Jan 12

Your touch felt like fire against my skin
Igniting me as if i was kerosene
But now the spark has dulled me
And i know that this isn't love

I can't make myself love you
#love   #fire   #skin   #touch   #dull   #spark  
Jan 12

Give me something. Anything to quiet this feeling; this hollowness. Is this what happiness feels like? Is this what it’s like to be content?
I’m empty. I am a vast shell of a vessel that’s filled with such potential, such hope; but I waste it.
I’m wasted.
I’m wasted on the thought of you. The thought of you with someone else. The thought of being alone.
I don’t want to be alone.
It hurts. It shouldn’t hurt.
I am empty.
I don’t know how to feel but I do when you’re near and I wish that it would stop.
I want to be happy always.
I don’t want to be dependent on you for the sun to shine. I don’t want to feel as though you hung the moon. You didn’t. I did.
I’m wasted.
Wasted youth. Wasted love. Wasted space.
If this is what it is to be content; to be happy…
It’s a numb feeling.
Everything is perfect and yet…
I’m empty.
I love with a burning passion, so much so that you get torn up and scorched in the process.
It is not a slow burn it is all consuming.
It consumes me.
I’m consumed with a lonliness when you’re gone and when you’re here I yearn to feed it.
I need to feel you, I need to be near you. I need to know you’re not leaving. I need to prove to myself that this is real and that you are here and that you love me.
If I don’t I burn, my fire stays in me and it burns, it burns, it burns.
I’m overbearing.
I’ve scalded you; it’s too hot, you can’t breathe I’m smothering you and I can’t stop.
You push me away and the flames grow larger.
But when you go, the fire slowly dies out.
I’m not passionate.
I’m not a writer.
I’m empty.

is feeling content the same as feeling nothing at all?
#confused   #happy   #content   #lost   #empty   #tired   #bored   #hollow   #dull   #impatient  
Dec 26, 2016

Standing in a corner
Back turn towards the light.
Focused on the rhythmic judder.
Not of the heart, or of the soul.
For what I am is soulless.

Hands held close to my body
My breath beats back onto my face
I'm shut in so close
To the total recess of what
My life has been reduced to.

Eyes slowly open and close
While my head dips down again.
Rises up, I stare off, and down again.
Habitually poised in shame.
Always in the end left with some sardonic understanding.

Maria Etre
Maria Etre
Dec 13, 2016

A writer's
worst curse
comes in the
of apathy
and that my darlings
is the worst kind
of death

#death   #writers   #block   #curse   #dull   #muses  
Paula Sullaj
Paula Sullaj
Dec 8, 2016

Unsure if soaking in mahogany, sangria and lipstick
makes up for all the words I  want to make you feel...
Square, chords, void, silence.

#love   #empty   #of   #red   #m   #dull   #shades   #italic   #friendzone   #unresponded  
Nov 23, 2016

what are you afraid of?

spiders? heights? small spaces?

i'm afraid of being mediocre.

(afraid is perhaps an understatement, i'm fucking terrified).

9-5, 4x4. same job, same house. sounds like a suburban dream, but it's actually a nightmare.
#fear   #life   #mediocre   #dull   #boring   #average   #monotonous  
Tiffany Scicluna
Tiffany Scicluna
Nov 16, 2016

These four walls,
In darkness they lay,
Saddness & Sorrow
Is all they portray.

In these four walls,
Smeared a dull blue,
Closed up I was,
And tortured by you.

#life   #sorrow   #saddness   #dull   #torture   #dullblue  
C'est Nous
C'est Nous
Nov 15, 2016

Amazing how her elbows rest
Vibrant her rosy cheeks of infamy.
Boring as Ecru fixated upon you
They are weak but far not to seek,
Like an afterglow, dull in eyes, blind
For outside Earth is cold in the rime.

You'll taste her bitter cola, sweetly
Rendering you of any love duty.
Moon shower to decorate the lace,
Passion removed from her vocabulary
So caustic is the time growing in her eyes;
Meadows die, wild wakes down below.

Grow with me, touch me, thrusting
Beautiful words into Rancor's fire,
She'll keep all your memories in dank hall.
I keep our memories between slender legs,
For your hoary anguish draws and presses;
Pleading for you to add color to your soul.
#dull   #park   #bridge   #vibe   #windsor  
Nov 13, 2016

In the shadow of these city life
your shine gets dimmer
and your beauty seems duller.

In the midst of these city lights
your nothing but a shadow who
the mundane rules
neglecting you dream
to create.

shout-out to self.
#self   #shadow   #mirror   #dull   #lights  
Wyatt R
Wyatt R
Oct 12, 2016

We're all pretty terrible aren't we?
I get it, I know it, I've felt it.
It's sticking with me right now of all times
when everything around me feels optional.
It's dull and boring, it's all flowing out of me.
It's fascinating in all the worst ways,
we're all pretty strange aren't we?
I was looking for something at some point, right?
I feel like it could've been special, held dear to me.
I think I got lost when I started spinning in circles
every time I thought I found it,
but then sighed as I wasn't satisfied.
I feel the blues, but they're not the same as yours.
I feel the pull of the ocean as it
brings me back to where I started.
I feel the blues, but they're not the same as you.
I feel the blues, but they're not the same as you.
I wish I knew how to get the answers,
but our sense of self is taking a hit.
I feel the blues.

#not   #strange   #blues   #back   #feel   #dull   #pull   #boring  
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