Jan 9

If you had
a beautiful girl
lying naked
in your bed,
would you
take advantage
of her innocence?
would you hold
her heart
in your hands,
and love her
the whole

Nov 5, 2016

The most painful battle
is the most painful ending.
And that's the story of
how a man at an early age
survive the emotionally tortured
from his very own flesh - his family.

Sue Z L
Sue Z L
Sep 24, 2016

She's formed a new habit
Lighting a hinoki wood
Candle daily

A reminder
And in honor
Of her marriage past
With Juan Luis

Unlonely are her nights
In the flicker of her candle
Hinoki wood nights
To comfort her
All the days
Of their lives.

The day after their divorce.
Nikita Vyas
Nikita Vyas
Sep 16, 2016

"A journey of life,
A journey unknown,
A journey so exciting,
A journey untold,
A journey of discovery,
A journey of adventure,
A journey to experience,
A journey to remember!"

Sue Z L
Sue Z L
Aug 22, 2016

Dance your gorilla dance
With me
When all is right
In our tropical world

Dance our gorilla dance
Though we have parted ways
For all I've ever wanted
Was for you
To be free.

Micah Alex
Micah Alex
Aug 18, 2016

The silence is pristine in a shower.
Freely mulling in a cocoon of hot water,
You are safe, in the womb of the moment.
Nourished by this aquatic placenta.
Your mind is set free of the burden of noise,
To meditate and reflect on its own voice.
And grow thee to enlightenment slowly, steadily.

I leave with this advice, bathe thee readily,
For that is the key to life.

Naked Nirvana? Rediscovering the joys of bathing xD
Priya R
Priya R
Aug 4, 2016

Nothing would hurt you
As much as a truth does!
Nothing would make your life hell
As much as a truth does!
Nothing would burn you alive
As much as a truth does!

Meredith Sjostrand
Jun 22, 2016

Today was the day I found reasoning.  
Reasons to all the madness you've bestowed me.  
It was true, the spark was not there anymore.  
But the deceitful lies should have been saved for yourself.  
I didn't need false hope to be okay with you again.  
A friendship would have sufficed.  
But you're so selfish that you thought you wanted more.  
Instead you've left me here again.  
Guessing why I wasn't good enough this time.  
The truth is the complete opposite though.  
Were you good enough for me?
After all these years of self-improvement on my part.. You're still the same.  
You don't know what you want, as far as love goes.  
You will never be satisfied if you're always expecting something from nothing.  
Love can't be forced, I understand that..
But a friendship after so many years of being close,
That would have been ideal.  
You wanted the whole thing.  
You wanted the comfort, the love.
You wanted all of these things from someone who was trying desperately to love themselves.
Someone who didn't even feel comfort in their own skin.
Boy oh boy did you let your colors shine this time.  
It's true, I am very devestated.. Losing you was hard for me.
Realizing that I was putting you on a pedestal where you didn't belong, is the worst part.  
Realizing that I have wasted my time and love on something, never to be appreciated, kills me.
But God works in the most beautiful ways.  
I prayed for him to show me who you really were, because of my doubts.
He answered my prayers the day you called me and said you couldn't do it anymore.  
I know it was her, the reason you left me.. the one that you believe got away...
But just wait and see, one day that girl will be me

Pauline Russell
Pauline Russell
May 23, 2016

Out in the woods I took a stroll
But the trial was getting mighty droll
So off into the thicket I dared go

The further I went the thicker it got
But I was determined to find what I sought
I was so tired of these overwhelming thoughts

The trorns stretched out and cut thin lines
My hands got entangled within the vines
This seems to be a constant thyme of mine

But I pushed on, pushed through Even though the pain grew
Had I bitten off more than I could chew

The brambles I was currently entangled in
Went on, and on much to my chagrin
I couldn't even tell where I had been

I sat right down there amongst the thorns
Why did I never listen to that voice that warns
But I never did, I always meet the bull by the horns

About to give up, about to coincide
But what happened next was hard to believe
A crimson red bird flew down and sat by me

He started to sing of better days of better ways
He sang of greener pastures in which to graze
Even if on my hands and knees a trail I must blaze

"So don't give up" he screeched as he flew
"Your trials will be a lot more than a few"
"But pushing on I know you can do"

So that I did, on my hands and my knees
I knew perseverance held the keys
I would be as brave as my ancestors, the Cherokees

When I finally broke through, dog tired and bloody
Body covered in the thorny cuts, face muddy
I looked like a severely beaten puppy

But as I looked down on the valley below
I let all of that go
I was now within nature's wonderful flow

The smell of honeysuckle and lilacs did mingle
A scent so delectable it made my senses tingle
The dew on the vibrant green grass, like diamonds did twinkle

I'm so glad even though sorrow overflowed my cup
That I didn't give in to all of this world's snubs
I pushed on and didn't give up

Life is an oxymoron, on that you can depend
For now that I'm at the end
My life can truly begin

Brandon Harmon
Brandon Harmon
May 13, 2016

{Set I: Brandon}
The clouds dissipate from my mirror
Now I can see my vision a bit clearer
I struggle to be the best out now
My enemies fall back to a lil foul
Remember when Kyrie talked up my ego?
Maybe she drifted away because of my ego
32 hours of silent communication
The heart hurts when she placed a lot of sanction
I try to save everybody, but is it my place to choose?
Playing God with my options, is it my place to loose?
I pull the strings like a puppet master
Yet I'm the one running a bit faster
It isn't my place to choose a proper fate
With Doctor Fate, I want everyone past the gate
Some people will fall
Some people refuse to get up
Some people will claw
Some people will corrupt
I study abroad as I study the field
Yet even I need to sometimes yield
Over the years I've learned people in the water will frown
I also learned that you have to let certain people drown

One thing that I have learned over the years is that you can't save everybody, no matter how bad you really want to save them. You can't force people to swim.
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