When I was born you smiled so big I thought you were going to hurt your jaw
When you play football with me I know you let me win
When you go shopping with me you have no clue on how to shop for girl clothes but that's ok
You don't always understand me but that's ok
You always cook and I love that
You always support me in the sports I do
Even if I hurt myself in stupid ways playing it
If I make a bad grade your ok you help me study harder
If I fall your there to catch me
You laugh at my silly jokes
Even though they are not funny
You cry when I cry
You worry about me even when I am asleep
You always are proud of me
You tickle me till my stomach hurts from laughing
And you hold my hand when times our rough
You scare those boys away that teased me
You take me out to eat to celebrate my birthday
You always know what I want for christmas
You always forgive me if I do something wrong
You ell me I'm the most beautiful girl  in the school
When I doubt myself and try to go on diets
Even though I look fine
When I doubt myself you say you don't need makeup
Makeup is to cover up flaws and you do not have a single one
You don't always get why I'm so obsessed with makeup and shoes
You always tell me I'm perfect even if I think I'm not
You always tell me you love me
And I always will love you

my dad means the world to me so this just is a sign of how much my dad means to me I'm so lucky to have a dad like mine who is always there for me and catches me before I fall he's careful but still protective
He's loving and everything I could ask for
Dad if you see this I just want you to know that this poem cannot not even start to explain the things you do for
me  and I love you so much thank you that your always there for me
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Mar 6

hey my little angel,
how're you doing
haven't seen you in a while
hope I've made you smile

hey my little angel,
how're things from above
do you feel what I believe
do you see what I've achieved

hey my little angel,
things just aren't okay
I keep thinking it'll get better
but instead it's all the same

hey my little angel,
will you recognize me
when I meet you someday
in your land far, far away

hey my little angel,
make me see
show me the light
I won't give up the fight

#rip   #missyou   #loveyou  
Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
Feb 20

I've heard stories of princesses
Tales of village beauties
But, I haven't seen nothing alike
Until I gazed upon you
                      - My Dear

Jan 27

"I Love U" whispered the Moon  to the Sun. A forlorn look crept into her eyes. "I've always been in love with you", she whispered in a hoarse voice, choking on the oceans of love which welled up in her eyes.  A whisper barely audible and poignant.  She looked at the Sun, knowing fully well that she cud never stand in the brilliance of his love. Knowing that as the day separated the night their love could never unite. Yet she pined for him, with undying love.

She revolved around the earth, but her heart had only eyes for him. Of all the planets she had to fall in love with him.  A tiny spec, unnoticed in the galaxy.

Eclipses were short lived phenomena occurring few and far in between, rare and once in a year maybe.

But she waited for the day, when she would bask in his glory and be the cynosure of his eyes alone. She waited patience personified, knowing it was sheer madness to love the Sun.  Dazzling, hot and magnificent that he was, the universe revolved around him. He didn't even know she existed. Except for that one special day, when his eyes would notice her momentarily.

So she dressed up as pretty as she cud hoping his wayward heart would see, that it was her love which adorned her.  Just the thought of seeing him upfront would bring a twinkle in her eyes.

She waited with baited breath for that fleeting moment, shorter than a quarter of a hour. A quarter of an hour in the 8760 hours he spent outside of her world. While she waited, hopelessly endlessly, pining for the his love.

Then mockingly he came to her at last. At that designated time, teasing her about how naive she was. "Show me" she blurted with baited breath, her heart racing the universe in those fleeting moments. So he gathered her in his huge embrace and pressed his wild heart close to her breast. And in that embrace the earth was eclipsed in their union.

She could feel his wild heart through the layers of the physical distance which still separated them and she closed her eyes to his scent, the scent of the universe, that brought waves of nostalgia. She longed for more, and hugged him back. Aching to tell him how much she loved him and wanted this moment to last.  She wondered what it would be like to taste him.  She wanted his brilliance to permeate every fiber of her being.  But, she realized she was playing with the Sun.  His fire would consume her, if she flew too close to him.

He seemed unruffled, as she quivered at his touch, his scent, so full of him and so dizzy with that euphoria. Did time stop? Would the universe allow a few seconds of oblivion?

But then the world was in an eclipse. He had to leave.  So softly he whispered in her ear, "I have to leave". Reluctantly she let go, feeling the extricated from the universe, as if separating from him, meant death, fearing that perhaps this may be the last time she would see Him.

For as the world waited with expectation for an eclipse to occur and counted days when their union would be so spectacular, it also longed for normalcy.  Something wasn't right when the Moon embraced the Sun. A tiny creature smaller than the earth, she shouldn't dare hold him, they said.

She for once knew what it was to keep wandering in eternity, with so much love held in her bosom with the only hope that an eclipse would occur some day and that her yearning for the Sun would never ever fade or dwindle, in this lifetime or the next. A tsunami of a sob escaped her lips, oceans in turmoil. The door had closed on her universe, she was in a darkness. She could feel his warmth even then, but it began to grow cold. A panic started to form as she struggled to retain control.

He however, was far away unknown to her misery.  He on the other hand, belonged to the universe, no one could hold him back. Self-made, disciplined, his was a journey few would understand.

She did, she perfectly did understand. Only, she didn't expect anything from him, except few words of reciprocation. Few words, that he loved her just the same way, that she meant something to him. That his heart beat the same way for her.  She also knew that this experience meant nothing to the Sun, he would move on as he always did. He had a status to keep and the universe was watching.

But alas, he was The Sun, would he tell a tiny insignificant creature like her anything at all?

The Sun left her abode, he shrugged off the experience, and got back on his journey. While far away those watching the Sun, began to notice that a few spots had appeared on the Sun.  A memory of where he had embraced the Moon, had left a black hole on his heart.

Dedicated to the one and only man my heart loves

My first stint at creative writing...a dream tale of the romance between the Sun and the Moon revolving around an eclipse, converted to a love story.  Please share your feedback for improvisation.
#love   #sun   #moon   #always   #story   #dedication   #universe   #eclipse   #loveyou  

"When I close my "Eyes"
I find "your picture inside
my oval shaped eyes,
it shows a screen
with black and white
frames of channels
where "you switches
with different memories"
I forget to change the next
channel of life
"Where you are with someone else"
time goes on,
but I'm still on the same place,
waiting for you
from inside the windows
of heart "Searching you,
"whenever I woke up.
You Fly somewhere
" it Switches you off, at the end
the reality is "you aren't coming back".

#love   #poem   #poetry   #you   #hellopoetry   #loveyou   #poesia   #loveher  
Jan 12

To the woman whom I love
To the woman who doesn't sleep
all night when you're sick
because she's worried

The woman I needed the most
The woman I can always count on
The woman who's too overprotective
The woman who we find annoying for being strict

You may be annoying sometimes
still i love you
You sacrifice so much for us to achieve what we want
and look at us, contented, happy and proud

The woman who will spoil us when it comes to food
When she laughs it feels so good
To the woman who will cry with us when we're in so much pain
To the woman whom i wish forever will stay

I am forever thankful to have you
God knows how much I love you
I'm proud to have you as my Mother
thank you for everything

I may not the kind of daughter you wished I would be
but just wait a little longer
I will make you proud, just wait and see

happy birthday mom! i love you
#mom   #forever   #thankful   #loveyou  

I left it here,
came back
a different person
searching for the same object.

Three years
of moving back and forth
searching for it,
frantically blind
in every nook and cranny,
in eyes filled with words only
I couldn't read,
in corners, seams,
damn even
web-like cracks on the walls.

I kept searching
til it drove me

They say lost objects show themselves
by the time you've stopped searching,
so I did.

I stopped searching,
see it's already lost.

We are both lost.

I don't know where to find it,
and I don't think it still remembers
its way
back to me.

I am sure I will get it one day just a broken piece I will take care the rest.
Jan 4

I looked into your eyes and saw a beautiful mind, everything you look at, everything you touch, everything you do and say you do it in a beautiful way.
You, yourself are a beautiful person in everything single away.

Little sister what a beautiful you
Meg B
Meg B
Dec 13, 2016

I miss you.

That's all.

#love   #loss   #past   #thoughts   #goodbye   #miss   #missyou   #loveyou   #linger  
That Random Guy
That Random Guy
Dec 1, 2016

How can I love you 24 hours?

"I can", He said in a very low voice.

Things you said during the bad time reminds me what exactly I mean to you.
#love   #hurt   #breakup   #loveyou   #loveher  
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