Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Oct 25, 2016

My words might have hugged you in your memories,
When you were decided against me & my poems.
When you took the love of mine out of your heart,
You must've remembered me writing poems for you.

It was necessary for the river of your eyes to flow,
It was necessary to love as well as to separate.
It was necessary that we collected our desires,
But it was also necessary for them to breakdown.

Tell me, you remember when you had stolen my heart,
You made that stolen item the home of God.
When you used to say that you read my name in prayers,
You feared to miss the prayer of love.

But now I remember it all,
And know that they were just talks,
It was necessary to roll back on your words,
And it was necessary for your eyes to let the tears fall.

Our faces are the same, you're the same and so I'm,
But I'm lost somewhere, so are you.
You have been disloyal in love,
I was and am still the disbeliever.

We have attained our destinations but still are travellers
I wandered a lot after being cast out from your heart
But whenever I wandered I just remembered,
That to wander was also a necessity.

HP Poem #1218
©Atul Kaushal
Aug 19, 2016

education is a necessity
but is placed as a luxury
i blame capitalism

Nick Huber
Nick Huber
Jun 29, 2016

I felt the wind gently kiss my hair
It's arms enveloping me
It's stare as cold as ice
But ice my heart is not
And as the blood rushes through my heart
I stand head first into the wind
It may take me far away
But my feet are planted firmly
My principles resolute
And my love
Hurricanes, gales, tornados
They rock my base
But I know the truth
Hell, I've known it for too long
So go on ahead
Whisper into my ear
And I'll stay right here
For all eternity
My captor, my love, your force is stronger than the wind
I'll call you gravity

Joshua Trevino
Joshua Trevino
May 17, 2016

All it takes is one
gesture of love once a day
for the rest of days.

#love   #poem   #haiku   #year   #necessity   #indispensable  
Aug 20, 2015

I used to long for your arms around me
now all I long for is paper to place poetry
that I've written about you and nothings
that I wish would become somethings.

But that's somehow too much to ask for
I suppose it's more than I can really afford,
a longing for you.

#love   #anger   #hate   #need   #depressed   #longing   #missing   #over   #disgusting   #necessity  
Clarice Alvarez
Clarice Alvarez
Aug 6, 2015

A thirst for sweat
A thirst for blood
Quench, satisfy
Drive the drought
Away from my mouth

A need to fill
A need to be filled
Fluid, flowing
Run your rivers
Right past my lips

A goal to sustain
A goal to survive
Gulping, swallowing
Clear skin and clarity

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#water   #skin   #idk   #drinking   #random   #etc   #thirst   #necessity  
Jul 10, 2015

now we're left missing
the you you were before you got hurt
more so, i'm sure,
than you miss your old self
but then again,
there's no such thing
as a new and old self
there's just you
you, that's not exactly yourself
could be, not anymore,
not at all
or not so much
there's just the you before
you had to deal with his bullshit
the you before
you looked at it
as if it was a necessity
to fake smiles
when really,
it's the ugliest existing thing
in this world
there's just the you who held too tight
with both hands onto him
or not at all
so you could cover your eyes instead
there's just the you
before he left you to crumble
and the you now.

#fake   #bullshit   #hurt   #smile   #new   #old   #missing   #existing   #necessity   #ugliest  
Jun 27, 2015

I am but
           A sheep
Who can sport the wolf's
        Here I stand,
      Called to battle,
    With a heart made
           Of gold.

oh my stars
oh my stars
May 30, 2015

I don't know if you will ever see this.
But I hope you do because I need us
To carry on
An eternity of smiles alone is no fun.
A companion is necessary.
And I want no-one
Except you.
I need you.

#love   #desperate   #need   #true   #necessity  
Mar 31, 2015

Everything that I think I need
Ends up just being another accessory
Never a necessity
Can someone help me
Learn the difference from want and need
Show me a common ground somewhere in between
Because I can't seem to ever be happy
With what I see in front of me

Written on: March 31, 2015
#life   #want   #need   #help   #unhappy   #unsatisfied   #necessity   #accessory  
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