Alex Negri
Alex Negri
17 hours ago

The Negro’s name,
Is the politician’s claim,
He only has to gain,
Until it can rain,
And slow down his train,
And land his airplane,
Its all just in vain,
They'll use you until they feel pain.

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blind mess .
you a damn fool .
can't see what's right in front of you ..
" I guess .."
and yeah you guess right !
just be getting me mad tight ..
my mind so heavy , but I can see light .
too lite .
some shit just ain't sitting quiet with my spirit .
lies ? I am not even trying to hear it .
not anymore .

#love   #heart   #depressed   #hurt   #fool   #spirit   #heartache   #mad  
6 days ago

Open your eyes, look around
Try to listen for a sound
Find the one who knows you best
Who'd love you much more than the rest

Know you truly, to your core
What your life on earth is for
Why you're still not lying dead
Upon a stone-cold, rocky bed

Who she is, you'll never know
A love within will never grow
Appreciate her, you can't do
But she tries to dearly still love you

You won't love her back, you deny
She seems to all, around you, shy
She always tries to make you smile
But you still let her flow down the Nile

So there she goes, she ends up far
You start looking for the North Star
You cannot find her, so you start to cry
You question yourself, you're asking "Why?"

You miss her, you yearn
And you start to burn
You need her by your side
You claim that you have died

Without her you are nothing
She is what makes you something
You start to hate yourself for it
You scream aloud, hate every bit

Alone you wonder, cold and lost
Through the desert, through the frost
You need to find her, apologise
You start to hate yourself - despise

Eventually you catch her scent
The time which you had, searching, spent
You claim was surely not a waste
But with poison was that aroma laced

You see her there, your smile is huge
You realise you were a scrooge
You start to race towards this girl
You see in her hair, every curl

Your heart is pounding, you face alight
You cannot believe she's in your sight
But as she starts to laugh, you see
Another guy makes her happy

You see now that you're such a dunce
The chance with her came only once
You screwed it up, and she ain't yours
But still you, in her, see no flaws

Your body freezes up, you're cold
You thought your actions had been bold
You realise you are a fool
That you had, to this girl, been cruel

You cannot move, you're rooted down
You see her look your way and frown
Then smiles a smile of great pity
She had once thought that you were witty

You cannot bear the sight, it hurts
You envy all of how this guy flirts
You loathe. You could have been there
With that girl - a beauty, rare...

inspired by Simrik's 'How to start writing poems'
Maria Imran
Maria Imran
6 days ago

I'm glad it's not April now
But do people really wait until then to make fool?

#love   #lies   #heart   #relationships   #fool   #april  

It is funny how you said it
That you were once complicated
I guess your words were true
Not the part 'I like you'
The part where you're a nightmare
And how many hearts you tear
Though you told me you have changed
All I see is you remained the same
When the world was against you
I stood by you to lift you up
Guess I was the fool to believed you
That you cared for me too
You left me when you are happy
You could not care less about me
But when you hit rock bottom
In my grace is where you come
You told me how much you miss me
Pulling me back to your gravity
The moment I thought that I was free

Wasted all my time
#love   #fool   #complicated  

Her heart is chipped and broken
she gave her all, and more
Words that went unspoken
what "I love you", is for

He's always been real dense
gotta spell out every line
No excuse or good defense
messed up real bad, this time

Repairs and amends
no option now, my friend
You spilled all her emotions
you've come to, the bitter end

That kind of stain, you'll never lose
as bleach and worse it seems
Tangled in your heart for now
forever lost, within your dreams

And there ya have it, never marginalize the feelings, of anyone...

"Ahhh, that one with words, that I wrote the other day."
couldn't help but be flustered, as her attentions came my way

"What have you written? was it good, or cliche'?"
my thoughts flying wingless, nothing in my mind to say

"Did it take you long, are words hard to find?"
"help me to understand, would you be so kind?"

I must have appeared, to be a warbling buffoon
nothing in my foolish brain, and in my heart, I swoon

She must have thought me completely crazy, or an addled type of loon
as I watched her walk away, leaving me, baying at the moon

Nope, talking to the ladies left me sweating, eyes down, and swooning like a moron, still happens to this day on occasion.
And my words, don't protect me, I don't have a writing problem, just petty woman issues. (a Roy Orbison reference :D)

They say
Words speak louder than actions,
Why are your actions louder than your words?
You tell me that you love me,
And yet go into her arms.

#love   #words   #pain   #lost   #hurt   #fool   #long   #cheat   #actions  
Dec 28, 2016

I pray you hear me in every voice that speaks
feel me in every absence
Utter my name in every sexual encounter
Search for me in every person passing by
An emptiness you feel that will forever be present
because i was the presence that kept it full
after me there is no one
In fact
You can't fill the void
Because I still & will always hold the key


#love   #stupid   #lost   #saddness   #fool   #power   #hard   #stop   #worth   #chances  
Dec 27, 2016

Looking at your sleeping figure for the last time
Sprawled across the comfiest couch we have ever slept on
I smile as softly as your snores that barely fill the room
Give your left cheek a swift kiss
As my silent goodbye you'll never know I gave

I slowly tuck the blanket around your hips and chest
Knowing how much you need to be held on to
Then walk out the familiar door I will never see again
Turning off my hurting heart the same way
I am forced to turn that golden, squeaky doorknob closed

#love   #sad   #kisses   #stupid   #memories   #fool   #cuddles   #goodtimes   #hugs  
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