Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
21 minutes ago

There is a forest near to me
Be it a wooded way within my heart
Which I often wish that you could see
And stand beside me here beneath
These ancient trees
That way no photo I would need
To share its likeness in such a way
As to create certain a memory
And even then if you’re not within
Such a settling scene
I would make it still
Because you simply have to see
The way these ancient roots run deep
And dig into the empty earth
The way that there is a sea of green
Perched just above the best of me
Like a consortium of ill doomed leaves
Which will fall without fail after every summer
And perhaps this year
They will land upon us both for once
As we stand beside here amongst the leaves
Just you and me
Beneath the trees

Why? Just because it is.

Thankfully.  (:

That and also because, most selfishly... I much prefer this version of me.
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
1 hour ago

My memories are not special
They are not unique
But they are mine

And though alone
They are all that I have
To reference these more confusing times

And after I’ve lived them once or twice
I store them away within my mind

Not just for me
But also for you

So that one day you can look back and see
All that it once did mean to be
Alive within the eyes of Me

Generally speaking. Please know that if you're reading this. Liking this. Sharing this. Or just generally following me here on HP. I'm thankful for your kindness. For your input. For your thumbs up and considerate comments. It does mean a lot to me. Even though I don't say it nearly enough.


Thank you!
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
1 hour ago

Rolling hills
Golden fields
Left to right
Feet to feet
With every step
Through the wood
They stride away
Towards eternity
Into the deep
The unknown scene
Away from home
From everything
They’ve ever known
Or hoped to be
And with this step
One more has been
Further away from home before
Than he’d ever thought he’d been
God bless your feet Samwise Gamgee
Step onto the road and you will see
The greatest adventure you’ll ever keep
Burning alive within your mind alive
Until the in Havens you reside
And therein find the eternity you seek
For alive and well
You’ll ever be
And beside the bearer
You were meant to be
As a friend against all enemies
And the second set of sturdy feet

Inspired by three words... "Come on Sam"
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 hours ago

Did he know?

That the stories he'd create
That the characters which he'd sow
Together all at once
Would so quickly grow in the minds of those
Who would follow and fellowship together
Along this ever on and onward winding road?

For wherever there is rock and stone
Or root and earth
Be it on mountain tops or in the valleys below
How his stories over and over again
Will ever accumulate and flow
Through the minds of many so and so's

Did he ever realize the significance of this though?

That I do not know. BUT I kinda started TFOTR just a moment ago. :p

Race you to the Havens.
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
19 hours ago

I love this

The stillness of a cabin just before it's inhabitants, arise to make the coffee and consume the cakes

Like a breakfast mess of scrambled eggs, so I am mixed, and stirred by this, the stillness found within this place

Like a body of water, asleep at last

Or a wooded edge on a logging trail, finally left to be and pass

So I am also alive and well, inside of these hemlock boards

And for but a moments time at peace

In a place where I can forget my more modern sensibilities

And be taken back to a different time and a different place, where the woods still held their persuasive sway

A power over me

How they'd cast a spell upon my mind, most every time, when I was not as tall as these

Outside and near a different cabin, built of and by my father's hand

But now, as I look out through the window here, it's there I see

Out back, by a semi circle cleared of trees

The stillness of this new good morning, in a cabin where I did not expected to be at ease

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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
20 hours ago

It's not there untill it is proven
            I create the unrest inside

Yes... Me... I'll own to it... Always, be it in time
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
20 hours ago

There is an innocence about it
A sensation which slightly glows
And illuminates, the half of it
But does not act out of cluelessness
Or carelessness

No, it's a state of care free thoughtfulness
In which this kind of being exists

It hates the plow
It hates the system
It simply is
It simply lives

It connects itself to many things
And many people
With a genuine and expressive tone
And an innate sweetness inside of it

And when this sensation sleeps
The small corners of the world as they are
In one way or another
Are at peace

And when I am near
It is the same as when I am not
Behaving with steadfastness

And as it listens quietly
It puts me at ease
As I see it now, for what it is, in its innocence

And when given the opportunity to speak
I care for it
And yet, I cannot understand it's simplicity

In sight
It is a twist of hair in the seamless breeze
How it wavers without want or will

It simply is
A mess, yet controlled
And always in its own way, and by its own will

Deep water can be cold and treacherous
But shallow water can break, be seen and is warm
I love the water, but not like this
And not to submerge
That's not for me

Though these purveyors of sensation are incredibly
Unimaginably sweet

Little fragments of the past... Are embedded in my mind like pieces of glass. But not all of them are bad. Some of them are meant to last.
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
20 hours ago

And here's the only place
Where I can share this honest truth
That all I've wanted for weeks now has been
To hear most any words from you

But joy comes with the morning of a new mind
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

From the gentle curve of her subtle wrist
To the slenderness of her hand
Placed within
My own already hers in mind
It is there within the frozen moment
Which I am reminded of the absence
The lack of time
To communicate this distant feeling
And the stillness within this state of mind
For a centimeter is not even a half of an inch
But an eternity
Which is no small distance
To be separated from such a mind

From 1:11;;=1m11s

Till 1:58
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

Back when I was in love with things or so I thought
I was far too agreeable to everyone
And I often tasted the bitter sting when someone else forgot who I was
But really what I didn't understand was the impermanence of things
How my opportunities were limited
And how I shouldn't care so much about what other people think
I should've just breathed in and been exactly as I was meant to be
How I should've savored the moments back then
Before the truth of life could find me
And sink my feet into reality

Though it sounds like regret... It's really just retrospection. All is well. I did my best. I am at peace. But this was fun to write. LOL!
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