I'm not manly or crafty enough to man up
& be craftsman of TLC you deserve.
A toke-nician of THC, like a Zyklon bidet
my exsufflation shafts your nerves.
But O Dark Cow up the arse w/ me,
couldn't my pissy poesy be yr
yr mephistoffee poppy,
e'en tho'
it's frowie faust flora & Daltonism's Rose?

These drab bayleavings are my horseshoe headgear
of Ishihara voyelles.
No reams o' mine boa-blent
so consummately to acoustics
of quinqcolour corolla
as Arthur's rainbow of assonance.
No:  no arch archy branch
of prismatic natter natty as prisms;
no pipecleaner petals which festoonophone
photic rootlessness 'pon a chromatocrooned
circumflex; nor mostexquisite
spectrographicanalysis (of Phlegathonic rapids' gases)
curved w/ bootivicious elan along the rhyme-bough,
as if a beauty on a rack on rewind. No,

Dark Cow
who it does not suit to be so dark,
not like satanicmillsheened,
collierycoated guidedogs of David Blunkett,
you're gonna havta slumit
in my 7th Tunket, where a rainbow is a lamebow,
&  the poet's at pyrite bottom of his pot of gold.
Best I can do for you is:

a Jospeh's kaliedocoat hanging garden of flyover,
or God's technicolour handlebar tash
when the Sun came out for 'Pride'
(hi-viz fiesta for velvetferrets & chutneydrinkers,
& Tranny Craddock & Tranny Devito
&... Him? Her? Draggy tran
twin for Hollywoodbutchered Kim  Kardashian,
& Tran-ye West strumming a tranjo.
An' an am dram trans man
who used to be a woman in the wounded's white van,
wailing that she didn't wanna whannie).

Now, I'm cishet,
but as a poet,
it's often assumed, yunno,
I'm homo or atleast stye.

whannie = childhood East Anglian slang for vajajay, poonani, twat, quim, snatch, the pink bat's face.
Mar 12


If you are a rainbow,
show the world all of your colors,
not just one of them
for your entire lifetime,
when you have so much more to offer.

For this tree loves everybody
it is bright, it is lovely, it is … short
truncated yet hopeful
all the colours of the rainbow
This tree does not care who you fuck
or what you put in to which hole
This tree has no holes, no cracked old bones
just a spectrum, a bole covered in a gentle bark
no reprimand, no judgement, an open elemental heart
It has no plateau of leaves to offer shelter
but it is here and it loves you whether
you care for the woods, for the rain or not
This tree loves everybody
Its bark is deep, it is cracked, it is flawed
and though it is aged and short, truncated
by fate and the nature of this place
it is unbowed echoing all that we hope
will come to pass, for this tree is yours
it grows all the colours of the rainbow
Let it brighten your grey sky grey day
Let it remind you that things may yet change
Let it smile for you when you can't raise
enough brightness inside to chase away
all that we've lost, all that we fight for
For this tree loves everybody
and so can we all,
                       so can we all,
                                      so can we all

I came across a rainbow painted tree stump when strolling through the city. No sign, no placement or refined purpose to it. It simply was, a simple statement of support for gay rights? Perhaps, perhaps it was just a painted tree stump... and it made me smile.
#life   #gay   #trees   #rights   #urban   #rainbows   #peter   #roads  

He spent his lifetime chasing rainbows,
All the colors, bright and bold
But the years of stormy weather,
Left him lonely, gray, and old.
For the sun to make a rainbow,
There first must be some rain,
For the soul to be forgiven,
There first must be some pain.

Judge not the book you haven’t read.
Your conclusion may be wrong.
The bravest of the armies
May not be so very strong,
For when the battlefield is littered
With bloodied bodies of our youth,
There is still a final chapter,
And that chapter holds the truth.

The sun shines bright and warms us,
Then it hides behind dark clouds,
Skies overtly ominous
Suggesting funeral shrouds.
He sees the remnants of a rainbow,
Fleeting, fading fast,
Strains his aged eyes to see it,
And he prays his faith will last.
Phil Lindsey 2/11/17

#faith   #aging   #rainbows  
William A Poppen
William A Poppen
Dec 28, 2016

It’s spring 
on the shore
near Isle of Palms
their toes dig deep 
in wet sand 

until shards of shells 
fashion a strip 
that challenges their soles
as they tiptoe forward

A faint-hearted rainbow
bridges sea to sky above 
while they walk 
along the wind blown shore

She sees the arch of colors as an omen 
that love fades
like the bronze backs of teenagers 
turn pale in autumn’s shadows

He regards the
vague glow
as a pristine promise
that their love will grow.

He attempts to link 
fingers as a sign of endearment.
She smiles, swings her hands in rhythm
and quickens her pace before him

Nick Moser
Nick Moser
Dec 11, 2016

Sometimes it rains when it's not supposed to.

But unexpected rainbows are always the best.

And they're beautiful too
#love   #poem   #poet   #pain   #hope   #rain   #rainbows   #message   #unexpected   #phenomena  
Mark Parker
Mark Parker
Nov 27, 2016

A tear from my eye
sinks down inside,
I know I'll never measure up,
and that if I mask my face,
play like a King,
no one will fill my cup.

The master is in his chamber,
each day he is growing stranger.
I stare into certain danger
from an instantaneous changer.

Untrodden paths with silver lining
don't compare to piles of gold.
Nights pass with endless pining
spent out in drowning cold.

If I had the sense not to whine,
then defence against the fine
paid in blood would not shine
or murder all the rainbows.

#wine   #mask   #king   #shine   #rainbows   #mine   #whine   #pine  
Eve Corvinus
Eve Corvinus
Nov 15, 2016

this magic spell you cast
is making me see rainbows when i cry
and roses blooming when i bleed


#cry   #tear   #bleed   #blood   #magic   #spell   #rainbows  
Debra Lea Ryan
Debra Lea Ryan
Oct 19, 2016

Everyday there is  New Sky
With Cloud Adornments
Where Thunder  may Choose to Speak
Or Rain  Decides it will Tumble Down

Sun may Shine and Hide
In a patch of Blue
Or  burst  Cloud
With Rainbows

Comes Nightfall
Near or Far
A Symphony of Stars
And a Moon of many Phases

I LOVE the Heavens
And all the Treasures
To Eye Spy.


A Work In Progress....
#sun   #moon   #rain   #sky   #speak   #everyday   #thunder   #cloud   #eye   #rainbows  
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