It’s as simple as the gravity of ordinary rain
A river swept back out to sea dissipates shapelessly
It only takes rain water to wash the spilled words clean
Perpetually passing moments, fluid as ever fleeting time
Life is the essence of time you live
Ordinary rain is the tracks of heaven's tears ...


March 2017

Like the river it pulls everything

Of supernovas and pulsars

It matters. It is.
It is, beyond time and space

But love
Love, is everything.
No matter the time and space

Like you
Bringing night and day
Pulsating the seas
Super, ecliptical or crescent.

Behind clouds
Or on the other side
Strong, relentlesss and beautiful.

Yes you

You are still waters that run deep;

a challenge some may say.

But to me, your closed emotions

are like a test to see

if I can crack you open.

You're not one to spill your secrets

yet every time we talk

whether it be cellular device

or heart to heart in person

I notice

(for intrinsically I notice everything hidden and important not seen with the naked eye)

I notice you slip

some of your most shielded


and I catch them

with soft cold hands

(because for some reason or other my hands are always cold)

with soft cold hands warmed

by your toasty rough ones warmed

by your sensible muttering warmed

by your discreet aspirations warmed by your witty attitude.

I like that we can be waggish

together like two jesters

high strung.

My facetious view on life is somewhat wrought with doubt.

My senseless family drama scaling backwards for months on end.

Return is what I want; a sense of peacefulness whereas I'm pulled into the flighty nature of my parents' inconsistencies and my aunts' finicky nature when all I want is for everyone to get along.

You have your barriers drawn and  sometimes and I don't mind it.

We are emotional opposites, bouncing off each other like ping pong balls, but in this scenario it works because we've both got paddles and are willing to play.

That's what I see in you.

An ever-eager possibility;

passionate in your politics,

loyal to your friends,

leader in some circumstances

when I am at a loss for words.

And you spark a sort of electric chord within me, plugging right into my frontal lobe, sparking my interest, lighting up my receptors.

My neurons have never been this happy before; I have never in my life had a romantic reciprocal relationship like this before.

Nothing has prepared me for this.

This floundering of feelings, sloppy, spilling, leaking out of the cauldron every time we speak.

You are boiling broth, a frothy drink I've put up to my lips and sipped from, a drink I did not order but delightful all the same.

You are still waters that run deep;

a sensual spice of parsley or dill that can lighten up any dish;

and it doesn't take a genius to see how much I need a person like you in my life to challenge every predisposition of romance I've seen, read, fantasized or imagined.

Caught in the slipstream of figuring out my future after the new year has yet to arrive. There's still so much to work out; there's still so much hope I have brimming inside me even after my confessions, even after I've asked for forgiveness and complacency.

Where there's hope and forgiveness, there's also peace.

Maybe all it took was the repetition of swimming pools in dreams this past week to understand where I stand. I'm not drowning anymore.

I'm on the edge of the pool looking into clear waters, finding the wise guide of my blue water dragon

and his humongous whiskered face

staring straight at me, into me, telling me that I have all the strength I need to overcome the obstacles. I need not cling to fear any longer. I need not hide away, like I've done in the past, behind thick curtains to blot out the light.

My only constant now is the sun rising and the moon waning.

You are still waters that run deep;

a sure-bound belief

that everything will be okay.

How slow the swan glides
down the darkening river
twisting its sleek, slithering neck
away from the sunshine-
saying nothing.
In the morning
only ducks drive through the water
only voles snake along the banks.

#rivers   #swan   #quietude  
Dec 31, 2016

  in the
                 of space
                      the Lord
                   sets His
to move
and to
the path
         the path  
he sees
                  us groaning
                              from when
                         life begins
but when
              we have passed
             it is then
we will see
      the rivers we've
               sailed through
toward our
                     and when
           we have seen
all the deadfalls
and snares                  
we'll know He's                    
been with us        
all of our
             and once
                  we have
                           seen this
                    push come to
we'll know
His great


(C) 12/30/2016

I'm arranging for New Year's Eve.
I'm having a small party
to celebrate the new year.
I can't say that I've made any
New Year's resolutions,
but I know i want to
spend more quality time
with the Lord.
He has helped me through the
holidays, which are always
very rough for me.
I also want to be more active
on this site, and Facebook.
Spend more time with you.
Even when I was not on site
I thought of, and prayed for
you often.
As we go through the
rivers of space
we encounter some people
who've set the course of
change in our lives.
I could definitely say that
many of you have done so for me.

Thank you!
May God bless you all!
#life   #heart   #god   #space   #strength   #rivers   #soul   #jesus   #grateful   #hellopoetry107  
George Krokos
May 20, 2013

The rivers of the world all tend to flow toward the sea
and the love of the lover with the beloved longs to be.
In merging and uniting the sense of separateness does disappear;
the feeling of oneness is the experience that removes all our fear.

From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
#love   #lover   #rivers   #sea   #sense   #experience   #beloved   #oneness   #merging  
Charlie Hazels
Charlie Hazels
Nov 5, 2016

Should be crying but I want to laugh
And dance in glee
Where are my tears?
The rivers are dry and the sun beats down

#sad   #dance   #cry   #happy   #rivers   #laugh   #dry   #mourn   #celebrate   #notears  
Oct 5, 2016

Why is it so hard to destroy beautiful things?
They aren't innocent.
Not always.
They can be cruel.
Like a poisonous flower,
Or a rushing river.
They are beautiful and we admire them from afar,
But getting too close is dangerous.
It could end you.
But why not end it first?
Pull the flower like its a weed.
Stop the river's flow like it's a gutter.
But we can't.
And why not?
Because it's beautiful,
And there are so few beautiful things left in the world.
So we fight for them,
And we protect them,
Even if they are deadly,
Because they are all we have left.
And if there was no beauty,
No horrible, deadly, beauty,
What would we live for?

#world   #flowers   #beauty   #destroy   #poison   #rivers   #cruel   #horror   #deadly   #protect  
Oct 3, 2016

you made it rain
as the stars
sung tears of joy
even though
darkness lied ahead
you fought them for me
leaving rivers of memories
as my veins became mere

#words   #memories   #dark   #rain   #darkness   #rivers   #emotion   #veins   #highways  
Sara Fielder
Sara Fielder
Sep 16, 2016

In Southern Comfort she flows along,
her swirling current of water
a stream of muddy river songs
throughout history and
a graveyard of industry.
Back then,
when Huckleberry Finns
went wading in with bamboo poles
and steam queens paddled by
in antebellum style,
the wooden wheel marking time each
preserving a place in the memory burn
that good folk never forget.
Beginnings and endings progressing
toward a more is more corp
of engineers who through the years
built levees to sway direction
against her power of intention.
Still, she goes bending and
winding where she wants
smelling like catfish and boiled potatoes

Written by Sara Fielder © June 2012

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