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Previously my life was complex, I helped make it that way; now, I keep it simple and fun.
Previously my life was complex, I helped make it that way; now, I keep it simple and fun.
Jun 14, 2012

Whilst often frowning upon mens private pleasures we hide our own toys.

Jun 2, 2012

I am acutely aware of the intesity of feeling  
pouring from her,  
all the way, spurting
and through
the tip
of the sharp pointed knife,
into the effigy,
fashioned from the paper bag
that once held the butcher bought
pound of steak.

My nan, four times married stands at the cooker,
she is impassioned yet oozing anger
and aged only seven
I am able
in that moment
to see
her heart,

Grandad  three, (the first one I knew)
holding his chest.

Nan tries to stop her lips curling
and fails,
her hand
hides the wicked smile
but I saw it,  
as it reaches her eyes  
the splinters of her broken parts.

Grandad four suffered
the same fate as the rest.
Grandad five
never actually married my nan  
though I heard he
was an ever present feature
during and throughout the years between husbands one to four.

Oh how my nan loved,
loved them all
killed them all.  
With passion.

Apr 8, 2012

You will soon be home.
I sit here just bathed, naked

I picture your face
and I'm overcome, flushed.
My heart so full of love
it spills over
flooding my smiling eyes with tears.

They flow through the narrows of my laughter lines
and traverse my cheekbones,
kissing my lips as they pass
landing precisely on my breast buds.

Here they hover to whisper of your love
before forming in droplets, perfect in motion,  
dancing, tracing my excitement
as joy and arousal connect
in the estuary at my loins.

I hear your key as it engages the lock, and my eyes say,
''come and swim  in the joy of my heart''.

Nov 14, 2011

Its only a bit of fun
if with that special someone,
no rules or boundaries,
carnal pleasures it must appease.

So lets set the scene for this occasion
whet your desire for this sensuous liaison.
Indoors or outdoors and what attire,
let us share in this wordy desire.

Lie back and on your words I muse,
a mac,  a blindfold and strappy shoes.
The magical power of imagination,
with a helping hand for  gratification.

Your turn now, let me decide,
which words will depict how you felt inside.
I talk you through to my delicious moments
the way you moved beneath my garments.

A simple pleasure, free to play
though not for all I hasten to say,
For us it bridges the miles apart
a resource too good not to impart.

Oct 28, 2011

In my mind you are perfection
a choosing of my own delection.
And oh you are my  absolute pleasure
with gentle guidance you find my treasure.
Quick or slow, whatever my desire
my heart does race, my fingers on fire.
A tool of the most delightful kind
no heart to break, no ties that bind.
No need for two,
one player will do
nicely, oh so nicely, thank you.

Nov 20, 2014

like a low howl
on the bank
of eventide
audacious lover
on canting limbs
that had lain so long
in deathly pose.
Now, lambent
blushing fistfuls
of borrowed light
that do nothing
to fend off
the onset of night
where bowing members
fade to calamine
with whispers
of a dawn
not yet seen.

May 10, 2015

And the weak
lemon sunshine
as if shamed
by the gesture,
a toss of head
so minute
he might
have missed it
but for her woe,
falling tears
those petals pulled
in death throes
silent scream.

Jan 8, 2016

Where to look in a carriage too full
of you
across the way
arms crossed,
and though I sit with hands like sunshine
that would warm us with their touch
there is only the awkward loneliness
of uncomfortable positions,
I'm riding backwards
and it feels like I don't know you.
I wonder, with your forward facing view
if you really can see what is coming
while I can only turn-to in quickening moments,
searching glimpses of destination ideal;
fleeting fixes  
on this too fast-moving train.

Jun 2, 2014

A life dimmed
as the sun rose
in room 2
where I captured
last breaths
and her eyes fading light,
releasing them
in the garden
while dwelling
on life cycles
in a still air
with wet wood,
bequeathed by
night-time rains.

The rising sun
filtered through copper beech
in black cherry rays
onto blossoms
that littered the lawn
in a patterned death
of pink paper mache.

And though I had felt
worn and weak of late
I sustain
flamboyant ferns
I am living;
flushed with
sunshine serotonin
as I marvel upon
a horse chestnut
its conical clusters
a blooming grandstand
of rising elephant breath perched
housing dawn's chorus,
a teeming
backdrop of birdsong
where surfs a soul
previously hushed
in the deathly silence
of room 2.

Jul 10, 2012

Pounded fast and hard every muscle aching, hot sticky body.

Feb 25, 2014

There were days
I walked on my knees
by the weight of motherhood
and now too;
as my feet fight for firm footing
on a pavement
where I feel water
lapping at my jaws.
of joy and concern
I am,
a battle brimming
in the heart shudder
of this silent look,
our goodbye....
Paling, only
till I see you
as you are,
living your dream.

''live life with a bold heart son,
as if life were too small to contain you''

My son has a new job and will be living in America.
The quote is from a book I read by RJ Ellory , A quiet belief in angels.
Dec 27, 2016

Audrey has hit her parting period,
comfortably poorly this eventide dusk.
There, by way of bare birches,
nature's breath blows a slow breeze,
and the low sun styles its ways
in long shadows and dimming rays.

Jun 14, 2016

She had spells in the thick of her seasons,
hunger breaks
where brooding teased, dark
as the culminating  clouds
that pressed low on her horizons.
Customarily her rains fell full and fast;
inflicting bloody madness,
those sodden hours
where no amount of fancy raiment seemed fitting,
quagmires and quandaries of flesh and faith.

Feb 1, 2012

You wash my hair and bathe my skin
intimate moments that I can feel within.
your warmness, when I am bitter and cold
radiates from your beautiful soul.
the flutter of eyelash upon your cheek
the heartfelt declarations of love you speak.
your smiling eyes belay inner tenderness
that arouses me and covers me in your gentle caress.

Even without your knowing touch, you can impart that much.

Your very presence energises my senses
breaking through, challenging all my defenses.
I have some scars and achievements in healing
and this love that is us is frighteningly - appealing

I panick, Im scared of sharing in love, though I'm pulled by the giddiness of feeling so good.

Feb 23, 2013

Jaws glanced the floor
as you made the scene
at hale and hearty
where food reigned
and laughter spilt,
raucous we flocked
amid moist meat
lavished in hot spice  
whetting our whistles
on good spirits.
on glass screens
to feel the unseen
saw you
a master of the art  
pulling me flush to your flank
as screaming ribs
expelled shooting stars
in lightning flashes
that arced to my blood red sky
while conscious hips fought
with unwitting urges
and lost to a straddling sea
of other-worldly delights.....

The barman glared
and we the raucous
stopped and stared
as she lost her grip
and supper hit the decks,
exposed in our coloured
intoxication he calls time;
some walk in a war of words
that sees
grips tighten
while others
leave chaperoned
under hitched hems
in unabashed
nylon adjustment
toward a blaze of
hot leather 'neath
thirsty thighs.
alighting into an
enchanting embrace
that paved my path to sleep.

Apr 4, 2013

I cast a look and catch your eyes  
as they finger the hem of my skirt
and I follow an urge to play
for a thrill
and the shudder
that travels before
halting and humming
around knees
locked lest they knock
in their outward swoon
And all the while
my smile belies
best efforts to contain
this satisfied
where your purpose in my mind
has been beautiful
in its completion
...just as  I desired;
like when  I fancy myself
in high heels to masturbate.

Sep 18, 2013

Swamped in sensual delight on coastal paths
where Natures descent into disorder
sees days of dragon breath heat
chill in simmering banter with Autumn
while maples and oaks look on
in stages of undress blushing
in their falling foliage,
many are the burdened boughs of braeburn,  
bittersweet their spoils of late summers fruition.

Jumping from my bike, enraptured
I kick up a frenzied fuss of yellowing greens
that whip a breeze around my knees
till there before me
the prickly gift of horse chestnut seen,
such joy is the perfect seed that promises conker kudos.

Eyes catch glimpses of staghorn sumac
flaunting purple panicles, exuberant these conical clusters
line my passage to the music of
lemon gorse exploding its seed in my wake,
here the skylarks song calls from high above
hedgerows teeming with sloe, hips and haws
and lingering insects  fall like drunken fools
that supped last orders from end of season berries
mouth-wateringly ripe their syrup drips from lips
and fingertips stained pink in the pensive rays of dappled sun.

I stop to marvel at soiled beds
where life and death lay side by side
as seeds nestle under blankets of scattered leaves
'neath hawthorns untamed
that bend with the wind
while still their central haven.

How amazing this tilted earth that ends this day
finding me feverishly swaying
to the highs and lows of season and tide
in passionate dance with this nights Harvest moon.

Wirral Way ...the coastal trail that hugs this beautiful peninsula where I reside.
Feb 14, 2015

I cast a look and catch your eyes  
as they finger the hem of my skirt
and I follow an urge to play
for a thrill
and the shudder
that travels
before halting and humming
around knees locked
lest they knock
in their outward swoon
And all the while
my smile
belies best efforts
to contain this satisfied bliss...Here
on this train
where your purpose in my mind
has been beautiful in its completion
...as  I desired;
just like when I fancy myself
in high heels to masturbate.

Jun 30, 2015

Where the tide never reached
on a triangle of beach
sat our nan in her coat on hot days.
There in towel capes and cozzies
and new flip flops we'd soar,
down steep Tobin hill
bags and buckets and all
as rubber thongs rubbed
our toes raw.
And from the sorted speck
against the sandstone wall
we ran and we ran into ease
shaking-off the weight
of mothers pre-dayout strains
while the waves washed over our knees.

Mar 6, 2013

Fur coats fall; disrobed,
springs stunning striptease reveals
magnolias splendor.

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