-Always lacking a description that fits.
-Always lacking a description that fits.

Confidence and independence, seems such a lack luster sentence, it holds no meaning to me. Like glasses without lenses, I fail to see, how ever I could live a life successfully.

I hope you pronounce "Crisis" like "Cry-sees" I don't but that's the way It should be in this title ahaha... More... Comedy?

Kept to myself in vagrant spaces, now left alienated and out of placement. It's kept my mind racing, but that's incarcerated in the basement. Now I'm just playing faces, praying this life will stop being so degrading. But I tried that and just keep on failing. Today I learned that my skins just a waste of spaces.

Oh what's that? Comedy, people I smell comedy.

What were the words, you had fantasized in? What did you think, while your lips were on his? What did I do to deserve all of this? I fell in love, not off a bridge.

What can I do, that will help me forget? What type of things, can assist a forgive? Where do I go, after all this? Don't fall in love, just jump off a bridge.

How does one forgive, the thoughts she thinks while her lips are on his? How does one forget, the thoughts he thinks while he's been unable to sleep?

I just need to cry, I just want to die, I just need some help. I just want to kill myself.

It's like the things that I write, don't sit quite right with the people I idolize., it's like the things that I write stay out of sight, and are never truly recognized. Though they cut like a knife, spread bare my insides, show you just what it's like, to be living a life, where you already have died.  Bare witness to my demise, it will end as a suicide in the future sometime, to that I testify.

Smoking cigarettes again, haven't got much chance at anything I can barely think. As I lay here on, my, bed. Listening to the very music that makes my heart stop dead.
Stuck on death, solving all your problems with a slit of your wrist; wondering how you ever got like this. Is it really cause your mother drinks? Or because it'd "always work out" when it never did.

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