The Ashkenazi Jew are beautiful people,
The Nazi were just repulsively anti-Jew...
So many Ashkenazi were slaughtered,
The shameless Nazis are to be blamed..
Concentration camps had gas chambers,
Gassing the Ashkenazi to painful death.
Ways of the Devil belittled by the Nazi!

My HP Poem #1456
©Atul Kaushal

If you think we're gonna' relinquish our country without a fight, Jewboy,
You got another thing coming!
The United States is the Property of the Whiteman.
It don't belong to no Redman or Blackman or Chinaman
Or nobody else.

On January 27, 2017.....Holocaust Remembrance Day,
President Donald Trump did not mention the Jews
The argument is the the Nazis really LIKED the Jews.
They just killed six million of them
By accident.

The left is scary, calling trump a fascist when fascism has always been a quality of the liberal elite.

Nazis for example, were socialists who believed in free health care, guaranteed jobs, confiscated wealth and spent large sums of it on public education. They declared war on smoking, supported abortion, euthanasia, and gun control. Maintained a strict racial quota system in their universities. They led the world in organic farming and 'alternative' medicine.

Himmler=animal rights activist...

Think about it come back and then tell me who the fascist is...

The left does a good job herding their sheep. I was one of them in my angsty years. Didn't realize I was parroting the true hateful rhetoric until I started listening to talk radio with an open mind. Try talking to 20 somethings around the water cooler in California about something enlightening you heard on Rush Limbaugh, instant pariah status. Once they turn their back and stop beating people into submission with their depressing Marcusian  socially correct opinions it becomes easier to open your eyes and see the world for what it is.
Stanley Wilkin
Oct 29, 2016

Perched on the wall, the Raven scrutinised the fields that stretched for miles
Studying the crows as they gathered together by the clump of berry bushes
Its gimlet eyes concentrated, waiting to strike.
Searching for weaknesses amongst its minions, a black-shirt, a minor deity made for death,
Skull’s head, Nazi, the demon of the dull cloud-dark skies.
An omen heralding star-snuffed, moon-ruined night.

#demon   #black   #night   #nazi   #raven   #shirt   #omen  

In the Spirit of President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines,
I ran for the Exterminationist Party
As Mayor of Denver.
I promised to kill 20% of the Residents of the City
If I was elected.
I won the election.
Even though
I planned to kill
Some of the people who  voted for me.
I sent my goons out in the streets to beat up
The Homeless and the Poor.
Most of the Citizens
Cheered for me at my rallies
When I shot my gun in the air
In  front of Denver City Hall.
A disgruntled police officer shot me in the leg,
And I was confined to a wheelchair.
A new Mayor took control,
And he tried to humiliate me in Public.
In Civic Center Park
By having A Group of Naked Women
Put a Marijuana bong in my mouth,
And order me to smoke it
If I didn't want to get  raped.
I applied for exile to the Philippines
To join my fellow Exterminationist,  President  Rodrigo Duterte,
But he had already been overthrown
In a Military Coup D'Etat,
So, I was shoved in a nursing home
With all the other
Washed up, basket cases Leaders
An angry, Black Nurse
Had to dress and undress me,
And wipe my butt.
I wish that I was back in power as an Exterminationist,
But that Political Party was banned by Hillary Clinton
When she became President.
I was no longer in control
Of anything.

Aug 29, 2016

These nightmares
Are black and white
Rectangle pieces of paper
Because colored
Cuts would hurt
Too much

Instead we track
Railway cars packed
People stacked
And dropped behind
Barbed wire restraints
Bare burnt brick buildings
Were soldier’s stole
Pretty clothes
Trinkets, and anything gold

Never forget
The nearly naked numbered men
That barely survived
The acid burning
Of women and children
Starving saints
More bone than flesh
Ovens made to cook
The stolen Skin of their kin

We hold such horrors
Far away
Keeping shallow thoughts close
While Forgetting those
Who suffered such indignities
But this is our shared history
Lessons we need to see repeatedly
So we do not let others succeed in
Seeding the same dark tyranny
In our modern democracy

#humanity   #tragedy   #horror   #history   #jew   #nazi   #holocaust  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Aug 12, 2016

Long gone are the days of Hitler,
No more people say, "Alle Rufen Hitler".

Germany is now aseptic and really safe,
Na'zi germs are no longer there.

I have long cherished a dream to settle in Germany, the land of my paternal ancestors over 50 generations ago.

My HP Poem #1111
©Atul Kaushal
#is   #magic   #history   #hitler   #1111   #nazi   #germany   #number  

Most is goodest
All is bestest
If you're a grammar Nazi
Than you should be a written paparazzi

#poem   #poetry   #life   #grammar   #nazi   #goodest  

O child of war, preserve your weapon,
For  future children let it stay,
For they will come and ask their question
What was the world like in our day?

For them, born under stars more lucky,
It will be hard to understand
How could the sky have been exploded
While battles raged on see and land?

How,flowing black with blood,could rivers
Rock,bridges bombs had battered down
They'll never see it-as you never
Saw sunshine in the world around.

Preserve your weapon,little eagles,
Of many battle it will tell
Of days ferocious and heroic
For grandson to remember well.

ሰባዊ ቀንበጥ አርበኞች

ምስኪን ልጆች
ሰባዊ ቀንበጥ አርበኞች
መሳሪያችሁን በደንብ በቅርስነት አስቀምጡ
ለአምሳያዎቻችሁ በዘመን ሃዲድ ለሚመጡ
ምክንያቱም በኛ ጊዜ
ሉላዊ ገጽታው እንዴት እንደነበረ
መጠየቃቸው ስለማይቀር!

ምክኒያቱም እድለኛ ሆነው ለተወለዱት
ለማስረዳት ስለሚያዳግት እንዴት
ሰማዩ እንደተናጠ በፍንዳታ
በመሬት በባህር ጦርነት
ሲካሄድ ያላፍታ-ማለት ልክ
እናንተ የሰላም ጸሃይ የምትስተዋልበት
ሰማይ እንዳላያችሁት!

ጠይም የደም ጎርፍ እንዴት አድርጎ
የቦንብ ድልድይ ፍርስራሽ
እንደወሰድ ጠራርጎ !

ለልጅ ልጅ ስለሚዘከር ስለበርካታ
የጅግንነት የአይበገሬነት ውሎ
አደራ መሳሪያች ሁን በደንብ አኑሩ ልጆች
ተናንሽ  ንስሮች !

በ  ሳሎ ሜዳ ነሪስ
ትርጉም አለም ሃይሉ

(ሉትኒያ በናዚ በተወረረችበት ወቅት ገጣሚዋ በግጥም ወታደሮችን ታበረታታ ነበር። አንድ ህጻን ወታደር የስዋን ግጥም ከጋዜጣ ቀዶ የደረት ኪሱ ይዞ በማሺን ጋን ተመቶ እንደሞተ ተገኝትዋል)

Based on a true story.During the time Lithuania was invaded by Nazi Germany, the poet experiencing an evolution of muse ,shifted her style from art for art's sake to life's sake.She way emboldening soldiers defending their  country with poems charged with patriotism.A young soldier was found dead having a portion of blood drenched news paper bearing one of her poems in his chest pocket.He was pierced by a machine gun.
#young   #adult   #nazi   #soliders   #lutania   #patroits  
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