create
and hold it
close to your

The best
you can do
is all you can do.


#life   #suffering  

The only difference between suffering
and meaningless suffering
is whether your mind filters the reason
through what it presumes to be God's will.

Will of God
Chloe Elizabeth
Chloe Elizabeth
Aug 28, 2014

After laying awake for endless nights,
with the shattered pieces of my heart
leaking into my veins
and carving away at the life
I used to share with you,
I realized that you are not one
worth suffering for

By Chloe Elizabeth

Find the ones who are.
Jan 6      Jan 6

The day I realize that
There is no end of this
Suffering, I accepted it
In that pain I became aware
with a dark face of life
I regret for it
I wanted to end this life
Acceptance of this pain
Made me fearless
Suffering doesn't bother me
It makes me stronger
So that I can fight
In the battlefield of life...

#fear   #regret   #pain   #suffering   #stronger  
Jordyn Dennis
Jordyn Dennis
Jun 6, 2014

Having a creative mind that thinks of multiple scenarios of being with someone is good for being a writer, but bad for being a person.

I make up scenarios of you and I loving each other and being together when we aren't an official thing.
#love   #pain   #lust   #suffering   #creative   #agony   #scenarios  

It was an old suffering,
Carpet-burn, asbestos poisoning.
Poised to pounce
Quickly out from umbra
into stars, out of tunnels,
rattling with the clockwork bodies.
Suffering like the scalpel
searing along his ribs, seducing blood
as she walked by.
An old suffering like childbirth
or marriage.
Parent's bereaving their children,
and horses galloping through water
only to fall into the glass-screen documentary.
Old sufferings like war
like pain, but not pure.
Young lovers, innocence,
innocents, in a sense
of sin at the break of day.
Dignity in the morning:
An old Suffering.

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