Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

The steel inside my forearm
Has bent beneath the tremendous heat
Of the forest fire burning in me

How it roars and screams a passionate plea
Not of agony but of fury
Both in might and out of sight

With hands outstretched
Over top the sea of burning trees
And temperatures boiling over uproariously

You’ll hear the howl of this wolverine
As it drowns out the earthly screams
Of a forest fire

Insurmountable and unquenchable by any stream

This is how I viewed the scene Mr. Logan
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5 days ago

I wish it were him instead of my blanket holding me.

Another untitled.

I want you here.
I want to lay with you
and not be scared.

I know
it's not much longer, right?

You light up my world
and scare away the thunder.

My eyes want to close now so I will end this here

He can make me smile
in less than a second.
He doesn't even have
to say a word,
it just happens.


deep into the dark blue ocean.
I see myself slowly disappearing.
When the waters become this unclear,
when I feel scared, you're my Atolla.
My georgeous light in this sea of darkness.

The Atolla is a bioluminescent Jellyfish. They live deep in the ocean. When they're attacked, they display a beautiful light show. It's meant to attract a large sea animal that is bigger than their predators. (Sorry if I didn't explain well, if you're interested in the Atolla there is always Google though.)
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Your upbeat soul broke through my shy walls and gave me a reason to sing again.


you're my best friend
the one I feel comfortable with
just being together, even in silence.

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Laying on my floor
I look over at my monitor
at the title of the song playing
I hear your keyboard taps
and you tell me what's happening
I'm smiling as I remember things
that we did together
my heart longs for you.
This distance is frustrating at times
but for you I'll always do the time.

You're my best friend 4:05
I'll love you forever

he showed her the sun
and as the snow melted
her monochrome life
became so vibrant.

The darkness washed away
when the artist started a new page
where my path met yours.
Dec 30, 2016

In this aquarium of life
we are all swimming along
I luckily have found
just where I belong;
...beside you.

In my aquarium dream
you're next to me
we're floating
together, with no worries.

We're happy.

I'll be your friend until the end of time, I hope to stay by your side.
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