Poop slidin out ma ass
Squirts of liquid and spurts of gas
Constraining my face
To push it out and away
That lil turd hangin from ma hole
It's almost like it's got a soul
I shake it off quick
That big black stick
And then it goes plop
Down in the poop pot
Wash it away, with tears and say
"Urrrrgea, that was a big one aye?"
Then flush it down
And watch it fade away

You find inspiration everywhere :)
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That may seem like nothing to you.



That was my math quiz score....

Shi-- Wait don't wanna curse.

Because I'm nice.

Though not in front of math.



does it occur to you that i add "haha" at almost every end of my poems?? haha!

Ya really got to wonder
how the process really works
Turning food into something
closely akin to mud, or dirt

Eat that steak or yogurt
and magically it seems
It's turned to something brown
as out your ass, it streams

The mysteries of waste
a defecated product made
simple fertilizer proof
of something, now decayed

It's a total wonder
as joy upon release
a crap that feels so good
as defecations, cease

God in his infinite wisdom
created life and everything
laughing uncontrollably
as bowels, are emptying

:D Oh yeah, The crapolla is in the house!
I would have marked this "adult", butt, let's face it, it's not ;D~
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Nov 22, 2016

A step forward, a hundred back
with these type of flow, can I turn it back?
The time I spent wastin'
on all the things that amounted to nothin'

If given the chance to redo everything
Would I be able to make the right choices?
or Will I end up being with the current me?

would walking down that path again
also amount to nothing?
or will it bear fruit to something?

Something that might give hope to the me
who felt like I have lost sight of what's in it for me

feeling so crappy right now
#hate   #hurt   #shit   #crap   #worthless   #selfhate  

Garbage in....Garbage out.
The Information Age does not necessarily make people smarter or wiser
Or better informed.
They're probably more toxic and corrosive in their beliefs than ever
Full of Crap.

Elaise G
Elaise G
Oct 13, 2016

At first it started all great,
Everyone was laughing,
But now everything's suddenly dying.

Crying aloud,
for someone to calm it down,
But no one came,
I guess all I could do is drown.

Erasing everything that happened this week,
Nothing great,
All crap,
I can't feel anything but hate.

As time passed by,
Sadness combined with the spite,
Like a dangerous predator,
It pounces at night.

Slowly dying,
Nothing to hold onto,
Just one last chance,
No chance to redo.

A single spot of brightness,
Just give me this chance,
I don't want to cry anymore,
I just don't want to.....

Welp, just one last chance for me to be happy on Saturday. So far my week's been 80% crap, I wonder how it'll be at the end of the week.
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Sep 9, 2016

Morning calls, business
Time. I tell you there is such
Joy in emptiness

I love daily rituals
#shit   #crap   #poop  

At times,
One can be so full of crap
That one doesn't even realize
That one has become
A Toxic Personality

#stupid   #toxic   #crap   #anal  
Aug 22, 2016

The day that I saw you
I was already in love with you
You're now my world
You're now my everything

Every time I think of you
My heart beats so fast
Can't control my own feelings
My lips automatically smile

You are my Prince Charming
You're so handsome and intimidating
You are my art
You are my masterpiece

I keep thinking about you
Every morning every night,
suddenly my heart was on fire
I fought so hard not to cry

The man I fell in love with;
Is just a fantasy that I made
The man I fell in love with;
Was born in a most romantic book

The man I fell in love with;
Doesn't exist in this world
Sadly, the feeling that I felt,

#love   #books   #crap   #character   #unreal   #fictional  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
Apr 25, 2016

At 10 years old I joined a gang
there was only one other kid in my gang
it was a two strong gang
we armed ourselves with sweets
sherbet Fountains and packets of Spangles
we recruited friends from all angles
we swelled to a five strong gang
we named the gang SCRAP
an acronym of our first names
our aim was to change the world
To set all things right
our only criteria to achieve our goal
was owning a personality as soft as shite
an initiation ceremony of eating cucumber sandwiches
on a bench in a local park
then terrorising our neighbourhood
by walking on cracks in the pavement
stroking cats and speaking above a whisper
the rapscallion behaviour continued
playing cricket without protective pads
talking politely to each others parents
then Sean grew some balls and left our gang
after a power struggle over the last glass of milk
forced into a name change without an "S"
we were now called CRAP
for another year we continued not getting into trouble
then disbanded amid pubic hair differences
we finished as we had started
by all completing our homework on time

An ironic melodrama based on fact.
#kids   #school   #parents   #crap   #balls   #gang   #pubic   #cricket   #sandwiches  
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