V Anne
Mar 18

I came into this bar for a drink.
I hope the flowers I gave you smell sweet.
They are white
Like you.

I hope you begin
To view me

As I view you.

Please want me back.

I only came into this bar for a drink.
But it isn't helping me
Like I thought it would.

Please want me back.

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V Anne
Mar 18

I am drinking away your memory.
I sat outside your old window
The frosted glass
That made us feel
Like we were in our own
You and me

Against everything.

You were my addiction.
A force so powerful
A storm
Uprooting my breath from my lungs

I use cigarettes for that now
A nasty habit you were determined to kick
You've passed it along to me.

I am becoming addicted
To my own sadness
My own self pity

And every part of me is

But at least
I'm not crying anymore.

Mar 17

Normally I don't celebrate a one day holiday
But it's a drinking holiday, so celebrate away
Drinking green beer
Spreading good cheer
To the Irish and non, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I don't really drink beer. I usually just stick to the hard stuff.

But waiting to get off work, going bonkers and berserk.

I am nothing
When the lights are low
And it only gets worse
The deeper that you go

Commend me now
For walking off the cliff
That night, I tore myself
Completely on the Fifth

When we were high
And there was something there
But I was fallow and lost
In the wet December air

I came across
More desperate than I am
A shadow rose and fell
Along my shaking hands

Cicadas sang
And dropped, a demon showed
I took my golden calf
And ran into the road

Mar 12

Shiny flask full of fun,
Shall I fill it with whiskey or rum
Wanting only to refresh my day,
Maybe with coconut from Parrot Bay?

After all, it's my best drinking buddy
That always makes me witty and funny
With never a shout, cry or pout,
That is, until the whiskey has run out!

Doh... Can't drink all day, if you don't start in the morning. It a Bloody Mary morning.
#humor   #drinking  

No one owes me their heart
But I wanna earn yours
My head is a lake of poison
My eyes are apple cores

I want your left ear to ring
When my voice is falling dust
Your name sweet in my mouth
Awake, but only just

The poison pulled me back
To a bathtub of ice
And cooled my naked skin
For the blood sacrifice

Drunk on a great fever
Of my instincts ignored
Rising like an elevator
And falling floor by floor

Fuck the passing storms
The lake was never so still
As the night I spilled my guts
On the open windowsill

They call it the devils water
I call it my best friend

They say I drink too much
but really I just think too much
And my best friend,
makes me forget it all

I hate that I love him
that I care so much
even though he broke me

I used to be fine
I used to be able to sleep
alone and on my own
but now I lay awake
thinking of why me
why do terrible things
always happen to me

my first love was a fraud
he was a married man
a man with a daughter
a man with no morals
a man who left me dead
a man who incited fear
a man who lied
a man who is no man
a man who destroyed me

And for a few hours
my best friend
she helps me to forget
and she's the only one
the only one who can
who can help me

#love   #loss   #forget   #drinking   #tequila  

They call it the devils water
I call it my best friend

They say I drink too much
but really I just think too much
And my best friend,
makes me forget it all

Forget how me touched me
forget that I couldn't stop
couldn't stop screaming
screaming saying
"no, no, no, please stop!"
but of course he wouldn't
it felt like it was forever
until it was finally over

Only it's still not over
I remember my screams
while I lay in bed
it's like a tape on repeat
only I can't stop it
the tape won't come out

I keep trying
and trying and trying
only it's jammed
and there's nothing
nothing I can do

But my best friend
she helps me to forget
for a few hours my mind
my mind isn't his
my mind is my own

#friend   #best   #drinking   #tequila  
Mar 1

How many more beers until the moon looks full again
How many before I've made some friends
Combined, is it enough to make me whole, then?
I’ll keep drinking until I reach a dead end.

How many sips does to take to reach the truth
How many to bridge the distance between me and you.
If I sip long and hard, will it be easier to let loose?
I’ll keep sipping til it’s warm and I'm old news.

How many steps before I find the path I should be on?
How many before I know it’s the right one?
If I keep on stepping, will I find myself on the proper side of the sun?
I suppose I’ll keep stepping along.

How many sleepless hours until I've cracked the code?
How many split the difference between insane, and genius mode.
If I fake it til I make it,  when I've made it, how will I know?
I’ll only be up a few more minutes or so.


Your way of escaping was sleeping, or drinking. My way was books.

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