I have a puppy who loves to run and jump.
I have a Chihuahua that is named Trump.
He was born on the 14th of January and he's special indeed.
I now have two Applehead Chihuahuas, that is their breed.
Trump is some feisty and he's as cute as he can be.
He is my new pet and he means a great deal to me.
It's nice to have two dogs that are purebred.
I love both of my Chihuahuas who are Appleheads.

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When I think about the past, I think about what a wonderful mother I had.
She died four years ago today and it broke my heart because it was so sad.
My mom has been dead for 1,461 days and 208 weeks.
Before she died, she didn't recognize people and she couldn't even speak.
Time flies, it doesn't seem like it's been four years.
My life would be better if my mother was still here
When a person loses a family member, it's rotten.
My mom is dead but she will never be forgotten.

Dedicated to Agnes Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013.

When my family and I moved into this house in 1977, Dad was our patriarch.
For four decades I have lived in a subdivision that is called Crosby Park.
Today I've lived in this subdivision for forty years.
I was only five years old when I moved here.
When a person lives at a place for that many years, it fits like a glove.
This is where I'll live for the rest of my life and it's a place that I love.
I'll tell you why my place means more to me than it did just ten years ago.
It's because this place is now mine and there's no place like home.

If I ever get married, I'll put God first instead of my wife.
God is our creator and he's the most important in my life.
If I ever get married, I'll stand by my wife for better or worse.
But she will always come second because I will put God first.

Many people won't have eternal lives because of the way they behave.
But people can live forever if they do good and have been saved.
If you haven't been saved by God, I suggest that you do it now.
Don't risk losing eternal life, it's something you shouldn't allow.
If you're a big sinner, you can turn things around and be good.
If you're wondering if you should be saved, you definitely should.
If you haven't been saved, ask God to save you.
I've been saved and I love God and that is true.

God wants us to turn our enemies into friends.
Let the hatred for your enemies come to an end.
We should try to turn foes into friends even if we fail to succeed.
God will bless us if we try and that is exactly what people need.
When you talk to your enemies, please make an effort to be kind.
Even if they loathe you, it's possible for them to change their minds.
It may be hard to do, especially if you avoid your foes like they're diseased.
Turning an enemy into a friend will warm God's heart and he will be pleased.

Some people are celebrating while others feel devastation.
I am happy because today is Donald Trump's Inauguration.
It's what some people want and what others resent.
Donald John Trump is now our forty-fifth President.
I support him as his Presidency begins to advance.
I believe that he should be given the benefit of the doubt, he deserves a chance.

When children disobey their parents, they may not know it's a sin.
If more children went to church, they might not disobey again.
Churches teach children to obey their parents, that's what they should understand.
Even though Jesus had imperfect parents, he obeyed their every command.
If I had children, I would take them to church every week.
I would teach them that God will always be there even when life is bleak.
If your children won't obey you, take them to church every Sunday.
That might make them have more respect, it might make them obey.

I've been saying Grace before I eat for the last eighteen months.
But before I went to the Kingdom Hall, I never said Grace once.
Just two years ago I didn't thank God for my food.
I am so glad that I decided to change my attitude.
God could've put me in another location.
A part of the world where people are dying of starvation.
But God has been kind enough to see to it that I have food.
We should all be thankful to God, he deserves our gratitude.
The next time that you sit down to feed your face,
Please be thankful to The Lord, please say Grace.

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After we die, the world will forget about me and you.
But God will never forget about us and that is true.
God will remember us after we die even if the world lasts a million more years.
God will feel pity for our loved ones who mourn our deaths and shed their tears.
God knew about all of us even before we were in our mothers wombs.
And he will eventually raise the dead, we will walk out of our tombs.
God will remember everybody and he'll prove it when we're resurrected.
When this happens, life will be glorious because God will see to it that everything is perfected.

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