Not a poet.
Not a poet.
Not a poet.
And I know it.

I wrote this last year... I think I had some poetic problems.
G Dawn Moreland
Jul 4, 2016

Now it's all gone
Those words I was just thinking in my head.

1st step ..think
2nd ..write
Put pen to paper
My brain is fried
I forgot

Bzzzzz, bzzzzzz

Go have your head examined.
I did and now,
No more sounds,  just
Bzzzzz, bzzzzz, bzzzzzz

Teeth clenched, toes curled
Ha, if I didn't know better
Bzzzzz, bzzzzzz
Same look

That's some kinky kind of love
Strapped down, at least 5 possible
Ankles, wrist, head and
one across the chest, maybe.

No, we need to make sure her heart is free.
In case we defib ri late tor her
She must be drugged.

Stick a needle in her vein
"Relax, sweetie. You won't remember a thing".

Orgasmic,  that warmth from my head to my toes.
Ok,  ready let's go.

Bzzzzz, bzzzzzz

Teeth clenched,  toes bent, look her hands grasping the tool so hard.  
Bzzzzz, bzzzzz, bzzzzzz

"Do you think it's enough".
"Yes, we are done".

Erasing part of me.

I jumped out of that window and ran.
Like Chief
Out of the cuckoo' s nest.

They tried to erase me.
Was I so mad?

Bzzzzz, bzzzzz.

He said I'll hold on to you. I'll go to hell with you and back. I won't let go.
I remember that. That's being loved.

A lunatic's love story.

Only 3 to 4 of the shocking sessions.  They wanted to do 14 more. This is modern treatment for PTSD and depression. 2016
Apr 27, 2016

she warned me,
"if you let it heal before you reopen it,
it will hurt worse."
i am reopening it
because i decided after a week
it wasn't enough
and i wanted it to be better,
so i reopened it.
it feels like i can't break through the surface,
like i can't reach the unbroken flesh,
like i'm trying to ruin
what time healed.
they tell me time heals everything,
but time can't heal this ache i feel in me,
and time can't cure this impulse
to destroy what's been healed.
my professor told us
time is our enemy,
time is the one who wants us dead.
time heals,
time forgives,
time hurts,
time kills.
time sounds a lot like the god i grew up with,
the one who was supposed to protect me,
the one who let time harm me.
so next time,
when i'm given the choice between
creating new wounds
versus destroying what time's fixed,
i think i'll follow the same road i did this time,
because at least scar tissue
adds some protection,
a little resistance.

Shiyahumi Chouske
Shiyahumi Chouske
Dec 25, 2015

I can't entirely express this feeling.
It's very oblique in itself.
Eloquent and introspective.
It bends me in ways I don't feel comfortable in front of you.

I needed to tell you.
A small gift to the reader.
So we made this series.
The psycho and the emotional.

Do I wait upon the summers eve.
When the light is spread out among the trees.
I can feel my other half encroach.
But that's not the point.

She swore to me fealty and love.
She's gone among the whispers of the wind.
I still hear her through the vine.
But that's not the point.

I have lost the ones I cared about.
I have purged those not worth caring about.
We are one without equal.
But that's not the point.

I am alone. Always have been.
Always will be.
But that's not the point.

I am this way for now.
Broken, condemned, alienated
Unique, interesting, alive.
But that's not the point.

The point is to hurt you.
The point is to heal you.
I want you to feel.
My ignorant friend.

This is not a story I wanted to tel.
Never a feeling I wanted to share.
But to get through to you required this.
My heart bore in the words of poetry.

Because I am god in his glory.
I am a freak marking his territory.
No one more murderous as I.
There is no savior who wanted more to die.

End? There is no end. No conclusion for this cursed.
For this blessed
In his mind.
In his heart.
Without love.
Without fear.
Please. Walk with me, I would like to imprint myself on you.
Would you let me walk on your road?
In your life?
Or am I just crumbling.
Together at last.
Bringing me down.
Momentarily at union.

Only for a moment, then disappear into the blackness.
The blackness that so many now inhabit.

#love   #hate   #alone   #thoughts   #feeling   #current   #cursed   #psycho   #alienated   #notpoetry  
Infinity Leander
Infinity Leander
Nov 15, 2015

i.      i have such anger inside me,
it's slowly but surely crept up on me from the day i was born. it's made a home in my bones, cracked open my skull and filled it with the horrors of a broken perception of the world.
ii.      i have such hatred inside me,
once towards myself, twice towards my mother. three times towards what she's turned me into. i am trying so hard not to fall into this abyss of rage, of toxicity, that seems to greet me every time i look into the mirror and see her reflection instead of mine. i've broken the glass twice this week already.
iii.      i wish i could control it.
i wish it had some kind of off-switch, so i wouldn't be forced to walk around with bleeding knuckles all the time. i know violence isn't an answer to any problem, but it sure as hell feels like it when i can only see red and the wall is right there.
iv.      it's always there,
at the back of my mind. in the cigarette smoke swirling around me, burning my eyelids as i try to keep it all in. it's brought me to tears more times than i can count, and i just want it  ---  i need it to stop.
v.      i am afraid one day i won't want it to stop anymore.
i am afraid one day i will let it consume me, change me, shape me into the monsters from my nightmares, from under my bed. i am afraid one day it will steal my voice and make me do things that the real me would never even think of doing. and when that day comes, i will not fear nor grieve anymore. i will just be angry. i will just be violent. i will just be scary.
vi.      i will be a result.
of the hatred and anger and wrath nested deep inside my heart, i will be the darkest, worst version of myself, and i will not care. i will be a result of all the times she's raised a hand to hit me, i will be a result of all the times i have wanted to bash her face in but never could, never did  ---  because i was too innocent. i will be a result, and i will have blood on my hands.

i will be a disgusting creature and i will not deserve to be loved.
#anger   #hate   #pain   #rage   #wrath   #notpoetry  
Ethan Lima
Ethan Lima
Aug 16, 2015

I have been on 'Hello Poetry' for a while now
And sadly
Some of the most amazing poets
Have no followers
Have no one reading their poems
So they quit writing
And erase their accounts.
And I notice
That the people
Who have many followers
Many readers
Have them simply because
They advertise
They shine light on poems
And they repost them
And brag
And get up in peoples faces,
And in doing this
They keep other peoples poetry from being read.
Two amazing poets quit this week.
One of them only had three followers.
And then you have the people
With hundreds of followers
Who plagiarize
Who quote-mine
Who steal
Rather than celebrating poetry
They get people to shine light on their poetry
And they send messages to different poets
Telling them to read their poetry
If you are one of these people
Then go fuck yourself.
You would rather have a cult following
And constantly talk about yourself
Always changing you bio
Or your profile picture.
And there is nothing wrong
With doing it every once and a while
But you people constantly do it
Just so you can get attention.
And then you've got the people
Who get on here
Create lists
And all that bullshit
Not for the sake of organization
But for attention.
If you are one of those people

This isn't a poem, however, I am sick of some of the people on this website and their constant spam and bullshit.
#pathetic   #sick   #annoying   #rant   #angry   #annoyed   #attention   #hp   #spam   #notpoetry  
brandon nagley
brandon nagley
Jul 3, 2015

Took a nap HP
Just woketh up,
Now it's pop-its time
To thrown them on the sidewalk.....
To be a child again.....
Am I still five?

It's almost the fourth of July lollll......

This is true.. Pop-its and just woke from nap lol
#stupid   #lol   #notpoetry  
Infinity Leander
Infinity Leander
Apr 8, 2015

when i told my friend that my new boyfriend loved sports and going out; partying, being loud and obnoxious, she grimaced and said she didn't know why i even liked him. i got angry with her - why did she not trust my gut?

i once told her that opposites attract, so we should be fine. we should have been.

but then came the fighting over little things, then came the mutual devaluation of each other's interests, then came the nights spent on the couch instead of in bed,  his drinking. he would always take the books from my hands and throw them across the wall - bullshit, he called them. he'd always say i lived in my head, that i never gave him the attention he deserved, that he would take a prostitute instead of me any time. and at some point, he had me loathing him more than i did myself.

yet, at the same time, i still loved him. it was like an addiction - i knew he was bad for me, but i clung onto him like he was air and i couldn't breathe. there were nights when i really couldn't.

sometimes it felt like he still loved me, too. when he came to the locked bathroom door and cried with me; apologizing over and over again. at those moments my love for him would crawl out of its cave - my heart - covered in blood, battered, bruised, but still standing. and it would hold him, whispering false truths in his ear. i would always forgive him, because opposites attract. it was just the way he was, he couldn't do anything about it.

even if he could, i frequently thought i didn't want him to. not because i was content with his violent outbrusts and alcoholism, or what he put me through on a daily basis - no. because i loved him, regardless of all the pain he caused me. and love means to accept someone for who they are.

but i came to realize that love is quite finite when all negative things seem infinite.

i hated the way we were so different. where i would sit in one place for hours on end, he'd walk around clumsily, breaking things, screaming, slamming doors.

he drove me mad. and, don't get me wrong, i am not a saint. i'm sure i did the same to him. maybe it's my fault that he turned out the way he did - perhaps if he had chosen to live with someone else, his smiles would still be kind rather than cruel. perhaps if i had changed for him - if i was more like him, we would have been okay. but my silence was deafening. i was convinced he didn't deserve to hear my voice. and he didn't, for days. sometimes he asked if i was pretending to be a ghost of what we used to be. i started questioning my previous way of thinking. do opposites really attract?

and i came to a conclusion. they really do. opposites attract, but they are not always good for each other. i had to learn that the hard way.

and just like a ghost, i faded. i left.

going through a character's head is hard when you have yet to create them.
#love   #hate   #him   #notpoetry  
Aug 5, 2014

You will go to sleep early to talk to your pillow.-Isaac Brock
The thoughts in my head were spinning around. It's all in doubt, it's all in doubt. - The Pacific Ocean

"Tell me why the stars are so bright?"
"They are made of gas which is constantly burning and the twinkling light is the result of that."
"You are simple"
"so what, I didn't listen to my teachers very well. you were the one who asked a simple question anyway"
"But was it?"
"I'm pretty sure it was, and how come you don't know?"
"I wanted to hear you tell me. Are you done with your video games now? I want to go outside"
"The game is almost over. Where would you like to go?"
"You always say it's almost over and yet it keeps going on and on. I don't know where to go, we should just go do something outside.
"Like what? I haven't been outside lately and there isn't much to do when you don't have money"
"It's not like we need to pay to go outside. You seem so reluctant to leave the house, who are you again?"
"How come you don't remember? My name is Bashful. What happened to you Jealousy?"
"I'm not entirely sure, something must have hit me on the head. We have to go now Bashful!"
"Why? It's not like there is anything that interesting outside."
"You have to come Bashful or I won't know how to act."
"Remember going outside always ends with disappointment."
"It won't be like that this time Bashful. We will find something fulfilling this time I swear."
"No Jealousy I don't want to go back outside. Id rather stay here in front of my screen."
"You know I'm not surprised much, after that last experience I can tell you don't want to show your face again."
"haha whatever Jealousy, just leave me alone."
"You are going to live with that disappointment forever Bashful if you don't let it go. I'm going to see if Envy wants to go and tell me when you change your mind. ok?"
"Will do."

"Wake, wake up you."
"What, whats happening?"
"Nothing at all you see that's why you gotta get up."
"But jealousy I was just so comfortable laying here, and the dreams were just about to start."
"You need to stop sleeping so much Envy, you will end up holed up in your room like Fear."
"Hmm, whatever you say. So what exactly did you want from me?"
"I wanted to see if you wanted to go outside. So do ya?"
"You don't seem yourself today Jealousy, why exactly do you want to go outside?"
"I feel so restrained in this place, and I'm not sure what there really is to do here anymore."
"You could just relax ya know like Content. He's been sitting there all day reading books and he seems fine."
"Yes he seems fine ,but he rarely even talks anymore. That last incident was just to much for him. Its as if he isn't even present anymore."
"You think too much, but ya Ill go outside with ya it's not like I have anything better to do. Have you asked Bashful?"
"I did but he's still upset about the other."
"I see. He sure is getting sensitive these days."

Jealousy and Envy then leave the house

"This isn't like you Jealousy. You have never been up to leave without Bashful with you. What's up?"
"I'm not sure..."
"Well you should try to sort things out before leaving next time because you don't look well now."
"It's the heat I feel faded and stretched."

The two walk down to the road

"What is there really to do outside these days? All I see is passing cars and others in the distance."
"Umm well I know Stress and Confidence usually go to the nearby station.."
"That's where they work Jealousy don't you remember. You've had to go with them once or twice now."
"Maybe, but the thing is I have no recollection of it."
"Something must of happened to you too during that last time out. You can recall that something occurred, but do you remember what exactly happened?"
"An other created a disturbance... I can sense it in Bashful and the rest of us..."
"Yes that's true but you have no idea of how it happened."
"I don't ya.."
"I guess Ill have to tell ya then, but lets get out of this heat first."

Jealousy and Envy walk over to a grass covered area with trees. Then Envy and Jealousy light up a cigg and resume their conversation.

"The day before, Stress,Bashful, and Coward had just returned from work and they wanted to head into another town to drink with friends. The rest of us agreed and we were able to get a ride. We arrived and thus collided into physical form."

Envy then shares the memory with Jealousy
"Who's ____"
"He's an artist she knows."
"Ohh ya, she told me about him last time I was hanging out with her. They seem to be getting along really well."
"Are you okay there___?"
"Ya I'm fine. I'm in the process of letting go. Are you ready to see if shes there? I want to get drunk."
"Let's go."

"Hey _____"
"How ya doing?"
"Fine. I brought my friend over too. Did you still want to hang out?"

The Memory Dissipates

"So where are you now friend?"
"I'm in a different place than before"
"Where is that? I've never seen you so distant"
"I think it's a place that doesn't truly exist. An imaginary space that confines it's only prisoner, me."
"That place doesn't sound very fun if its just you entrapped. Don't you have any visitors?"
"Once in awhile I let people inside, but then the space becomes distorted and chaotic with constant pressure to release myself"
"So you are the warden too?"
"In a sense I am but in another I'm not fully in control of that place."
"Who is?"
"I'm not entirely sure yet. I see a dark figure trailing me sometimes and I think it's the thing that brought me there. Though when I look back it disappears."
"Don't fade away ok?"
"I'm not gone yet. My mortality always brings me back, but someday I want to stay there."
"Why do you want to leave so badly?"
"I hate being here."

I thought it would be nice to start posting my writings here again. I don't necessarily like the direction of this piece, but it inspires me to write further so please comment away. I need it........
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