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She will roam,
from coast to coast,
and she will love you,
but like a ghost,
she'll leave without a trace,
and you won't even
be left with a name.

•Gyspy Soul•
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Her eyes told me the story
of a girl that had no home
sleeping under midnight stars
a gypsy she shall roam

She bathes in warm pond water
her skin as soft as silk
her laughter is contagious
her smile as white as milk

This boy could love that gypsy girl
and make her world complete
I think she would fall in love with me
if only we could meet

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Jan 10

If you want
to capture a gypsy,
dance with her
the crystal moon.
There she cannot hide
behind her tricks and lies,
and if you gaze
into her eyes,
and hold her heart
to the moonlit sky,
she will be yours
until the
end of time.

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Dec 29, 2016

Rags stitched with bells and coins
Brings aching to men's loins
Rain dancing and sun chanting
Makes them breathless and panting
Eyes lined with dark kohl
Binds their very soul
Gypsies put a spell on them
Brings to their hearts mayhem
It's like wishing for forbidden fruit
All attempts to woo are mute.

By: Gretchen (Whiterose)
#heart   #lust   #rain   #gypsy   #spell  
Leigh Marie
Leigh Marie
Dec 13, 2016

My dad loves me most when he's drinking
he cares about me transiently
so maybe thats why I
look for gyspy love
maybe I like the surprise of
not knowing if you'll love me tomorrow
or maybe it's just what
I deserve

#love   #self   #sad   #alcohol   #low   #gypsy   #esteem  
Nov 23, 2016

with such verve, the jester strides into the courtyard.
on stilts with a tambourine in hand,
a mask conceals his face
yet still boasts of his sun-smile!
he dances to dulcimers and drums,
he's charming and the people laugh
as they look up at him in wonder,
but when his performance is done, he leaves;
the townspeople return to their chatter,
but i watch him, the gypsy-wonder on stilts,
leaving to tread other lands all alone
to bring merriment through show,
and i feel the heaviness of my heart
knowing the he took it with him.

inspired by Suzanne Vega's song, "Gypsy".
#love   #poem   #life   #jester   #wonder   #gypsy   #medieval   #amusement   #merriment   #fantastic  
Nov 9, 2016

She was a child of the universe,
Wading through the tall grass
Only stopping to reach up, and touch the stars.

I asked her how the stars felt when she touched them,
She replied, "like sunshine in the winter."
I asked her how they made her feel,
Then she told me, it was far too surreal.

The gypsy queen of eighteen,
Her soul, a map of destinations.
Her actions never needing explinations.
As wild and free, as a ship at sea.
She never was, but she will always be.

#metaphor   #happy   #stars   #sky   #positive   #gypsy  
Jessica Ore
Jessica Ore
Aug 31, 2016

As he passes people whisper “wise-man”.
He’s a drifter,
quiet loner,
Has no caravan…
                     …Or care for man.
Strangers think he knows some secret they don’t.
But I know,
what the lost boy
the most.
No matter where he goes,

He is always where he stands.

#fear   #man   #home   #afraid   #lost   #running   #loner   #gypsy   #traveler  
Leigh Marie
Leigh Marie
Oct 11, 2016

I sleep to dream of the day when I
won't wake up missing you when I
won't go to sleep talking to you through a screen when I
won't doubt that you'll stay or
that we're on the same page cause
we'll be in the same bed
Though, I've learned from experience that sharing space and
sharing feelings aren't mutually exclusive

Dad leaving taught me not to expect forever but Dad doing his best forced me to learn to forgive
So maybe that's why I see the good in the people that are worst for me cause I learned to love Dad through the hurt
Learned love like forgiveness I mean
forgiveness is my love language so
I can't love until I've been wronged first

I've learned gypsy love
I have loved across borders and
in between so many walls, my love has no home
My love is in the air between everyone I meet
I mean everyone that leaves
I forgive everyone that leaves

I'm ready to run and dance
which is to say I'd rather dance cause
I can never forgive myself for running
Though I've made a dirty habit of it

All this moving, vagabond exploring, has got me tired
maybe it's best I sleep -
Sleep and dream so I can love in stillness
like laying next to you and feeling your chest expand
Lungs dancing but feet still
I am not going anywhere, I will not run
from you
or after you
So now, let's rest
I'll dream forgiveness

Oct 10, 2016

Earth, Water, Sun, and Stone
Nature will be my home

By: Gretchen (Whiterose)
#freedom   #home   #nature   #gypsy  
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