2 days ago

Staring at the cold weather through the window,
think of all the ways I can win dough.

Every idea.. BINGO! But my two cents don't pay the rent though.

And I cant eat my thoughts for food so I'm stuck in limbo.
That's a food for thought that fucked up my credentials,
Because they kept offering me a penny for my thoughts until I said I was bruised and scarred so they gave me time off for being "mentally unstable".
If I tell them I'm not, I have to go back to my job of making my way to the hell hole but what choice do I got when It's either that or keep playing the role of scapegoat.

It's driving me insane and the pills I pop wont make the pain go. Meanwhile my stairway to heaven is literally blocked by my guardian angel.

3 days ago

So finally I have found you ,
just a like a dawn to it’s dew,
I don’t know where do you live or
what you do ,
but I have hopes that together in life we’ll glue .

You have came just when the movie has started ,
so you never would miss a scene or gleans ,
you’ll know me all someday and
if it seem worthy , maybe just stay .

I don’t ask for much
but just a soul’s touch ,
I promise I won’t try to clutch
rather I would I be glad I came across you in this lively search .

These letters that no one else will ever read
I hope you will with creed ,
be free and welcome to this unusual breed,
Together we are planting a seed .

This poem was originally a on spot written poem I wrote for the people that are subscribed to my poetry newsletter .  It was kinda based on idea that thank you for tuning in and I hope we just grow together here and along in life . The poem name was seed because I felt that I was developing and nurturing something .  I hope you enjoy reading this and make sure you leave  a feedback it's the best thing to read and if you would like to receive a letter just message me .
#first   #time   #together   #touch   #letter   #search   #promise   #welcome   #seed   #dew  

I've always been on this journey
Of floating with words.
Looking for you
I travelled across the
Sacred skies of many hearts,
Forming and breaking constellations
With the language of my ribcage.
For a thousand years
I walked through the veins of love
Wondering about the face
Of your virgin mind.
Your were the white heads
Of those tulips
I held each morning before smelling
Your absence inside them.
A constant search, still going on
As all the words of my poem
Keep running towards your smile.
Just answer me with your hands
Will you be my muse?

#love   #poems   #muse   #inspiration   #longing   #search  

I am in search of some beautiful spot
Where I can pour,share my love a lot
Beauty should hold me in bosom knot
In ocean of life I need a proper yacht

Pleasure is on the other side of ocean
Treasure to be searched with the sun
Who is mine my love less you none
My sweetheart let me take you to run

High mountains invite to touch sky
My passion and nature make me fly
In love embrace I just want to cry
I wish I love you but I fear I may die

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#in   #of   #search  
Jan 4

Maybe I stay awake so late because I like the quiet
Maybe I love dark colors because my whole soul is violet
Maybe I love warm food because my heart needs warmth and kindness
Maybe I'm searching for something because I usually find less

#love   #of   #rhyme   #late   #lol   #kindness   #warmth   #kind   #search   #violet  
Jan 4

Find my love and
Find my thoughts
I've left them for you to find
In my favorite song
At that movie theater
In your car
In your messages
In my breath
Find me. Please. I'm waiting.

I cannot be there all the time.
I cannot tell you all the time.
But you are the world.
Find me in yours.

#love   #find   #search   #requiem  
Dec 22, 2016

She once found love there,
and now she must find it elsewhere

#love   #search   #moving  
Julia Mae
Julia Mae
Dec 18, 2016

i would leave home for days
no one would ever ask where i was at
it began to feel as if i could just disappear
without a sound, without a word
no one would come searching for me
maybe that's why i've become so obsessed
with this idea of dying

#suicide   #dying   #die   #you   #disappear   #find   #search   #disappearing   #look   #obsessed  
Dec 9, 2016

For once i wish i could just hold you and forget this world.
I want to look into your eyes and tell you everything.
I long to hear your heart as i lean on your chest.
But i cant, because i dont know where you are, or how to reach you.
Time told me to wait, but i cant, i need to get on with this life of mine.
So i ask, come find me, use all your efforts to be here with me.
Dont give up on me, even when you think i have.
Im not sure how long i can bare it without you.

#hope   #time   #up   #me   #on   #find   #give   #come   #search   #dont  
Yamuna NN
Dec 5, 2016


Have I met?

Was I able?

To find you yet

No not one

No not anyone

A search so

Splendidly futile

But I can go

An extra mile

To look for you

It’s thy goodness

That I can harness

To build a space

Where world is still

In beautiful taste

It’s thy care

That I need to share

To help me fare

In the network of

Them all so naive

It’s thy love

That is my cove

To help me shove

Waters so blue

And raise myself above

Lost you then

With all years gone

You still have shown

What lives again?

Is all that is,

Right and genuine

My Dad so brave

Lived in me you have

All these years

Just got me near

To you that

I think

I am like you

Be with me

Till in flesh

That’s my strength

My lasting wish

Before we unite

Up in bliss

#dad   #search  
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