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‘I belong to this
And you belong to that
Here is a line in the grass
That you may not pass

You stay on that side
I stay on this
Here is a laminated card
Without it life is hard

You talk in that way
I talk in this
Those similar I hold dear
But you cannot come here

I have this symbol
You have your own
Three colours on a rag
You have an uglier flag

I am one type of person
You are a different kind
Our kind cannot be mixed
For our categories are fixed.’

Nations – what a load of old bollocks.

The world is an ocean.
Beautiful swirling
rip tides of brilliance
That ebb and flow with the graces of the moon,
caressing the ancient sands of time...

White caps spray grit in the wrinkles of the weathered...
...launch young hands from the deck
to brave the battering waves-
yet calm reigns beneath the surface.
Peace eternal;
Serene depths;

Gasping for air, breaching
the Surface.
No longer visible yet tranquility, shrouded, remains
ff you
                                for a moment.
it sings to you.

The world seems like a storm but once buzzing bustle shed,
the lull of Mother's lullaby
can be clearly heard.


kw'ótl'kwa means ocean in the Halqu'eméylem language of the Coast Salish people of Vancouver Island.
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Nov 26, 2016

When the earth collides,
The sky beckons the sea
And the sea beckons the air
And the air hovers to the tree
And the tree beckons the rain
And the rain meets the earth
In a rushing surge
And the earth smells green
And the green revives the earth
And the green endows the herbs
And the herbs become medicine
And the herbs heal the nation
And the herbs heal the nation

Ovi Odiete ©
Poetry Times

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Scott F Hemingway
Scott F Hemingway
Nov 23, 2016

U Thant
suited this
assembly and
made well
of United
Nations then
only his
legacy may
tell if
this Cuban
thaw matched
his twill
and his
real change
for world
peace in
Thanksgiving here.

U Thant was a Burmese diplomat and is quoted on Facebook,

Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station, deserves respect. We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves.

Wars begin in the minds of men, and in those minds, love and compassion would have built the defenses of peace.

The war we have to wage today has only one goal and that is to make the world safe for diversity.
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan
Nov 20, 2016

I hope that the world
comes to see my mind
and hope for them
to pray for my life.

Because they are never going to offer
me their hand
I'm over here in a distant land.

Suffering off poverty--
a place named 3rd world country
and none of them understand
that I smile while I bathe
standing on the riverside sand.

It's my peaceful cleansing
before returning to my shackles
the fear of living in this territory.

I used to have my neighbors
but now I have craters
and collapsed buildings
to keep me company.

Standing in the remnants
of a door frame
is the last place I ever saw my family.

Some of us chose to drown
swimming across the Aegean sea--
some of us chose to stay
so our children
could have a place on a raft about to keel,
but none of us chose to suffer
and feel like the entire world had turned against us.

Just one person out of the millions being ignored in the world.  It's here, it's there, it's everywhere doctor.
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adhi das
adhi das
Nov 7, 2016

Blinded by greed Nations will compete to be the superpowers
  Banks with billions of riches all vying for top white collar posts
Surrounded by skyscrapers, superb infrastructures, hi tech progress
Deluxe hotels, amusement parks, multiplex to entertain us
Automobiles, Urbane gadgets, suave robots to work for us
Every one owning super jets and rockets to go around
Still to quench our thirst not a drop of fresh water
Still to satisfy our hunger not a morsel of food
Still to breathe a whiff of air not to be found
Money and machines we cannot cook and eat or boil and drink
Education to better mankind morally and mentally we failed
Tomorrow everywhere starvation pollution devastation making us living cadaver
We will return to where we began to toil in the soil to be a contented cultivator
Back to our Mother Nature whom we hurt and forgot embracing her forever

-♡For myMuse♡
★smiles to all HP Family members★
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Aug 27, 2016

Thoughts glanced off me,
lying like stones in the sand
I ran
quick mind over quickened feet
hands ripped open by bushes;
rich thickets that sprung
from the very land
that my own soles scorched.

I chased skies
chased words away from mind
and wept imprisonment from inside,
howling at the chains that kept me bolted to the ground

I threw both time and space at my feet,
like the clothes of a slave.
As my legs lurched for length,
I swept eerie visions of my past away
like wind across my skin.

My toes pounded land;
my eyes searching the horizon
bleeding ears catching the groans
of the earth that my hands clawed at.

A ravenous beast;
my feet sought still to devour the world
as it lay sleeping like a lamb
woken only by the lush rip of my teeth
stopping its temperate pulse.

My lungs gasped the air that my sweat left humid,
no more was I condemned to life
my empty chains
cracked off
by pulsating limbs.
My insatiable teeth
gnawing at the very land itself
no longer was I able to sit amongst the trees;
or gaze up at the stars
I was not content to watch the world,
but eat it;
taste the bitter earth
and force it down dried gullet
drinking in the seas
to quench my geographical thirst.

And still
my wide eyes searched for their next slaughter
the next nation
to snatch the life from.

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Francie Lynch
Francie Lynch
Jun 7, 2016

Fourteen billion isn't big anymore.
For some, it's chicken feed.
When big business and governement
Talk finances, it's chump change.
It's smaller now.
Why only fourteen billion years ago
We exploded, were carried by stellar winds,
Along with every atom for every star;
For every one of us together,
Equal and indestructable.
We travelled, unknowingly, at light speed,
With family, friends and strangers,
To unknown destinations,
Through the dark,
Into the light,
Into life.
Fourteen billion years is really nothing.
There are no atoms in boundary lines.
We shouldn't let a few billion years
Come between us.

May 12, 2016

I pray for the world that we would be instruments of love and peace. That we would cultivate forgiveness and equality and strive to understand each other better so that we would be made more tolerant and less angry and afraid.

I pray for the nations of the world and their leaders that they have respect for you and for the many they lead. May they lead with wisdom, understanding, compassion and justice. I pray also that they lead with integrity and honesty.

I pray for our cities, towns, and communities that we would be good stewards of the gifts we have each been given to reach out and help those around us. Help us be generous and honest. Help us be leaders and role models for our children, grandchildren and all the youth who will one day do the same.

I pray for our families and friends, and for those who are hurting. I pray that you would be with them and heal them or give them the strength and courage necessary. Keep our families and friends close to you and may you be at the center of their relationships so that peace, love, and joy would prosper and their lives would flourish.

I pray for those who serve us and by whose service keep us safe and well. I pray for their safety Lord. Send your angels to guard and protect them and help us support and thank them however we can. Let their hands and feet and all they do be extensions of you. Bless them Lord, bless the little ones, the least ones and the last ones.

I pray for us Lord. Help us remain faithful and fixed on you. Don't give up on us: for we are broken, but we are also so strong. Be with us Lord and help us to live by your example and let us be a light for all to see.

Bless us all Lord that we may care for each other and in doing so, care also for you.


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Kara Cole
Kara Cole
Dec 2, 2015

Love is complication in action.
It is never interpreted the same yet looks the same in every language.
It is pronounced Amore, agape, kjaerlighet, sayang. Yet a kiss is a kiss. A flower is a flower. A melody is a melody. A dance is a dance.
The human heart is tender. Predestined to love. Learns fast the ways when taught. Never too young or too old.
It is entrusted to us. Humans. The secret whispers of speaking across nations. Understanding the display when we can not hear the words. A speaking in tongues per say. Our own universal dialect.
We. We humans. We are given the responsibility of sharing this gift. Passing it from one to another. Back and forth. To fill the void. Light the darkness. Fend off the evil. The doubt. The fear. The sadness.
Love is an art form to be shaped and molded and created with careful attention to detail and performed for those we care for most. And those we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. Something to be measured.
Weigh yourselves.
Measure up.
If you desire to be loved, which every soul does, love well.

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