"Nineteen trillion,
nine hundred
sixty three billion"
says the duke of finance

"Woa, that's a lot of dough"
says the king
"We need to cut back
on our spending"

Funny some court jesters
Had gathered around
To inspire the king's laugh
Yet, he made not a sound

Though they did bear witness
to the majestic king
signing a new decree
"Only the bare necessities"

And some of the people
were well pleased,
And some of the people
Protested in the streets

A recent article says Mr. Obama left office after adding an additional
9.3 Trillion to Our debt,
according to numbers from the treasury  department..
Will our new president surpass this amount?
Only time will tell..

National Sarcasm Society,
Sounds like you and me,
Here's some sarcasm for you,
Sarcasm--like I need you!

Feedback welcome.

National disasters,
Plebs' hollow laughter,
Floods and bushfires,
Natural land afire,
The state of the economy,
A national disaster for you and me,
Still, some people have jobs,
With hiring you should hobnob,
Plebs' hollow laughter,
Our national disasters,
Too funny not,
Whose hiring for jobs?

Feedback welcome.
Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
Nov 20, 2016

I can’t watch the news anymore
That ugly orange man is a bore
And a pompous ass and a jerk.
Him in charge? That’ll never work.
We are in such trouble, so deep
It’s a wonder any of us can sleep.
I find myself in a constant depression.
It’s like Americans didn’t learn the lesson
In the last of several pointless wars.
We were all taught now and before
When we sent our young off to die
And we weren’t even really sure why.

We brought many of them back in bags
Left the living in dumps and rags
Because we stopped acting like better men
In taking care of our sacrificed veterans.
And did we invest the money wisely instead?
No we chose to obscenely feather the beds
Of people who were never under threat
And we haven’t wised up. No, not yet.
We keep on throwing good toward evil.
Like feeding cotton fields to boll weevils
We elect criminals without recompense.
So little leadership today makes sense.

The land we live in today is so strange.
Right and wrong have been rearranged.
We are lied to and we cheer them on
Until almost all our rights are gone,
Make heroes out of thieves and crooks
Mostly based on fame and their looks.
Half of us don’t even know the issues.
The rest of us reach for the tissues.
Our only solid hope was for us to vote
The sad thing is we’re in the same boat
And no matter what the right is thinking
Our sick national boat is quickly sinking.

Gwen Davis-Feldman
Oct 17, 2016

We don’t get to pick our family
Or the country in which we’re born
Most families are quite imperfect
High praise will seldom adorn

Our country acts as, in absence of,
A national family
We’ve come together as mighty fist
To overcome tragedy

Just as you have complained about;
The faults of sister and brother;
The arbitrary dad’s imperfect justice;
The imperfectly care-worn mother

So it is with the family national
Not every behavior good
Complaints and suggestions are rational
Don’t banish before understood

One’s right to protest what isn’t good
For the national family
A founding right that’s understood
Wherever that protest be

Some family members are not all good
Most not prone to riot
Some bring dirt to the nation’s house
While others stay, clean, and quiet

If you demand “protestors leave”
You fail to understand
There’s no place to go but home
And clean the dirt that demands

National attention not just blind scorn
Your so self-righteous display
You can help with hearts reborn
To clean or get out of the way

My response to the Colin Kaepernick protest of police brutality.  I had to rethink my stance when the Chelsea Bomber, a terrorist,  weeks ago was shot wounded but not killed. Intentional? Why then are Black men with no offending evidence (other than skin color) killed without consideration of potential innocence? What's wrong with my country? Why do I fear for my African-American adult son?
Peter Balkus
Peter Balkus
Oct 12, 2016

It's National Coming Out Day,
so let me come out now, okay?
I'm straight.

#gay   #funny   #day   #coming   #out   #straight   #satire   #national  
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
Oct 6, 2016

I live in the spirit
        of the Masters before me.
Harlem's finest
        a social and artistic Renaissance
Prophets, poets and preachers
        capturing moments for change

I read the words
        I, Too, Dreams, Caged Bird
Where I once had tears
        now all I have is rage
I write death songs
        and hate has sunken in

America still isn't America for me.
America still lives in denial
America still silences
America still kills

I want to be free
I want to be free

To look upon my brothers
To look upon my sisters
Black, white or other
Rich, poor or other
Gay, straight or other
I'm indifferent, I only sing for love

So what should I do, this
is Not My America
America does not love me
My heart is heavy
but nothing will change.

#poetry   #hate   #social   #change   #day   #race   #justice   #national   #harlem   #renassiance  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
May 24, 2016

The British national anthem is a dirge
divisive and outdated
unrepresentative of the country
largely derided and hated

When English footballers stay silent
patriots in the media give them grief
maybe the player has republican views
maybe they have no religious belief

Should an anthem focus on a hereditary monarchy?
should an anthem focus on a head of state?
shouldn't an anthem focus on the nation?
it's lifeblood to whom it can relate

God's too busy to save over-privileged monarchs
God's got much worthier causes
His unconditional love is tested by royalty
He may have to introduce clauses

Britain is innovative, modern and multicultural
the current anthem reflects none of that
the words belong to a different century
when wives were beheaded and kings were fat

Let's have an uplifting anthem
a tune it's "subjects" can sing with pride
not one with our chins on the floor
not one that's silly and snide

#british   #national   #anthem   #dirge  
Apr 8, 2016

Growing up she was taught the earth was sweet, and that
People were kind. As she grew older she found the deceptive
Ones were the people she trusted the most. the earth became
The only thing that could be relied upon. the fruit that grew from
The soil, couldn’t be any more bittersweet just like the life she
Was given.

All she ever knew was to give love freely, but that others would
Take it away like it meant nothing. chances would be given,
Excuses would be accepted. crying became a normal habit
Just the same as with eating and breathing. words spoken
Couldn’t heal the pain the pain that was hidden deep
Beneath the scares she bore.

Time passed, years slowly ticked by and her heart was in the same
Drought that would happen every summer in her town.
The reasons she believed in life and love became clear to
Her as she discovered her true self worth. The rotten berries
Were tossed into the garbage, just as her heart was by the
Ones who claimed to love her. She no longer hid the scars upon
Her but left them uncovered and open, proud that she
Became the person she needed to be for her own sake.

The struggles in life gave her lessons she needed,
The lies taught her to tread carefully in paths of those who
Claimed to be the sunrise and sunset in her skies.
The bad had turned to good, and the once good had turned into bad.
The memories she had would never be taken from her heart,
But it was time for a better start.

This piece is written about people in life who are toxic for you but, you still believe and give them every vital part of you in the process. You give and give until nothing can come out anymore. This piece is for anyone who has been abandoned or betrayed by a loved one (doesn't have to be a romantic form of love). Sometimes we have to act like a plant, let the rotten fruit fall away, and have a growth of a fresh fruit to become what we are meant to be.
Apr 8, 2016

I want you to make love to me with your words and not your body. Impregnate my thoughts with your rhymes and stanzas.
   – She wants you to love her mind.

#love   #poem   #poetry   #prose   #speech   #micro   #national  
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