Well here we are .
Side by side ..
like super villains In the night ..
no matter what anyone says .. you are my super hero .
they can't stand to see our powers defeat them all .
when they call ..
we don't answer because we are so busy intertwining our two worlds ..
You are my night and shining armor ..
no matter what shape of ogre your face turns when they look at you ..
Here we are .
and you squeeze my hand tight enough to see if I let go when it hurts me too bad ..
and I don't .
because even when it hurts , and the going gets tough  , that mirror on the wall keeps mirroring to you like it knows we are one ..
mirror mirror , deep in the shadows .
to the fairest of the forest
who do we turn to
When it's this world is at its coldest ...
" my sweet child you , have you not yet to see .. the soul that you are seeking , is right next to thee , beware of the tricks and trades . for I'm sure that he knows to , the shadows of the forest will always try you .. but you are the fairest of them all , and will hold down every crown . you are placed on the ledge , just to look down . We remember you at your low , we helped you get through the cries at night . The darkness that you hide , the demons that you fight . We've sent you someone , who can relate just a bit . So when you crawl into the darkness .. he'll come with . and pull you out . . . Piece by piece . Yes , my sweet child like super villains in the night .. we've sent you someone who will always fight to be by your side ."

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Nov 3, 2016

Never ending stories come out of my mouth
Yet never what I really feel.
Surprising surges of happiness overcome my being
Then endless rivers flow from my eyes.
Love is what I give away to everyone around me
Acceptance is what I wish to gain back.

All the smiles and laughs surface from my skin
When deep inside an unshaken fear haunts me
My hands a comforting touch to other people
They only claw at myself when I’m alone
Spreading positivity is what I pride myself in
Bottling up all the fear and insecurity is what I am good at.

A Poem I made the day before I got Diagnosed with Clinic Depression
Lauren Leal
Lauren Leal
Apr 18, 2016

It's the darkest of words we are most related to.

When it's clear that only the negatives in life seem to have more connections with people than the positives.
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you want me to write
about happy things,
but i like to write
dark things.
You tell me you favor the happy ones,
but do you not like the dark ones
because they are true?
Because they come so close to reality?
Do you feel what I feel?
Have you dealt with the things I have?
I wish you could tell me.
But people live in silence
and that is just simply
how the world works.

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Mar 20, 2016

Dear Boomers
Our generation isn't entitled, or lazy
So take off those rose colored nostalgia glasses if you think I sound crazy
You dealt us this hand, not The WW2 babies or even before them
You dealt this to us and we're trying to do better, even though our hope seems slim

The fact is only profit concerned you, not the future children that would populate this earth
Now we have poison in the air, melting Ice caps, an economy that doesn't work for us, and knowing this physically hurts.
You could've spoken up and said "Wait, what will our children have to deal with? "
But you chose to get ahead by any means necessary.
And you call us entitled and spoiled because we don't think unbridled greed and crushing everyone in our path is hereditary.

So to the baby boom generation, you lit this fuse on the earth, and we're trying to put it out.
You can scoff, and say we're lazy, we should just go out and get construction jobs that aren't here, and you can try to break us down with doubt
But a storm of changes is coming, and I can guarantee you will be caught in the tide.
So laugh all you want, because into a better future is where I aim to ride

Hillary Gurney
Hillary Gurney
Feb 16, 2016

You tend to write,
Write one awesome poem,
Felt so proud of it,
Then you started to write more.

Later on after writing five or so,
The poems started to sound corny,
Better yet not even rhyming,
Making zero sense.

Taking a break,
After writing so much,
Let your mind relax,
And a new one will come.

Copyright © Hillary Gurney Feb 15, 2016
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Annie Coleman
Annie Coleman
Feb 16, 2016

I don't write down things just so you can relate
I know I have a fucked up head
That's just one of the things I hate

#hate   #relate   #fuckedup  
Jul 18, 2014

Fear not, in the dark
Of things yet unseen,
That cause slight discomfort,
As you mold your dreams

For there are those, who have dedicated themselves
Their very minds, feeding demons of Hell.

Feasting on beacons of perpetual fear
Sparked like fires in the minds of mad seers.

A longing in purpose to know what is shunned
To experience first hand, that darkness has won

But long has it been that the fallen has seen,
A glimpse of what measure he took while at peace.

"I despise my humanity, I wish to know balance
But how can i do so, without facing the challenge"

Drowned by darkness, stagnated by sin

  It's so hard
                                                            ­       to find...
                                    where i once was...

  Does understanding really come at this price?

Is there ever an end to this fight?

My will, long relinquished, atrophied in fear
No comfort in knowing i may never get out of here.

The clarity i bottled before this dark journey
Is what offers the glimpses to know

Its what assures there will always be hope

The rope
i left, hard to see in the dark
But moments, like this
When i note how far,

And Reach.

Jul 18, 2014

Sunken to the bottom of the sea,
I find my periscope isn't tall enough to reach,
The surface's light above.
But what I see is is enough,
Increasing in brightness, one increment at a time.

The feeling of fear, under barricaded vision
What once for, those drowning, I would shun,

Their world i have dwelled,
Gasping in hell
Living and sharing their sins.

How HELPLESS one feels!
It is no less real
Than the bliss one would find up above...

And to strike them all down
To save your own cloud
Only teaches them they are denied love.

Pride of the fallen,
The shame is felt
When the blind request aid to see.

Guilt of bothering those who choose
To block, ignore, and cast aside their eyes
for fear of being dragged below,

TO dwell where they dwell, no one else will go.

Its difficult to trick yourself, and truly believe your lies
The world beyond the world we sense and feel, see with eyes

It is a place one cannot tread with memory of old beliefs.
To alter your reality, you must alter what you see.

What you see and hear and touch and smell, you network of PURE belief.
If you only stretch out from the inside, you'll never truly reach.

The universe is an extension of you, an extra sense in it's whole.
Use it, and alter your mind to believe what you have sewn.

Feb 13, 2016

I lash out less, i tell my feelings in a wordy impress
bare bedroom with no sheets, green tea with less leafy
remains that stick up your palette, relying on the heat
to churn out the pain of this rumbling stomach
I'd just like to faint

I understand more, they understand me less
I grow quieter once I'm in that zone out mode where
I think fast and act fast, i have to and i had to have
those sleepless nights where my face starts to sunken
and I look much older than these fifteen years but
these eyes have seen much more than these and
this mind has processed more than apple computer
chips and it chisels out wood chips the way the sea
causes rock solid formations to disintegrate into
its vastness, dissolved, unsolved mysteries, conspiracy
theories gathering that this mind can only resolve
that all is simply forbidden knowledge
so never grow up you innocent children-
they do

-Read David Badgerow's poems today and got inspired. Check out his stuff!
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