10 hours ago

"When I close my "Eyes"
I find "your picture inside
my oval shaped eyes,
it shows a screen
with black and white
frames of channels
where "you switches
with different memories"
I forget to change the next
channel of life
"Where you are with someone else"
time goes on,
but I'm still on the same place,
waiting for you
from inside the windows
of heart "Searching you,
"whenever I woke up.
You Fly somewhere
" it Switches you off, at the end
the reality is "you aren't coming back".

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Jan 12

To the woman whom I love
To the woman who doesn't sleep
all night when you're sick
because she's worried

The woman I needed the most
The woman I can always count on
The woman who's too overprotective
The woman who we find annoying for being strict

You may be annoying sometimes
still i love you
You sacrifice so much for us to achieve what we want
and look at us, contented, happy and proud

The woman who will spoil us when it comes to food
When she laughs it feels so good
To the woman who will cry with us when we're in so much pain
To the woman whom i wish forever will stay

I am forever thankful to have you
God knows how much I love you
I'm proud to have you as my Mother
thank you for everything

I may not the kind of daughter you wished I would be
but just wait a little longer
I will make you proud, just wait and see

happy birthday mom! i love you
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I left it here,
came back
a different person
searching for the same object.

Three years
of moving back and forth
searching for it,
frantically blind
in every nook and cranny,
in eyes filled with words only
I couldn't read,
in corners, seams,
damn even
web-like cracks on the walls.

I kept searching
til it drove me

They say lost objects show themselves
by the time you've stopped searching,
so I did.

I stopped searching,
see it's already lost.

We are both lost.

I don't know where to find it,
and I don't think it still remembers
its way
back to me.

I am sure I will get it one day just a broken piece I will take care the rest.
Jan 4

I looked into your eyes and saw a beautiful mind, everything you look at, everything you touch, everything you do and say you do it in a beautiful way.
You, yourself are a beautiful person in everything single away.

Little sister what a beautiful you
Meg B
Meg B
Dec 13, 2016

I miss you.

That's all.

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That Random Guy
That Random Guy
Dec 1, 2016

How can I love you 24 hours?

"I can", He said in a very low voice.

Things you said during the bad time reminds me what exactly I mean to you.
#love   #hurt   #breakup   #loveyou   #loveher  
Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
Nov 23, 2016

You kept the rhythm
Balancing while you're walking
I can hear you closer from behind
I pretend I didn't expect you
Closing my eyes with those soft petals
And a scent that takes my soul away

You came closer, bit my ear
I gripped on your hands
Pulled you, held you, kissed you
You revealed the beauty
You locked inside just for me

Love you a lot my queen ♡♡♡
Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
Nov 21, 2016

The deepest grief I believe I've ever suffered was journeying through the extremes of true happiness.
To some extent I don't look at you as the same person.
Just because it's a thought of you doesn't mean I should be entertained by it, although it is a thought occurring inside of my own head.
To wait is to find hope.
Meanwhile hope journeys into the split road of faith.
At what point does metaphysics become alchemy.
The mark of an educated man scribbling on an enlightened woman.
The whom the how's and what not's
The true statement where knowing becomes understanding.
At these times anger misconstrues everything.
The simple wildness of the mind venturing into what the heart feels.
A lion seeking to devour the silhouette of where a lioness once stood.
Without color is it still considered prejudice.
A heartfelt contemplation which the mind deciphers a million different ways.
Sticks and stones swept under the fault of closed  eyelids.
The deepest grief dug by expectation.
The best intentions made empty by the deepest grief.
Motorized hands starting anew once the clock strikes twelve : twelve.
Repeating the thoughts that often replay on an daily basis.
To wait is to find hope.
Meanwhile hope journeys into the split road of faith

The Admirer
The Admirer
Sep 28, 2016

I am trapped
Screaming your name
I just need you by my side
Even though you don't feel the same

Do you know how much it hurts
Loving somebody who doesn't love you
And you don't even see it tearing me apart
But I don't even think you knew

To you I am a joke
Someone who was just there
You can use me without compassion
And you don't even care

But the worst thing that you do
That even if you a dick
I still love you so fucking much
So much it makes me sick

#pain   #hurt   #cruelty   #loveyou   #fuckboy  
Erin Nicole
Erin Nicole
Sep 22, 2016

You give me chills.
You make my heart beat faster at the touch.
You make me feel safe
You make me feel loved
The thought of losing you scares me
Every dream I have of you, I smile in my deep slumber, thoughts of you running through my mind.
I thought I knew love but you have proved me wrong.
I love you with all my life, heart, and soul.
You're mine. I am yours.
I'd die for you
I miss you..

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