deep into the dark blue ocean.
I see myself slowly disappearing.
When the waters become this unclear,
when I feel scared, you're my Atolla.
My georgeous light in this sea of darkness.

The Atolla is a bioluminescent Jellyfish. They live deep in the ocean. When they're attacked, they display a beautiful light show. It's meant to attract a large sea animal that is bigger than their predators. (Sorry if I didn't explain well, if you're interested in the Atolla there is always Google though.)
#love   #dark   #light   #jellyfish   #logan   #atolla  

Your upbeat soul broke through my shy walls and gave me a reason to sing again.


you're my best friend
the one I feel comfortable with
just being together, even in silence.

#love   #friend   #best   #logan  

Laying on my floor
I look over at my monitor
at the title of the song playing
I hear your keyboard taps
and you tell me what's happening
I'm smiling as I remember things
that we did together
my heart longs for you.
This distance is frustrating at times
but for you I'll always do the time.

You're my best friend 4:05
I'll love you forever

he showed her the sun
and as the snow melted
her monochrome life
became so vibrant.

The darkness washed away
when the artist started a new page
where my path met yours.
Dec 30, 2016

In this aquarium of life
we are all swimming along
I luckily have found
just where I belong;
...beside you.

In my aquarium dream
you're next to me
we're floating
together, with no worries.

We're happy.

I'll be your friend until the end of time, I hope to stay by your side.
#love   #friend   #forever   #logan  
Nov 27, 2016

You keep me warm,
with you, things are good
I never feel cold with you,
even when I should

You hold me closely
with you, I feel safe
I want to stay with you, always.

I love you
Nov 19, 2016

Last night I cried myself to sleep...
But tonight I'm filled with warmth
and hope to dream of you once more.

You always make me feel better, thank you.
#love   #time   #hard   #you   #longing   #missing   #warm   #passed   #logan  
Nov 12, 2016

Back into the car
I watch you walk away
A few minutes pass
My niece is crying.

I think inside I am too,
I already miss you.

Nov 12, 2016

Just a few more hours...
and I'll be with you.

#10w   #logan  
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