2 days ago

A breathe of fresh air
Or a simple breeze
But when Doris is scorned
She will strike with ease
Tearing a path through a well planned day
Ripping apart that what gets in the way
There is no mercy, no leeway or pity
An invisible force, she can level a city
Wreaking havoc and damage untold
No heed for the stupid, the brave or the bold

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Feb 17

Stumbling from the depths of Heroahima,
you came to find riptides in my hurricane,
only to learn that two storms can't build a home
And besides,
you've forgotten how to float

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She was someone who was taught to love by the sea.
Tidal waves in her heart, just waiting to break free.

Passion of a hurricane.
Lightning in her kiss.
Chaos owns her brain.
Drown you with her bliss.

Forgiveness of a sunrise.
There will be no compromise.

Sunshine pouring through the window
Better days ahead
Warm winds are blowing now
Nothing left to dread
Weather can change at anytime
Must stay vigilant
For if there is a hurricane
I'll have no incident
Right now shine down upon me
I will soak it in
For right now we're happy
I don't want it to end

Krystal Lèleck
Krystal Lèleck
Nov 26, 2016

Earlier today, I saw a blurb about how this girl wishes
she could write the way that she thinks.
In hurricanes.
About everything.
But especially her “you”.
But I can.
I can write what, and how, I think.
I can write about it until I’m blue.
I can even write every single feeling
I feel about my “you”.
But I choose not to.
Because nobody wants to know
how girls like me think.
And nobody wants my “you”,
embodied over and over again in ink.
Gets old, don’t you think?
So I stay silent and still,
and let every single word sink.

athena baluyot
athena baluyot
Nov 21, 2016

do you see how you destroyed
the ruins of an eccentric critter
making use of what's left

she was trying to rebuild a city
during the weekday hurricane
that never stopped
it just gets stronger and stronger

do you know what kind
of critter i am? do you have an idea
of how i adore the horizon
and how i loathe its existence
for i lost during its time

of how i loved staying up at 3am
but it haunted me after september?
you wouldn't know what's hidden
beneath the cracks of my white walls
or under my soiled sheets

i am a detonated bomb
an overflowing dam of heartache
or an active volcano
that could no longer be contained
but i have creative ways
to make room for more

you don't know what's under my bed
and how it scares me every night
you don't know how i tried to love
everything that's left
you don't know how i fought
the whirlpool in the green lake
and you would never know
how i swam against the current

i thought you were my other half
an extension of my left limb
and both legs
but it was on my list
of infinite regret

the city was fine
until you decided to stay
causing havoc
and midnight witchcraft
that makes the night wolves
howl in the full moonlight

but, do you see it?
we just lost a paramount element
in the parallel connection that we have
and dear, im afraid we might lose that, too

#love   #apathy   #city   #hurricane  
Lady of Ravenhill
Lady of Ravenhill
Oct 17, 2016

You can see me coming,
But you do not leave.
I am a hurricane.

Dappled clouds, a calm feigned,
Turn to gales and salted rain.
A short reprieve,
Only long enough to breathe.
Then boomerang winds,
And more unfortunate sins.
I am the hurricane.

I will try not to hurt you,
But I am a hurricane.
Prepare for a storm.

@Ladyofravenhill - 10/17/16
Peter Balkus
Peter Balkus
Oct 12, 2016

What is the point
in settling down in Haiti,
when hurricanes
year in year out,
make life in there so shitey?

#life   #hurricane   #haiti  
Oct 11, 2016

Haggard heavens,
pale white in their dormancy,
weary wind,
sweeping through the trees,
sleeping sun,
warm in her blanket of clouds.

Over the waiting earth,
the storm watches with a single eye,
a cold Cyclops.

Dank darkness,
bathes the waiting world,
the still static of cheap radios,
adds to the deafening silence,
short candles sit, covered,
in their own hot wax.

At the end
of their
the heavens shriek, their sharp tears,
tearing through the air, clashing with the ground,
cold bullets shooting the world,
white flashes
jagged white swords slashing through the horizon,
stabbing the wet earth,
the heavens groan,
sonorous rumbles,
as if they’re stabbing themselves.

Howling screams of vicious gale,
as it tears the world apart,
ripping through trees,crashing them to the ground,
flinging the world around in whirling anger.

The world sits, huddled
whispered prayers fighting through the air
to reach the heavens
and pass the storm along the way.

the cyclops moves on
a warrior wandering to
his next country
still strong
with its pale skin,
bleeding rain to wash away
the remaining carcasses

I had a really huge author's block sitting on my brain for weeks. Then, Matthew came along. I eventually decided to write about a hurricane experience.

Fortunately, Matthew mostly ignored us. Rain would start suddenly and stop almost immediately, but still leave behind floods. Imagine how the complete hurricane would've been. Thank God it didn't bother us.

Well, thanks for reading <3
#rain   #storm   #wind   #calm   #hurricane  

You know I've always been a hurricane...
but you get high off my storm;  
The rain and wind beating down on your skin
gives you that rush you crave.  

You require my lightening kiss upon your mouth
as my wicked tongue deceives your naive soul
and creates beauty in every lie.  

I create devastation...with dark stormy eyes;
Even my flaws are beautifully captivating to you.
I wrap you tightly around my finger
as I draw you in deeper to my spinning vortex.  

I'm a natural disaster... Your favorite kind...
The type you always beg to experience in any form...
Even knowing about the damage and massive casualties.

I am a tempest that will destroy you
as you experience my internal rage;
Until you finally understand...
Storms are named after people for a reason.

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