Pave me a path to the moon
I'll walk the whole way
Encouraged by the silver dust craters
and white light.

It looks to be a gentle place
A place to go to close your eyes
and exhale.
A place to go
to have your face touched
and heart filled.

On the moon
I will be peaceful.
I will revel in the
weightlessness of it all
and store that feeling in my heart
Remembering it in moments
when I am feeling
crushed by the heavy earth.

In the meantime
while my path is being paved
I'll keep my moon dream alive
by late night star gazing
and keeping
silver dust in my pocket.

March 23rd 2017
#love   #moon   #hope   #stars   #escape   #tired   #dreamer  

I have never
dreamed of water until
I met you
and those
ocean blue eyes
of yours.

How must it feel, to burn so bright?
As you streak down through the sky,
To become a muse’s delight
As you fall to us, to die?

I watched you fall down through clouds
Down into our field of dreams,
And as they wished in crowds and crowds
I ran to you past joyous screams.

Perhaps as I ran, I made a secret wish,
Perhaps I dreamt of fate and love,
For what I found in that earthen dish,
Was that which I'd but dreamed of

The first of one of my rewrites. It means a lot more to me this time around.
#love   #hope   #dreamer  

I'm still a rather little girl.
I mess things up a lot.
I tend to dream the day away
Chasing every pleasant thought.
But please remember, when you look at me then,
This is the oldest that I have ever been.

I see always, through fresh eyes,
A world of beauty, songs to be sung.
I follow the wind to far off places
Full of fantasies and hopeful love.
And please remember, when you look at me then,
This is the oldest that I have ever been.

Please don't force me to grow up.
I'll do it sometime, I am sure.
But then perhaps I'll lose the song,
Maybe not see the beauty anymore.
So please remember, then, when you look at me,
This is not the oldest I will ever be.

#love   #hope   #young   #dreamer   #singing  

tangled in one another
your lips on mine
both aware of the impeding darkness
that will follow momentary bliss
craving the lights to be on
so this is real
your touch is like an ocean
consuming my mind
I felt you escape to a place
where your heart remained closed
fearfully pushing me away
past memories consuming you
relating me to her
I knew there was nothing I could do
to change your mind
so I left that day
knowing you got what you want
but not what you need
dreaming of a future
where love wins
and pride dies

#love   #lust   #thoughts   #him   #you   #me   #pride   #dreamer  

once again
I am in my head
thoughts of me naked
in your bed
how did your hand
turn a fire like me
into an ocean
you asked if I get that wet for everyone
filled with emotion
I only let another touch me
if they really look inside and see
please get out of my head
I'm not sure if it is you
or the thought of love that I dread

#love   #drama   #lost   #romance   #thoughts   #me   #sex   #touch   #dreamer  

I used to think
I have it harder than others
I’m an emotional being
but how cold would the world be
without people like me?
the echoes of a laugh
the longing of rain
the sound of the ocean
flowers blooming on the window pane
I feel the sun shining on my skin
the touch of your fingers
when the lights are dim
I feel your sorrow
your heartache
notice it like a ripple
on a lake
I see your laughter
your joy
the same light in you
you had as an innocent boy
I feel everything so deeply
and none of it makes sense
but without nurtures
the world
would be incredibly dense

#feelings   #sad   #pain   #dark   #thoughts   #you   #me   #feel   #dreamer   #empath  

I’m too much
put me back on the shelf
and I say that
because I'm too much
for even myself

#poetry   #poet   #thoughts   #you   #me   #feel   #dreamer   #toomuch  

"why do you continue to write about me?"
ah, it's not you
it's the thought of what you could be
and only that has the power
for others to be able to relate
to a girl like me

it's definitely not you
#love   #poem   #poetry   #lust   #relationships   #romance   #thoughts   #you   #me   #dreamer  
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