As I gaze upon this white blanket of snow
I realize that forever there will be
so very much I do not know--
but one thing I do know beyond any doubt
is that someday when my world ends
you will forever hold and carry my heart about
and keep it safe, tucked inside with yours too
and our love, our warmth for one another
will forever live on just as the snowflakes do--
for even though they'll melt
and someday fade away
they'll reform again
some fine cold, winter's day
and when the snowflakes fall down to you
my heart will be embedded in them
and my love will be forever true...
(just as I know your love will forever be
with me too)
©Pamela Rae 1.06.2017

for those we leave behind...
#love   #heart   #fall   #winter   #true   #forever   #fade   #snowflakes  

In the night the once empty, cold world turned into a white paradise.
the snowflakes are still falling down,
from its once owner -
the dark grey gloomy sky.
just to bring the feeling of pure
happiness  down to earth.
weightless, slowly and gently falling.
I can't stop staring at them,
they fall so peacefully and they reminded me of myself, especially when I fell for you.
I couldn't see it coming, and I had no idea what would happen after I fall,
but I couldn't help myself,
all I knew was that I will leave in some kind of way, a tiny imprint of myself on your beautiful soft skin, so that you would think of me whenever a snowflake crosses your way, because snow is rare,
just like me, and you'll notice that,
when I - leave.

- I know it's not your fault that you do not notice how special I actually am, you're still hurting but one day you will and maybe you would give me a chance when I already left.
Maria Etre
Maria Etre
Dec 22, 2016

Your kisses
are snowflakes
that fall on my skin
like delicate lace
and slowly melt
as my passion

Charleigh Huston
Charleigh Huston
Dec 19, 2016

The finest tune plays,
Through December streets -
A girl’s eyes twinkle;
Amidst the snow’s velvet sheets.

And if every heart was her snow?
They would drift in grace -
For no snowflake;
Ever falls in the wrong place.

#love   #heart   #grace   #snow   #snowflakes  
Erin Nicole
Erin Nicole
Dec 13, 2016

White Lips,
Pale Face,
Breathing in Snowflakes..

Ed Sheeran ~ The A Team ~ Great Song!! Melts me every time.
#love   #lyrics   #lips   #light   #face   #pale   #snowflakes  
Nov 16, 2016

Peeking in to a dream,
an enchanted soldier stood resolute--the exaggerated jaw.
A tousled head and wide eyes saw
a graceful lady's brise' to a snowflake's sound;
an eager body warmed by feather down
with curious feet and hands
climbed over a frosted edge into a wonderland.
Passion and purity waltzed to tell a tale,
foretold a longing heart, a face as pale.
A single flake fused to a blushing cheek.
Imagination stirred whimsy, the gift.
Unwrapping it with tender fingertips then a smile,
there--was the present for a little while.
Dreaming dreams that only romantics dreamt. (drehmt)
A hopeful child beheld the joy only seeker's slept.

Sean Ryan
Nov 15, 2016

The snowflakes danced around us,
Innocently we danced with them,
And as flowers in the spring we blossomed.
Bathing in the sweet shine of the summer evening.
Slowly we fell with the autumn leaves, dying, decaying, rotting.
And eventually the snow melted,
And with it, melted all laughter, joy, purity, happiness and love.

#love   #sadness   #loss   #summer   #winter   #spring   #snow   #seasons   #christmas   #snowflakes  
Nicole Dawn
Nicole Dawn
Feb 29, 2016

Fall little snowflakes, fall
Drift gentle toward the earth
Melt on small noses
Be the cause of big smiles

Fall little snowflakes, fall
Plummet cold and fragile
Turn those noses red
Be the cause of cold arms

Fall little snowflakes, fall
Crash into the cold hard ground
The people will hate you
Be crushed by heavy boots

Fall little snowflakes, fall
You think you're beautiful now
But people will hurt you
Be killed by their words

Fall little snowflakes, fall
You'll soon be killed by this terrible world

Interpret this as you want
The Dedpoet
Feb 8, 2016

Over the wide cold earth,
You walk back to the door,
By the fleeting pain I endure,
I don't know whether to open
Or close this chapter.
     You come lukewarm in color
And shivering with guilt,
My heart yearns to open the door,
From a word yet to he spoken,
      The essential within which was us
Before you left,
You wear a coat of tears as your
Hand placed flat against the door,
     I feel its presence
And place mine the same.
How much of the soul
      Do you want to kill in me,
To forgive you, to hold you?
Should this be the final sky
    From whence ocean tides once
Touched us, even as gentle air,
Should I open the door in full anguish
In this flowering sorrow,
    My heart nostalgic and broken?

The Dedpoet
Jan 31, 2016

Words are the wombs of a thousand verses
Opening a thousand lives.
A man sees a woman;
Let his love unfurl in a sonnet
Of the trembling soul.
Invent new eyes to see the beauty
In the words of different
Souls giving life to a lifeless thing.

We are the words of life,
We invent new worlds,
We become the memory of the world,
But we are not the dreamers,
We are the dream realised.

Poets, why talk about birds,
Let them soar in your poems!

Because through poets one
Can see beauty in all things,
Life and lifeless;

We are tiny little gods!

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