Wandering the wild shore among the dunes
The sunset colored the peaks in glowing gold
In the shaded purple folds, gray gnarled driftwood was strewn
In anticipation of the moon I strolled

I love the cold white light of a waxing moon
A heavenly body my path to unfold
To illuminate foot prints where they were strewn
Alone with dunes and beach by me patrolled

From atop the sand dune a moonlit lagoon
The V shaped ripples from water fowl, look, behold
The surface like molten glass behind the loons
Man, cannot dominate that which I behold

#moon   #nature   #seaside   #haunting   #walkin   #dunes  

Love is like a quick sand which is taking me down
Still I maintain that fortunate is to wear this crown
My soul is purely silky my body is purely brown
My love your beauty gives me the courage to frown

Do not play with me hide and seek in sand dunes
Let me to cherish your beauty's song and love tunes
Taste of sentiments intoxicate more in the monsoons
Your beauty is real combination of very many moons

Let us take certain steps in the direction of my love
Your graces make your image in my eyes up above
You are innocent and charming my beauty my dove
Let me take you on the real route of love just now

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#in   #sand   #dunes  

Poetry surfs on a wave of words
Heading for the beach of simile and the metaphor dunes
If you surf too long the moment is gone
The wave swallows the poem, rolls it along
And throws it on the beach, to splutter and cough

               Copyright © 2015 Kim Whysall-Hammond

#poetry   #short   #pain   #moment   #beach   #surf   #dunes   #mtaphor  
Alan S Bailey
Alan S Bailey
Aug 21, 2015

Beyond the whole of all we see,
Before our short lives we must lead,

And at the top of the mountain
Looking down upon our land
And at the bottom of the dunes
Looking up at hot sun and sand

Before looking at everything "through
A veil," why not face it, ever looming,
Overcoming both "Heaven" and "Hell,"
On the horizon, our hands tremble,
Stomachs crawling. Here I'll soon lie,

In darkness..

#truth   #hell   #future   #death   #loss   #dark   #reality   #heaven   #dunes  

Entre el enamoramiento
de los muros verdes
y el presentimiento de la vejez
que deja el viento
se forman las dunas
infranqueables y bellas
de nuestra fortuna

Mi destino ha sido escrito
porque así lo he querido yo
y su posibilidad está
dentro de la que pueda imaginar

Habrá que quitar la arena
casi grano por grano
y cada grano
con el peso de una estrella
pero estarán ellos
que querrán ayudarme

Me acompañarán
un matraz, una cola
y una par de ojos de nube
hay más cosas
pero no he logrado definirlas
ni siquiera ellas mismas
han logrado definirse

Un corte, un orgullo, una razón
no son atemporales
cambian su significado o se olvidan
dependen de otros

Habrá quien no se enamore
de los muros verdes
o del viento que te hace viejo

Pero a quien vive una melodía
a quien se extrapola
para vivir otros mundos
otros cuerpos
no le pesarán los granos de arena
de las dunas infranqueables.

#stars   #fate   #sand   #arena   #destino   #dunes   #estrellas   #dunas  
Laku Noc
Laku Noc
Dec 20, 2012

From the far cry of a hawk caught in mid-flight
Recalls a voice of awakening:
Your dreams of flight hover in the distance,
The ever so distant call of the sun-eagle.
The ripples of golden waves,
Mounds and mounds of it piled up.
All these add up to your helplessness.

Do clouds always move with such impassioned grace?

At nighttime, he dreams of flight. It is the moonlight now
That casts its veiled form, her voice in the distance.

(Paolo Jerome D. Cristobal / September 27, 2011)

Draft Entry, Draft Title, no title yet
#freedom   #journey   #desert   #spirit   #flight   #hawk   #dunes  
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