A kind smile planted
in weathered furrows
of your heart

coax a bit of sweetness
arouse the natural

pink warmth
beneath frozen vineyards
and harried faces of men

on this blithe and bonny
first Spring day
the blessed, benevolent
of  St. Francis
graces our garden

Naughty Bougainvillea
their gypsy red burgundy parasols
like Creole maidens
from New Orlean French Quarters
their wild beauty
adorns Floridian gardens and
ocean courtyards

But, they are no match for
the Queenly Gardenia
Her soft, ivory, alabaster bosom
exudes a scent found only in Paradise
As she unfolds her exquisite, royal,
Saraswati petals
I wait blushing with bated anticipation
for a whiff of Heaven itself

Arms of the velveteen night
are filled with stars and dreams

Wistfully I peer from my rose bay window
wandering gypsy soul
breathe in His luminous embrace
He will never forsake you

Our sapphire companion
hears our earnest prayers
a thousand shooting stars
flying fast towards
Heaven's doorstep

Long suffering tears
turn to dew in the moonlight
kisses like fireflies
alight on our tremulous lips

And evening winds
ardently whisper.....

"I Love You"

I would like to share a very beautiful experience that happened recently.
Yesterday, I went food shopping, as I left the supermarket, a strong wind washed over me like the sweet breath of God. It felt refreshing and rejuvenating after the frantic energy of the supermarket.

Then, quite distinctly on the soft wings of the wind I heard my name whispered "Sonya". I looked up at the pearlescent, grayish blue skies, wondering who was calling me so mysteriously.

I didn't think anything more about this, later asking my hubby if he was thinking of me around 5pm. He said he was thinking of calling me, so I thought maybe I picked up on his thoughts.

Last night, after anointing myself with essential oil camphor, I fell asleep chanting the Swapneshwari mantra. Around dawn I had the following mystical dream:

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The Sadhana of God's Love
is a blissful employment
from rising sunlit tides of dawn
to iridescent dusk

my hymn floods

the rubescent horizon

Spending time with You,

Divine Self

soothes the furrowed brow

heals the broken heart

Lilac shadows steal through the 
Prayer room

delicate footprints
Gods and Goddesses
make their presence

Happily I ignite 
warm, inviting glow
candlight and camphor incense

while settling down softly
 the blue meditation chair

my gaze ascends 

venerated, timeless vedic scriptures
beautiful words, fragrant pinions

waft through the universe
recalling God's majesty and glory


Your myriad names and leelas 

a glorious testament, celebration
to all that is good and virtuous

across my japa mala

anointing body, mind and spirit

with true peace

Gossamer wings brush
past my flushed face
shimmering in the quicksilver luminosity

I feel You so radiantly near

Yes, it is possible
with dedicated devotion
and spiritual practice
for us to experience the
ineffable Presence of God

My days are numbered...
the body casts a shadow
across the lustrous face
of Time

Soon I will fall,
silent pendulum
into Your celestial arms
a Lotus petal
drifting down from heaven

Swollen tears crash against
golden fish swim in limpid, rippling
black iris pools of my eyes

And the wild throbbing of
my soul
cannot contain
this love that
soars unfettered, undying

Winter sun
hides warmth
of Spring in
His frozen white breast
Earth cold and naked
numbs the senses
shivers in remote, obscure
ascetic caves of penance, tapas and contemplation
where are Her emerald robes
adorning the hills, glens and woodlands
alluring fragrance of Her
rose scented skin is absent and
Her dewy jeweled eyes sorely missed
breathe deeply, empty your mind
I can hear Her soft lotus feet
dancing closer……..

Sonya Ki Tomlinson
Sonya Ki Tomlinson
Dec 17, 2016

I cupped the cool, refreshing, water
pulsing down from the shower head
in my palms
trying to imagine how the
First Americans felt as he or she
cupped the pure, pellucid, untainted water
drumming down
from pristine waterfalls, snow-fed mountain streams
and Heaven itself

Looking out with spacious vision
upon an innocent, nascent America
prancing like a young buck across
the virgin frontier,
expansive, unsullied wilderness

Robed in white feathers of angels
our Native Ancestors guarded and protected
the precious resources of this land with Eagle Eyes
and soaring Compassionate Spirits

Their soft soled moccasins walked in beauty
and left no scars or tracks in the winter snows
under full corn moons
Council fires crackled while
animals and men sang praises to
The Great Spirit and Mother Earth
promising mutual cooperation and respect

From every point on the planet the Sun's voice
could be heard:
"The journey of Life though this world
harmoniously follows a path through the stars"


Beautiful clover drifts
blanket Florida embankments and sidewalks
creating an illusion of snow
that has us dreaming of a White Christmas

There was a slight chill in the air a few days ago
and my grandson Alex threw a few logs into the
the crackling fireplace hearth on his computer

Holiday lights and tropical hibiscus flowers
bloom vividly across houses and lawns
and puffy white clouds build frosty snowmen
in the blue cerulean skies

I spotted a really super cute Christmas tree ornament
that splendidly describes Christmas in Florida:
A smiling Santa Claus with a long white beard
riding Rudolph the rednosed dolphin

Merry Christmas Everyone! Peace On Earth Goodwill Towards Men!

Sonya Ki Tomlinson
Sonya Ki Tomlinson
Nov 21, 2016

Since the election
I've been deplorably depressed
my heart has lept into
a starless river of tears
and is swept away

I've seen you passing through my
dreams, Swami
a shadow robed in raven black

Dearest Lord
Your Name is still alive on
my lips
although I clutch a rosary
of onyx pearls

And Pray..... Thy Will Be Done

When will Your bride
adorned in summer jasmine
blush the golden pink cattleya orchid
hues of dawn

And dance with You, oblivious
across Heaven's sapphire
august dome

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