our way

perhaps, stars do shine long after they explode,
maybe for millions of years,
who can really know for sure
Feb 14

So completely in love
my heart is tight in your grip
making my legs weaker & weaker
grasping for air as we escape each other
a love so strong we created peace


A Wegner
A Wegner
Dec 27, 2016

You prefer succulents over grass
Plastic abhorred to glass
Preserve the trembling cast
The remnants,
Life’s artefacts
My heart, the truth -
Comforting and humble
With you I’m free

You are the rhythm in my bones
My present, past and future known
With you like roads made cobblestone
I cannot live without my heart
I cannot live if we’re apart
At least at heart please keep me be
For bound to you I’m totally free

You're my everything
Liam Adam Scicluna
Liam Adam Scicluna
Nov 12, 2016

In perpetual solitude I linger in the shadows.
Fragmented in which pieces to me are unbeknownst... unrecognisable.

Am I who I was or am I nothing but a memory of what I once were? Something other than me. A corrupted part of my insanity.

Maybe I am nothing more than lifeless flesh, rotting in perpetual solitude.

Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
Oct 10, 2016

Our hearts may grow old
But won't ever be dulled by
The passage of time

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada to all Hello Poetry members! :)
#love   #haiku   #time   #everlasting  
McDonald tsiie
McDonald tsiie
Oct 5, 2016

The words look and see are senseless
If the sentence doesn't end with the word you

You once question my love for you
If I had one wish
Everything would disappear
So I can spend my to years to decades with you

I wish I could say it like Adele because I miss you
I remember looking for words in the dictionary
Now I just look at your pics
I pick up naturally

You said no debate
Don't exaggerate
I'm like cool entering The Love Religion gate

I never understood the state of conscious & unconsciousness
Like a drug dose
I think of you in a state of both
And that's real hyperbole

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

What was the colour of the sky
Before the unique statistic?
Beautiful Lee U Exquisite
That's blue from my point of poetic perspective

I can draw a love ❤ emoji
And do flips like doing gymnastics

Your elastic heart and smile
Is what I adore
You are fantastic
Than the fantastic four

My ex said everything comes to an end like us
Sweetheart in our relationshit
There was no trust

After 40 it dies, I just love it
When the ocean water dries and Eiffel Tower plummets

I never decreased my feelings
Higher was the level of love
The full limitation was far

This is love science
What we have can't be compared to something
Its bigger than infinity


Sep 20, 2016

I believe...
in You, I believe.
All I need,
You are, all.
I need not look further.
You are all, I need.

I need You,
You are mine, I am...
Yours, I am.
Please be mine.
I love You, Without You..I,
I can not survive.

My essence,
My very existence,
I need You,
I love You,
My breath, You bring me healing.
You calm, soothe my fears.

I believe in...
You, as You believe in...
Me...I am,
In You, I...
I'm complete.

You wake me,
Awake, each morning.
You whisper,
In my ear,
Your, loving kindnesses.
Your love secures me.

You are my,
Greatest miracle.
My one and...
Only passion.
Your love expressed, through death.
Jesus, I am grateful.

Alive, in me...You live.
Peace, hope, love.
You give me.
Your unfailing love, You give.
Jesus, in You....I believe.

Copyright©All Rights Reserved ~Betania 2015
Betania's Song 09/21/15 11:33am

#love   #life   #god   #faith   #belief   #everlasting   #agape  
Sep 14, 2016

There was once a little doll
Who a a dear stitched smile
Her hair was dressed in flowers and all
And nothing could match up to her style

She had buttons for eyes
And her owner's hair for hers
She would tell the little girl lies
And every night the kitten purrs

Mama kept her in a glass box
That's where the kitten would watch her
As she breaks through all of the locks
And wake the little girl from her slumber

"Let's play a game."
She would say.
"There'd be no one to blame."
She said as a stitched doll may.

Everyone was in their dreams
Except for the two, with an ax
Throughout the house, there would be screams
Accompanied by a hundred whacks.

still scared of the rest... I'll update it next time TT^TT

EDIT: done~! It got me so paranoid and scared while writing this, omg
Ryuu Bloodsplatter
Ryuu Bloodsplatter
Aug 11, 2016

The hands are moving.

Life is slowing.

Seconds are passing.

Nothing is changing.

Moments are fading.

The clock is ticking.

Can't you hear its heart beating?

Telling you life is leaving.

Tick Tock,
As we lower you six feet everlasting.

Listen to the clock,
Your life is ending.

#life   #death   #hands   #clock   #passing   #moving   #tick   #tock   #seconds   #everlasting  
Jul 20, 2016

There's a real heart beating,
Under her pretty dress.
Can hold conversations,
Can take away your stress.

Knows she's not perfect but,
Laughter's what she brings best.
Sticks with you to pick up,
The pieces of life's mess.

First thing in the morning,
She can think of is you.
Be it happy or sad,
It's your arms she turns to.

She dreams of distant days,
Where you still hold her hand,
Under willow tree shade,
Her hair white as moon sand.

#love   #poetry   #rhyme   #her   #everlasting  
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