if you delve deep into the fray
where the truly true musicians play
keeping their words and sighs intact
their hearts and tears and words impact
the tiny masses who search them out
to warm their souls and if you doubt
the world around you doesn't hear
your broken dreams
your quiet fear
look beyond the pompous trite
the subtle muddle that holds no light
there is a world though buried deep
once heard enfolds you while you sleep
close your eyes we will walk the moon
your heart and mine will sing in tune

dedicated to Angus & Julia Stone

there is good music out there - just look for it
#real   #music   #pure   #tune  

The song we sing together is quite out of tune, yet as it's stuck in our minds we chose to sing along every moment our lips part.

It's a dreadful tune, like ring-around the rosie, we think it's something we can dance and laugh to even though it's a song of death and torture.

Please change the record.

- Julia Aubrey Rhodes -

#love   #sad   #doubt   #worry   #hate   #happy   #music   #him   #song   #tune  

On the morning of the day before yesterday
a new year did commence
some say same crap different year
with no redeeming recompense

On the afternoon of the day before yesterday
many had broken their resolutions
so much for a dry January
drinking in alcohol institutions

On the night of the day before yesterday
by the light of a creeping crescent moon
I resolved to the soundtrack of 2017
to dance to my own tune

#dance   #moon   #tune   #soundtrack   #crescent   #2017  
Alan S Bailey
Alan S Bailey
Dec 27, 2016

What does it all mean?
Is there a future life?
Why do I dream?

Every day that the world spins and turns,
Gray hairs mean we are all getting old,
So many recollections of the past
For which the heart yearns.
Life is so important, no one wants
To die, but in the end you're with
Everyone else breathing for the last time,
Why is this depressing? It's simply the truth,
I felt so invincible in the years of my
Happy youth. Who knows what tomorrow brings,
Where you can find precious things
Diamond rings
Time is running out
'Til the big bell finally rings
And the fat lady sings...

Who knows if there is anything
Real that even a possible
Future lifetime brings.

#truth   #sad   #future   #end   #happy   #youth   #tune   #lifetime   #bell   #rings  
Elizabeth Squires
Elizabeth Squires
Dec 11, 2016

I'll be your disc jockey baby
I'll spin what you
want me to spin
yeah I'll spin
the tune
you want
me to

spinning only your light and shade
spinning it in stereophonic grade
spin being a speciality just for you
spin on the turn-table's auto-cue

'I'll be your disc jockey baby
I'll spin what you
want me to spin
yeah I'll spin
the tune
you want
me to

spinning only your echo's wave
spinning it to the beat of a rave
spin everything with the mix right
spin it both by day and night

I'll be your disc jockey baby
I'll spin what you
want me to spin
yeah I'll spin
the tune
you want
me to

#spin   #tune   #auto-cue   #discjockey  
Umme Ruman Hafsa
Umme Ruman Hafsa
Sep 5, 2016

Whistling, it emerge from it's station
Singing, it begins for destination
It sings a tune of truth & peace
And with it's melody, to you it please

It sings a song of punctuality
"Be on time" flows in its harmony
"Else time leaves you behind"

Passing through hills, valleys& mountain
It sings "Never run away from your pain"
Running into the dark black canals
It sings "face your problems all"

It carries people of all kinds
No variance in caste or colour it finds
your strength lies in unity

To it's destination it reaches
The song of train preaches
With hard work of your soul
You'll surely reach your goal

#melody   #song   #teachings   #train   #tune  
Jul 12, 2016

Heart sings a song of my feelings
hope you can hear deeply
ricocheting a rhythm of love
so you can feel it strongly
you're the colour of my tune
I'll create our own music
spreading splash melody
and let's dancing together
just you and I

#love   #music   #dancing   #melody   #song   #sing   #rhythm   #tune  
Enola Cabrera
Enola Cabrera
Jun 29, 2016

Our romance was a song
A melody that only we could sing
Lyrics came from our lives colliding
All the while the instruments were playing the beat of our passion
We were a lovely tune
Constantly on repeat

We were a song
#love   #music   #song   #repeat   #tune  
Jun 20, 2016

Ever notice the hope in everyday life?
how nature declares peace over bitters of life?
how little birds rejoice,
so unconcerned
even the kettle sings at the top of its voice
when the water left its body burnt!
despite the dark cloud, the silver line shines
rainbows run through rainy lines

wolves howl praise in silent darkness
crickets chime through echoed abyss
if stars could audibly wink at you
their message would be that they hear you...

#life   #hope   #happy   #nature   #positive   #sing   #tough   #message   #tune   #rejoice  
Vani j
Jun 13, 2016

I am her summer and she is my June,
I am her Uranus and she is my Neptune,
I am her lyric and she is my tune.

Just random
#june   #tune   #neptune  
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