Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
Oct 18, 2016

I like to play with your belly button
'Cause it makes me giggle and laugh
I'll let you play with my bellybutton
I bet it makes you giggle and laugh
Exactly as it does with me
It makes me laugh hysterically
I know it might seem rather silly
But I love to do it willy-nilly.

Sometimes I like to blow on your belly
And make that almost obscene sound
It's worth it to hear you laugh, really
Then both of us roll around on the ground.
We laugh and play like a couple of kids
And make no excuses for silly things we did.
Others make love your way and we ours.
We tickle and blubber on each other
And have our kind of fun for hours.

I really like the way you wrinkle your nose
It makes me laugh hard and not for nothing
It tickles me a lot that you wiggle your toes
When you let me play with your belly button.
I'm very happy to be able to testify
Some things in life are meant just for fun.
Belly button tomfoolery, I promise
Is one of the very best kinds of fun.

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Jul 5, 2016

i am in love with how your fingers paint a portrait on the canvas between my legs. wet with paint and wet with wanting. eyes dark, heavy breathing. then your tongue. the most powerful muscle. bringing out sounds from within me i never knew i was capable of making. moaning. groaning. your name. a string of praises from your lips barging their way inside me. inside me. this is. the beauty of foreplay.

and then later on i asked you how i tasted. expecting "sweet like honey". or "tart like sourdough bread". like i am dessert after a long course of meal. your reward. i love it. i love watching you lie down on your back, you chest heaving but also calm, breasts covered in sweat.

you rolled your body so you are closer to me, so we are nose-to-nose, your black eyes matching to my brown ones and you say "exquisite like fine wine."

#sex   #erotic   #prose   #foreplay   #aftersex  
Emmanuel Coker
Emmanuel Coker
Jun 13, 2016

We rush things up skipping the foreplay
I obey all your commands, as you are the only one with words to say
Your legs arched up, move in a dramatic sway
You tell me to keep hitting it, because you like it this way

Telling me you are ready
I slide into you, making love to you steady
The beating on the zinc roof indicates the rain is quite heavy
And you whisper slowly into my ears, ‘that’s it baby’

The cold from the weather could not overcome the heat
From the sex we had, after moving to the dining seat
I should ask for your name, in case of the next time we meet
This shouldn't be a fling, rather it should be kept on repeat.

#love   #hate   #rain   #sex   #sweet   #like   #rush   #foreplay   #fling  

A cold touch, lingering, searching
with every tiptoed meeting
A cold tongue lingers, searches

The warm caress of brown-paper packages-
After us, unravelling
The warm caress of gift giving

Breathy open mouthed kissing
In each stolen evening
Breathy, open mouthed, we finish

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The Arsonist
The Arsonist
Nov 23, 2015

My mind spelled your name
with such intimacy
that I craved for the lips
between your legs
at two o' clock in the morning,
with sweat running down my spine.

And I know that my name
orchestrates the symphony
under your sheets
whenever you're alone
on a Sunday afternoon.

I guess we can call it even.

#sweat   #sex   #foreplay   #makelove  
Nicole Bataclan
Nicole Bataclan
Oct 27, 2015

Autumn is a sturdy man
Eager to take your clothes off
What a mess he will leave on the floor

Some dignity hanging on
For as long as possible
But he gets bolder by the day
Complacent to stay.

Autumn is a coy woman
Eager to wear the colors of desire
What a sight she leaves for the beholder

Some courage to resist
As you blow her a kiss
But before she succumbs
She is promised a firework.

Autumn is a seductive game
Here to devour her right away
While withholding for her is foreplay

His approach is raw
She delays her fall
She wanted it to last
But he came too fast.

#fall   #sex   #woman   #autumn   #season   #men   #seduction   #eager   #seductive   #foreplay  
Jul 12, 2015

and sweet
the fingers
of love
that travel down
in tingles:
a liquid storm
in nothing but
a rush of fire

and discrete
the lips of heaven
that smother
and capture with haste;
a halo so wide
that not even
could quickly retire

© Tamara Natividad
Written 26 June, 2015
#heaven   #fingers   #tease   #foreplay  
LA the Poet
LA the Poet
May 8, 2015

She was poetry,
The way her curves aligned,
Bouncing out the walls of a perfect physique,
I could write verses of her.

She was music,
Her voice would rhyme it's own articulate songs,
Roaming the airways--
Her voice traveled down halls,
Lined With famous portraits,
She was the "Mona Lisa"
--of poetry.

She was the sun,
The moon,
The sky,
She was life,
AND she was temptation,
The chill down my spine,
When foreplay leads with ice,
When water melts and maneuvers itself in hot places I never thought,
Felt good cold.

She was poetry,
She was music,
She was Life,
She was temptation,
AND she was beauty,
Most importantly she was everything she wanted to be and more.

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Mar 31, 2015

With my eyes closed I'd let my hands roam across your skin, reading all your goosebumps like braille.
I'd listen to your body telling me how to respond, speaking with my hands in case my tongue and lips fail.

Nonverbal conversations because actions speak louder, and conversations getting crazy in these late hours.
Speaking yet not speaking. Kisses are breathtaking. Touching. Squeezing. Holding a conversation.

Nervous? I'm searching but i'm still uncertain. Think you can make this heart fulfill its purpose?
Beneath the surface I'm imperfect. Yet on the surface still imperfect. It makes no difference if we pull these curtains.

Let's leave them closed then and stay here. Lay here. Say we're in a race here, but i'm not tryna finish first...

Pillow talk and under covers with these conversations. Before I hit a home run i cover all my bases. ;)

#love   #passion   #lust   #you   #me   #sexy   #us   #flirty   #intimate   #foreplay  
Raymond F Bell
Raymond F Bell
Mar 30, 2015

I’m in a great mood
Nobody can bring me down
I get out the shower
And put a towel around
I go down the hall
No one did I see
And when I close the door
There you are right behind me
You push me on my bed
And rip off my towel
You match my outfit
And all I can say is Wow
Then I saw something shiny …
You handcuffed me to the rail
You wanted to guarantee
That your plan wouldn’t fail
You did some dance
As if to celebrate your victory
But then I started to rise
And understood this was some witchery
You noticed I was strong
And started working my muscle
If she was getting paid
I would have sworn it was her hustle
We both seemed to enjoy
What you came to do
And when your powers got to a climax
I swore a volcano just blew
Then your powers started to fade
And you vanished in thin air
The handcuffs vanished too
And I wonder if you were ever there
Now you’ve had your way
And again I’m dirty
So I’ve gotta go take another shower
And now it’s 11:30

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