Dec 6, 2016

It wasn't right,

Goodnight I love you!

We had a fight,

Goodnight I love you!

We were both tired,

Goodnight I love you!

Our feelings retired,

Goodnight I love you!

Then we got mad,

Goodnight I love you!

And damn was it bad,

Goodnight I love you!

It was so bad,

Goodnight I love you!

But I didn't.

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Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
Dec 3, 2016

Everything that we had.
It is now gone.

Everything that we had.
It's now done.

Everything that we had.
It's like dust in the wind.

Everything that we had.
It's not coming back again.

Everything that we had.
I wished I could get back.

Everything that we had.
My parents are the reason of that.

Everything that we had.
It wasn't my choice.

Everything that we had.
I had no room to use my voice.

Everything that we had.
It's now gone.

Everything that we had.
We're now done.

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Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Nov 7, 2016

She had come like a cool breeze,
But left me longing with such ease.
She held a secret inside her heart,
But left me wondering about herself.

She was gorgeous per se with unfaithful eyes,
Unfaithful eyes.
She was gorgeous per se with unfaithful eyes,
Left saving her fringes from my probing eyes.
She had come like a cool breeze,
But left me longing with such ease.

At least tell me this much for my heartbeats,
At least tell me this much for my heartbeats,
Who she was that left after a demo of her love.
She had come like a cool breeze,
But left me longing with such ease.

A retro Bollywood song sung by the greatest Indian Rafi Sahab inspired this poem.

HP Poem #1243
©Atul Kaushal
#poem   #had   #a   #she   #like   #breeze   #come   #cool   #ghazal   #drona  
Tony Luxton
Sep 5, 2016

He had his vision,
wouldn't listen.
Mother sad,
father angry.

He despised advice.
Discounted the price.
Mother sad,
father angry.

Shunned his closest friends.
Wouldn't make amends.
Mother sad,
father angry.

Finally he went,
all arguments spent.
Mother and father despondent.

#sad   #father   #had   #his   #he   #angry   #vision-mother  
Lu Lu
Lu Lu
Jul 16, 2016

My walls have heard much.

- silence -
the intense focus of a curious young mind
seeking new worlds to escape to,

- laughter -
joyful peals and naughty cackles,
serenading the room with divine amusement,

- tears -
a thousand words left unsaid,
a thousand questions left unanswered, outraged,

- breath -
steady assurance of the blossoming flower
who faces much, but reveals little,

- typing -
furious fingers write like the wind,
expelling the madness before it slips away,

- music -
thrumming habitually from a Bose speaker
like the heart beat of her sanctuary,

- quiet -
the kind she only finds in safety,
ensconced in contentment like a warm blanket,

- peace -
pages turning, wicked glee,
steady breath, self discovery,
magic in the making,
food for thought, safety blanket,
total and utter

If your walls had ears, what would they hear?
#if   #had   #walls   #ears   #bedroom  
kyle Shirley
kyle Shirley
Jun 19, 2016

We both were hurting.
We both made mistakes out of anger to get the others attention.
We both fell apart.

Im happy most days now, although you still are in my head every waking minute and every unconscious second.

You were confident and I had to have it.
You are enjoyable just to be around.
Im starting to want you in my life just a little bit then not at all.

I miss you and me, us.

#love   #girl   #alone   #hope   #had   #her   #you   #missing   #loneliness   #theone  
Jun 5, 2016

Couple them together
Like a star and its space
Take them away
But there's no tuneful grace
In this race
My love

It stings not for its shine
But strikes nerves for its truth
For the time cannot turn
Back toward what could have been
Moved together
My love

The time has passed long
Much too far for any taste
Toward sweetness and purity
Unbound by hidden chaste
That you could have shown
To me
My love

The blood flows now
Too thick to pass like water
Which flows over ocean seas
But it is now a bother
To me
And to you
My love

I am unable to believe
Although I see it
High above the shore
But the days will only sit
For me
My love

Rest a bit
My love
Rest a bit
For me.

#love   #loss   #had   #unrequited   #never   #paradise  
James M Vines
James M Vines
May 31, 2016

Cutting wood and sanding  it smooth. Cutting the holes and fitting it together. Each piece must be precise and give just a little. Staining the outside and inside of the box and putting on a glossy coat of varnish. Fitting the padding into the box and making sure the lid closes just right. All of the steps necessary to build a coffin for my friend who used drugs too much.

#abuse   #lost   #friend   #drug   #i   #had   #and   #a   #to  
Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
May 25, 2016

You had to have it all
Well have you had enough
You greedy little bastard you
Will get what you deserve
When all is said and done
I will be the one
To leave you in your misery
And hate what you've become

Lyric excerpt from Breaking Benjamin's song "Had Enough."
#had   #lyrics   #breaking   #enough   #rock   #jack   #benjamin   #jenkins   #poetfreak  
Katherine Laslie
Katherine Laslie
May 20, 2016

A thought
Crossed my mind today
And was nearly
Transferred to action
As I nearly cut my arm
Wide open
To end my sad existence
Once and for all

So many reasons
I have not to care anymore
So many twists and turns
I've endured
And all this time
All this pain
Has remained enclosed within me

I have no drive
No reason to survive
And even more than that
I don't feel alive
Therefore, if there is a point
To life
I'm not seeing it

Not like I used to

And my hopes are washing away
Flooding so quickly
Down the drain
And my blood falls
And leaves a stain
I become but a portrait
Left in your brain

There is nothing left of me
I have no right
No reason to breathe

And although I'm gone
I still believe
That maybe there is still
Something left of me

I'm tired of being
Treated low
I'm tired of the verbal blows
I'm tired of running away
And I'm am especially tired
of living this way

#depression   #dark   #had   #enough  
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