I have since moved on from the fact
that you and I aren’t meant to be
But that wont bring back
the two years you stole from me.

On a rainy day, we agreed to meet.
You said we’d clear things up,
to simmer down the heat
and break down the emotional buildup.
Yet you had the audacity to make me wait
Maybe you did that on purpose
or that was just fate.
But how dare you take advantage of my love?
And, now,
how dare you take advantage of my presence?

I hold on to your mistake
the way you never held on for us
Or even for me.
Because, now, I can really hate you
Rather than hate you
just because you didn’t love me .

#anger   #hate   #rain   #mistake   #grudge   #breakup  
Jan 2


A grudge...
maybe that's what
I'm holding for you.
A heavy package made of steel,
settled in my heart,
pleasing its own needs of
reminding me to
spit at your
parasitic picture of love.

We just need to hear
you say sorry,
my grudge and I,
in need of apologies
so much
we'll take it artificial.

"Excuse me?" our heart inquires,
"I'd like some oxygen."
But we can't listen to it,
not when there's so much to lose;
self respect, dignity.
We can't listen to that
stupid, little thing,
when there's so much justice
awaiting us.

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Dec 13, 2016

You who have done wrong, who thinks your right.
In subsequent to your anger towards me,
you have no [right].
Still i ignore your snubs
treated it as a bluffs.
Glad that you ignore me
at times, even if you bore a grudge on me.
I'll received it as a parting gift
to forget whatever causes of grief
you've done.

I know this words will never reach you,
cause in life i don't want to give birth
to more misunderstanding. I am already
misunderstood and mistreated at times.

I just want to live-up to the silence of my comfort.
My independence is enough
to have a strong mind
and a stable heart to withstand
all the backslash of tongues.

a quote says:
everybody needs somebody sometimes
well i don't need one when I'm still able.

"siya na yung may kasalanan, siya pa yung may ganang magalit and mag damdam. ang kapal, talaga..."

Now I understand that Bullies have low EQ(emotional quotient). They just tend to have fun at you all the times without realizing that they've done too much. It been long i haven't wrote something like a journal. I just want to release this thoughts running on my mind.
#life   #forget   #grudge   #journal   #bullies  
Amy Irby
Amy Irby
Nov 3, 2016

Mock me
Tell me I'm a liar
I'm a flake
Unreliable disappointment
Your broken trust

I'm a mess and taking advantage
that I will never be enough
Not directly,
but through your carefully crafted words
Your eyes hurt me

You stranger
now on another plane
I am here and you are nowhere to be found
I will not take this into my heart
But I will remember

Trust is earned
and I earnestly try to fight
but you don't know
don't understand
I'm not serving your purpose
So I am discredited

I will remember

#broken   #life   #pain   #anxiety   #hurt   #friend   #forgiveness   #grudge   #work  

Gods i ask you
Why bring me this pain?
Am I evil or is this a payment for all humanity has done?
Gods I ask you
Why I, who does nothing but serve you, is being punish?
How come everyone is happy while I'm not?
Why are those little raindrops are in my eyes?
Gods I asked you
How come the sun never shines on me?
Why didn't you kill me on that incident?
Do you want me to suffer more?
I want to die.
I can no longer keep on living while my heart is on the darkest pit of hell.

Gods thank you!
The spring has finally come
Flowers covered the fresh earth
A much brighter and bigger star shines at night
Birds are singing song that awakens the good fairies
The dirt and blood that covers me were washed away.
I am cleansed now
The storm has finally end.
I'm free and born a new man.

I'm breaking free.
#love   #prayer   #god   #happy   #forgiveness   #grudge   #old   #free  
Aula Tullius Sulla
Aula Tullius Sulla
Jul 27, 2016

Little kernels converse
with my hot, oily blood when I
think about what you did

Mar 28, 2016

how do you get past the anger
how do you get past the rage
how do you finish the chapter
when you never turn the page

there is no happy ending
to that story in your eyes
let's go on pretending
that it's not me you despise

how do you get past the anger
how do you get past the rage
how do you finish the chapter
when you never turn the page

the words that are not spoken
are the ones that won't go away
yesterday that book was open
I am closing that book today

Danae Rae
Danae Rae
Mar 11, 2016

I am holding a grudge,
Because they held a grudge.
against grudge,
against grudge.
An unfailing friendship defying the odds.
Falling apart because we can not forgive each other.
Unfailing is failing.

Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Dec 4, 2015

I try to be kind
But sometimes it's difficult;
You wouldn't believe,
But I can hold a mean grudge
Over something pathetic.

#pathetic   #grudge   #kind   #difficult   #tanka   #57577   #jab  
Emilia  Sinclair
Emilia Sinclair
Oct 15, 2015

A brick lies heavily
on my solar plexus,
perplexes me how
a sole person can
break my soul person.

Who are they to have me
enrage, enslaved by the
wasteful wars they wage?
Who are they to invade
envelope my essence
in senseless ways?

when I can turn the page.

Am I soul-erred powered
or empowered?
Gravitating to middle
or meddling with
A symbol of trespassing
with one who passes on trust,
passes foolishness off
as fascination through
feelings fragile ?
Who... am I?

Attempted breath,
attempted, wept
rising chest
realizing =
heart lept
a chance
to build

#sad   #anger   #balance   #grudge   #resentment   #spirituality   #ego   #upset   #revenge   #letgo  
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