I want to make love to you in the most innocent way possible. Not fucking or sleeping together just making love. Your bare body pressed closely against mine and your lips locked on my neck. In this moment we are connected in the deepest way possible. It shows that we are comfortable with each other's bodies and ready to experience a whole new world together. I want to know all those little spots on your body that make you go crazy. I want to be the only one who knows you fully inside and out. You are mine and I am yours. I can't wait to experience things with you and become closer as a couple. I love you so much and I hope you feel the same.

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I love sleeping next to you
I love when you tell me a story
Out of the blue
I love how passionate you are when you speak
You light my fire
You make me weak
You put me out
You remind me to speak
I love when you smile
The way you fury your brow
I have loved you awhile
I love you even more now
I crave you when we are apart
I feel you in every part of me
You stole my heart
You radiate like a star
I love how odd we both are
Near or far
You will always be
The man who ignites me

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The one that I love,
he's so sweet.
He lights up my dreams,
as I close my eyes to sleep.

His smile is a sight
that I always long to see.
Even when I'm upset,
his laughter spreads to me.

When things become tough
and rain comes crashing down,
despite not knowing how to swim,
I'll never let him drown.

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Someone you love dies it is a tragedy.
Two strangers die in your town is a tragedy.
Ten strangers die in your states a tragedy.
Twenty-five strangers die in your country is tragedy.
Two hundred strangers in another country die.
You don’t even blink an eye.
How the hell does that work?
It’s a tragedy that you don’t see it’s tragedy.

There's matter and there
is energy

Both are the same
in this way

Neither can be created
nor destroyed
just transformed

Atoms and molecules
and what's moving
grouping them
together to form life

All these little things
making up bigger things
We are so small,
so small we can't
physically see what
we're making.
Is that where all
our wonder comes from?

Looking around the room
at the still objects
I see all these
moving particles coming
together to be.

What is holding them
together? What is
their purpose of connection?
Energy is working
always to influence
all of creation.

This energy is always
moving, whether seen or not
always giving and taking

It's so minute
and completely vast
It's the connection
to everything

It is my spirit
that keeps me alive
and the change
into new life when
the atoms change
and the body dies

Only acknowledgment
of the profound energy
can lead to the
answers of our wonder,
the reason for life

Focused on physicality
the bigger picture
will never be seen

The bigger picture
is too big for our eyes
but that's why we have;
Our minds
to sort out
the manifestations
And our hearts
to hold onto purpose

It will always
be hard to explain
something so much
bigger than ourselves
but I know
every part is vital

Every part is conjoined
to the last and the next
making up one

That is reason enough
for me to want to be
a helpful change
a good person
and forgiving.

Anything is possible

Science and spirituality are connected
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Dec 31, 2016

Even if you are not talking to me,
The thread connecting our hearts stays,
And that way we stay connected.

Even if you do not feel the love any longer,
Your memories make me feel happier,
And that way we stay connected.

Many-a-times I have felt your pain,
Both in your past and the present,
And that way we stay connected.

I have always prayed to GOD,
For your pain to be transferred,
And that way we stay connected.

No, I do not regret my words,
Perhaps they were the most suited,
And that way we stay connected.

You resent me for my words,
Even I resent you for your actions,
And that way we stay connected.

As this year ends I confess it,
We will be united as one in future,
And that way we stay connected.

Not for K, she had lost me.
And I would not return to her.
It's for a mythical perfect match.

My HP Poem #1359
©Atul Kaushal
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A girl like you

A woman for me

A woman like you

Someone who knows she is

A woman like you

And I wonder how


You could be here.

Now now now

It's really you

And her here here

It's never you

When you know im looking for something real

It's her I'm looking at. Finding imprints of loving acts in infinitesimal moments
I melt into you like I can't describe how


Who you are to me.



Her presence moves.

She moved

Moves. Me.

I write some small sentence to try and rally the passion inspired by her

But I can't find

Lose sight

No more…

I can't forget you and move on

What do you do in all I am

Just the two of us

And I bleed why I can't let you go

Because I'm here for you, baby


Let me unfurl ..

I'm always here right next to you
Forever wherever we go

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Arcassin B
Arcassin B
Nov 19, 2016

by Arcassin Burnham

In The skies through the clouds she flies through
a sea of dolphins,
walking on the ocean as she gazed and he faced
his ultimate challenge knowing he can't get her
back finding out what happened,
guarding and watching over him like a mighty falcon,
but resurrected by the crows of which death brings,
Fell in love with the story by morning going to an lustful
avenging her death like theres no damn tomorrow,
Wondering why his heart was filled with so much sorrow,
By the hour , every hour on the hour of every day,
Sarah talking to her friends and placing flowers on they're graves,
It's good to know her mother's safe and free from all the devil's grace,
On devil's night , no room for light, bad men will fight,
Don't rest anyway,
But she sure miss you and her,
And you both miss her as well,
Like two angels watching over her,
Live your life , don't let your food get stale.

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Can you really expect to cope,
if you’re not connected to Hope?

Faith in Christ is a requisite;
let’s not be… overly delicate

in discussing this matter today;
He alone is the Life, Truth and Way!

Our need for a real relationship
with Him, pushes us towards kinship;

after all, we’re to be joint-heirs
and strive to be spiritually aware

of our Heavenly responsibilities!
It’s time to grow up, mature and see

the plan and purpose God has for us.
With our identity in Christ Jesus,

we find Life’s meaning and its scope,
seeing that we’re… connected to Hope.

Inspired by:
Titu 2:11-14

Learn more about me and my poetry at:
amazon (dot) com

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.
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Oct 22, 2016

when no objective is best for our protection
protecting ourselves would be the best direction
directing ourselves toward a progressive connection
connecting our minds to make a collective correction

correcting the obsessions that infect our perception
perceiving ourselves as the essence of conception
conceiving a brand new perspective of reception
receiving the blessing that we call perfection

In a Quantum Loop poem, the last line of each stanza must be used as a different form of the word, as the first word in the following line. It also must rhyme, or nearly rhyme. Rhyme scheme can be any way you want it though. In a double quantum loop poem, the first word in lines 2, 3, and 4 must rhyme.
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